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Best canister vacuum cleaners

In this article, you will find the best canister vacuum in 2022, which we have chosen by researching and testing more than a dozen of the best-selling models on the market today.


Best Miele vacuum cleaner

A powerful and reliable vacuum cleaner that will satisfy various floor cleaning needs.

  • Adjustable suction power
  • Powerful and lasting Miele Vortex Motor
  • Ideal for hardwood floors
  • Compact and lightweight

Cleaning can be a daunting task, but you know what makes it even harder? The dust in the creases and cervices where neither your broom nor your vacuum cleaner can reach. Fortunately, canister vacuum cleaners exist and their cleaning nozzles that can attach to the long hose help you clean all the creases and services. These vacuum cleaners help you clean everything from curtains, upholsteries, carpets to wooden and tiled floors (check out TOP 7 vacuum cleaners for tile floors). The best part is the maneuverability they provide. Tradition vacuum’s body and head were combined but these vacuums have a hose in between the body and head that allows you to reach small places where dirt accumulates.

However, the vacuum market is very much saturated, and finding the best canister vacuum that suits your needs might be more difficult than you thought. Every company claims that their vacuums are the best but that is not possible is it? This is why we are here to help you. After constant research, we have prepared a list of the 7 best canister vacuums in 2022 that can be ideal for housework. This article is all about canister vacuums and everything there is to know about them. Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Best canister vacuum cleaners in 2022

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Canister vacuum reviews

Miele Complete C2 – Best canister vacuum for hardwood floors

miele vacuum reviews

This extremely durable and sturdy Miele canister vacuum is ideal for houses with complete hardwood flooring. The average lifespan of this canister vacuum is recorded to be 20 years. It is not only lightweight and compact but is extremely powerful due to the suction ability provided by 1200 watts Miele motor. In our opinion, this vacuum cleaner can be easily called the best canister vacuum of 2022 for hardwood floors due to the high-end cleaning abilities it provides.

Different types of speed

The vacuum is equipped with 6 different speeds. This means, the motor can be operated at 6 different speeds and can provide 6 different types of suctions. This allows effective cleaning on rugs, upholstery, hardwood floors or carpets. It can be used to pick up pet hair and stray litter debris as well.

Syndicate tools

It comes with a special combination tool that is ideal for both rugs and bare hardwood floors. Another tool it embraces is a parquet twister that is basically a brush tool for the floor. This brush tool can rotate 90 degrees on each side and can also go under the furniture. Thus, it helps you efficiently clean around and under the furniture without having to undergo a large amount of hassle. All you have to do is push the brush under the furniture while standing.


The wand that comes with this vacuum is stainless steel that even improves the durability and life of the vacuum overall. Apart from this, it comes with creases and crevices tool and dusting brush as well. The ergonomic hose design makes the overall cleaning process a whole lot easier and hassles free.

The Good:

  • It has a long life durable and sturdy
  • The motor installed is quite powerful and provides 6 speed
  • Tools for all kinds of cleaning are included in the package
  • This canister vacuum is lightweight and compact

The Bad:

  • The efficiency of the vacuum cleaner on the carpets is slightly reduced

Kenmore 22614

kenmore canister vacuum reviews

Kenmore canister vacuum is a superhero in the world of vacuum cleaners. People usually say, their Kenmore vacuum cleaners are so good that they don’t find other alternatives up to the mark.

This bagless canister vacuum is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner with the special ability to suck out threads and pet hair from sofas and carpets. It can help you clean anything and everything without disappointing you with its cleaning abilities.

HEPA certified filter

It is equipped with an allergens filter that is certified by HEPA to filter out almost all the allergens from the air for easy breathing. The dirt cup is filterless and can be emptied easily without causing a mess. The dust cup is reusable and saves the cost of dust bags.

Removable tools

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with easily detachable tools. They have one clip upper and lower released that help in easy transitioning between different types of cleaning surfaces. The cord storage is retractable. It is an automatic system that retracts the cord by pressing a button. The cord installed is a 24 feet long cord which is longer than most of the canister vacuums. This long cord makes movement around the house easy. The tools included covering all kinds of floors, carpets, crevices, and creases.


