Today:18 September, 2020

About us

What is "Indoor To Outdoor"?

"Indoor to Outdoor" is an online resource that helps people choose household appliances, as well as providing useful information about home improvement, housekeeping, room organization, interior design, usage of household appliances, and more.

Who is behind "Indoor To Outdoor"?

Joseph Patrick

Founder, Chief Editor

I'm Joseph, the founder and Chief Editor of Indoor To Outdoor. In 2014, I launched my online store of kitchen appliances. When talking to customers, I found that many of them are not acutely aware of what product they want to buy - the brand, model, required features, if it can satisfy their needs, etc. To make the choice easier for customers, I started writing reviews of the products in my online store. This reduced the customer service time as searching for products became easier.

After selling the business to my cousin in 2017, I decided to launch this website to help people improve their homes, make housekeeping easier, and choose the best household appliances.

Michael Morris

Writer, reviewer

I'm Michael Morris, an Indoor to Outdoor reviewer and writer. I spent my childhood and youth in the Netherlands, where I graduated with a diploma in journalism. I wrote for European news sites and other online resources. In 2016, I got job in an IT company and moved to Dallas. Here I met Joseph and joined the Indoor to Outdoor team as a writer and reviewer. My favorite topics to cover are gadgets, IT technologies, and innovations.

Mark Jankins

Designer, IT expert