With the installation of a metal want, Kenmore has improved the durability of the machine as a wand is usually the first thing that breaks.

The Good:

  • Has allergens filter to help you breathe easy
  • Comes with a limited warranty of 1-year
  • It has a long power cord
  • The dirt cup is easy to clean and maintain

The Bad:

  • It is bulky and hinders movement a little

Prolux Tritan

Prolux top-rated canister vacuum

Prolux Tritan is a multi-purpose canister vacuum that is powerful enough to clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, hardwood floors, etc. at one time. You can easily store the tools that come with it on the body of the vacuum which makes it easy to access them anytime you want. The rubber wheels incorporated in the system makes movement easy and protects your hardwood floors from getting tire marks.

Robust mechanism

The compact and lightweight design includes a 12 amperes motor that features a deep cleaning ability. As compared to other canister vacuums with an air flow suction of 70 CFM, this Prolux canister vacuum features 107 CFM air flow suction. Thus, it is quite powerful and does not fail to pick up debris and dust.

Numerous tools

This canister vacuum comes with a crevice tool to reach all the crevices and creases, a duster for upholstery and drapes, comb-like a tool for cleaning rigid marks off the floor. This comb-like tool is a multi-purpose tool and you can use it for both, hardwood and carpets.

Easy switching

You can simply contract the hardwood floor bristles with a button and then the same powerhead can be used for cleaning carpets. It has a power knob that lets you increase or decrease the power of the motor for a different task. For example, for dusting, you will need a lower machine power.

Good news for allergic individuals

The vacuum sports a 3-stage filtration process that keeps the air clean for asthmatic and allergic people. Moreover, the water suction of this machine is quite impressive too. It can suck 100 inches of water with the above-mentioned air flow. It includes a 1-year bumper to bumper warranty.

The Good:

  • Provides a cleaning radius of 32 feet which is towards the upper side
  • It includes a 1-year warranty
  • The tools included cover all portions of the cleaning
  • Motor power is high-end, and the suction is very high

The Bad:

  • The metal wand does not clip properly and sometimes fall off

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G – Best commercial canister vacuum

best eureka canister vacuum reviews

If you want something compact, lightweight yet mighty and high-end, this Eureka canister vacuum might be the answer to all your cleaning problems. It has cleaning tools for all the surfaces you can think of.

Special tools included

Power brushes are included in the tools to help you clean up all the debris from heavy carpets. To make your life even easier, it comes with a special tool for cleaning the stairs and upholstery.

Most other vacuum cleaners don’t have this facility. The best part is, you don’t have to store all these tools somewhere safe. Each tool has its own space on the canister vacuum box. Once you invest in this Eureka canister vacuum, you don’t even need a separate car or pet hair vacuum. It covers that as well.

Powerful motor

The motor used is a 12 amperes motor that, when used in combination with the provided tools, gives the best results. You hardly see any debris, pet hair, or dirt left behind. It has a special spider web extension and drapes extension as well. Hence, it is an all-in-one package.

Thorough filtration

This bagged canister vacuum uses a three-step filtration process that prevents any kind of allergens from entering the air inside your house.

Extra features

Moreover, it comes with a safety feature that automatically shuts the machine off in case of overheating. It also has a blower port included for blowing debris in lawns, driver ways, and garages. It is easy to use and maintain. Disposable bags used in this vacuum do not require cleaning, all you have to do is take it out and throw it away.

The Good:

  • The vacuum is equipped with auto shut off in case of overheating
  • All kinds of tools and wands are included in the add ons
  • The blower port features make your life even
  • Easy to use, handle and maintain

The Bad:

  • It does not have automatic power cord retraction that has to be done manually

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor

dyson best canister vacuum

Dyson is a big name when it comes to lifestyle electronics and canister vacuums are definitely a strong part. This Dyson canister vacuum is one of the best Dyson has to offer. Its best feature is how it gets right back up when toppled. How frustrating it is that you have to go back, again and again, to fix the vacuum because it feels while you were moving around the room?

Deep cleaning feature

Well! If you decide to invest in this canister vacuum, you will not have to go through that. With a 21 feet long cord, moving around the furniture is even easier. In fact, it comes with Dyson’s very own hygienic dirt ejector which means you don’t have to get your hands dirty while cleaning the dust-out. The vacuum itself ejects trapped dust and debris. Hence, you get the best and most hygienic cleaning. It does not have a pre-filter, but you can add a post-motor filter which is a non-removable, non-washable filter that works well for a lifetime.

Stout motor

With a 250 AW suction power and turbine head with carbon fiber bristles, it picks up things as small as fine dust. In combination with carbon bristles, nylon bristles are also present on the turbine head which remove all kind of dirt and dust from the cracks in the floor.

Astounding shape

The shape of the Dyson vacuum cleaner mimics a ball, all the core components are fit in this ball, so whenever the vacuum topples it comes back to the upright position. This helps in effortless maneuvering throughout the house. It is back with 5 years warranty.

The Good:

  • The vacuum cleaner comes back to its upright position when toppled
  • It has a long cord of 21 feet
  • The carbon fiber turbine head with nylon bristle make cleaning effective and efficient
  • The product is back with 5 years of warranty

The Bad:

  • You have to bend every time to reach the on/off button

Miele Complete C3 Marin – Best canister vacuum for pet hair

miele canister vacuum reviews

Pet hair is very stubborn especially when they stick to carpet, rugs, upholstery or their scratch posts. But thanks to its powerful motor, AirClean Sealed System Construction, SEB-236 Powerhead, and true HEPA filter, Miele Complete C3 is perfect for cleaning pet hair.

This bagged Miele canister vacuum comes in a lightweight and compact packing. It comes with Miele’s high-quality 1200 watts motor that uses vortex technology.

Fit for several tasks

With its high-end suction power, it can clean anything and everything. With an average lifespan of 20 years, this vacuum gives you a sturdy and durable lifetime working with a very low probability of malfunctioning during this time. The cleaning system installed has an air clean technology which makes this vacuum ideal for asthma and allergy-prone individuals.

Different filters

The packing includes 16 filter bags with air clean technology, a HEPA certified filter that goes inside the vacuum, and 4 pre-motor filters for the protection of the motor. The powerheads used with this vacuum have been constructed after a lot of research, the main power head is a Miele SEB-236 that is ideal for picking up anything from tiny dust particles to spilled beans to pet hairballs on the floor. This powerhead can reach all the creases and crevices easily.

Twisting construction

The second powerhead is a floor brush that can go under flat surfaces for better cleaning. With a 90-degree twisting ability, it can reach under low lying furniture and around furniture legs to clean properly. The wand is a telescopic wand that includes a stainless steel construction. The total cleaning radius of this vacuum is 33 feet.

The Good:

  • Both powerheads provide effective and efficient cleaning
  • Easier to clean hard to reach areas with long
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • Comes with air clean technology and is ideal for asthmatic and allergic people

The Bad:

  • The vacuum is slightly hard to maintain as compared to other vacuums

Bissell Zing 2156A – Best cheap canister vacuum

Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum

This Bissell canister vacuum is one of the cheapest yet powerful canister vacuums on the market. It is a bagless canister vacuum that makes the overall process of cleaning and maneuvering easier as compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners. The star of this vacuum is its reasonable price which is why it is part of our TOP-list.

Hi-Tech, lightweight vacuum cleaner

Suction technology used is the cyclonic technology, this makes suction across all kinds of surfaces more powerful. The overall vacuum is very lightweight and has a swivel system installed. The combination of these two makes moving the vacuum cleaner around the house easy and comfortable. With its lightweight and compact design, you can either drag it behind you or pick it up in one hand and do the cleaning with others.

Easy switching

It comes with a simple flip switch that can be used for transitioning between carpets and floors easily. We all know what a nightmare it is to clean the dirtbag or cup but not with this vacuum. The dirt cup comes with a lid that can be opened for easily getting rid of the accumulated dust. Dust cup opens like a simple snack jar. Automatic cord rewind makes putting the vacuum away hassle-free. You don’t even have to bend to press the button, its placement is such that you can press it with your foot.

The Good:

  • This Bissell canister vacuum is equipped with an easy empty dirt cup
  • The cyclonic technology in a combination of multi-level filtering works well
  • It has a lightweight and compact design. It only weighs eight pounds
  • The 15 feet cord makes maneuverability easy

The Bad:

  • There is no place in the vacuum to store the attachments

Noise level comparison

What to consider when choosing a canister vacuum

Canister vacuums are taking over the market from the traditional hovers that were not only hard to operate but also could not reach under the furniture and into the creases and crevices. If you have decided to invest in the best canister vacuum for your home, you should understand some aspects of using the vacuum. These are:

  • Bagged vs bagless

This topic is a matter of debate anytime and every time the topic of canister vacuums pops up. Even though bagless vacuums cost-productive, don’t require buying vacuum bags every now and then but they are slightly less hygienic as compared to bagged vacuums.

The dirt cups of bagless canister vacuums collect dirt little by little which later on needs to be emptied manually and most of the time the user comes into contact with the dust. This is highly dangerous for asthmatic and allergic people.

On the other hand, bagged vacuums collect all the dirt in a sealed bag and all you need to do is throw the bag away without having to deal with dust and allergens. However, if you don’t have a problem with manually cleaning the dust, bagless canister vacuums are the more economical choice.

  • Dirt capacity

Dirt capacity is the amount of dirt the dirt cup or bag can store or collect at a time. Once the capacity is nearly full, the vacuum starts overheating which can either result in short-circuiting or vacuum malfunctioning if you do not clean the dirtbag or cup. Thus, the larger the dirt capacity the better. This will not only protect your vacuum from overheating but will also reduce the time you have to spend on cleaning the dirt cup or disposing of the dirtbag.

  • Weight

Some heavy-duty canister vacuums weigh a lot, and this affects the movement and maneuverability of the vacuum around the house. You will find vacuums weighing between 8 pounds to 35 pounds in general but in some cases, some canister vacuums may even weigh higher.

You might have to make a compromise on the weight of the vacuum with other features you want but definitely, a lightweight and compact vacuum make using, cleaning, and moving the vacuum around the house easier. However, the lighter the vacuum, the more compact it is and the lesser will be the dirt capacity. Hence, you need to act smartly and find the best compromise among the weight and other features.

  • Attachments

All vacuums come with a set of attachments based on the kind of cleaning the vacuum is for. Most canister vacuums have crevice and crease tools, power head with and without bristles, dusting tool, and upholstery tool. However, some other canister vacuums come with pet tools, blowing tools, etc. Hence, while buying a vacuum, make sure you have all your requirements straight, so you can invest in a vacuum with the correct tool.

What is the point of paying for tools that you will never need? Moreover, it is more convenient if the canister vacuum body has a separate area for storing the tools. This way you neither lose your tools nor need to go to the storage place every time you require to use a certain tool.

  • Cleaning radius

The cleaning radius determines the area that you can reach once you plug in the cord of the vacuum. Small vacuums have a cleaning radius of 15 to 16 feet, but you will also find some with a cleaning radius of more than 30 feet. This totally depends on the cord length and the length of the wand. Hence, make sure you get the canister vacuum with the largest cleaning radius possible because the more area you cover the better. However, like other features, this one also might need a little compromise.

The bottom line

This article is all about helping you find the best canister vacuum for your house. We have listed one vacuum for all kinds of needs, whether it is the best hardwood vacuum, best vacuum for pets, or the most economical canister vacuum. All the vacuums mentioned in this article are the best in their category. However, before buying a vacuum, make sure you read the buying guide properly and are familiar with your own requirements. Canister vacuums are not something you get to change every second month and some of them cost a lot. Hence, to be safe, do your research.

Moreover, make sure you invest in a vacuum that comes with a warranty and customer support for at least one year since you don’t know what kind of malfunction you might face.

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