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5 Best clothes steamers

Nothing makes even the most beautiful outfits look sloppy and shabby like a heavy dose of wrinkles. It’s something we all face and one of the effective and easiest ways to deal with such stubborn wrinkles is investing in the best clothes steamer.

Your dry or steam iron can get the job done, but it’s often time-consuming to use. Garments steamers, on the other hand, are quite convenient. They are easy to use and provide ample, continuous steam allowing you to achieve complete wrinkle-free results.

The challenge comes in determining which one is right for you because garment steamers come in many different designs. That’s why finding the best unit can be a little bit overwhelming.

To save you the trouble, we’ve done thorough research and came up with a list of 5 top models in the market that are well worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Over the course of this comprehensive review, you’ll find out what makes each model stand out and why we considered them over the many other options available out there.

We’ve also included a detailed buying guide that’s going to give you some of the key tips on how to select the best clothes steamer of 2022 that will suit your particular needs. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Best clothes steamers in 2022

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Clothes steamer reviews

PurSteam PS-937 – Best heavy duty clothes steamer

PurSteam PS-937

  • Steams for 1 hour on a single tank
  • Up to 3 minutes of heat time
  • 73 ounces water tank
  • Weighs 25 pounds

Taking the first position in our list is none other than the PurSteam PS-937. If you are looking for a powerful, strong, sturdy clothes steamer that can take care of the most stubborn creases, then this is it.

The PureSteam PS-937 is one of the most solid steamers we’ve reviewed. It has the power, the features, and the accessories to handle just about any steaming job without sacrificing ease of use.

Quality and Design

Featuring a stylish modern design, the PureSteam PS-937 is a durable machine that’s solidly built to withstand heavy use. The unit is well constructed and every part is made of quality materials which means it will certainly give you years of service.

The base is very stable with thick wheels that move easily. The hose feels very durable too and it’s just the right length. It’s long enough to reach far and allow you to steam any size of garment including drapes.


While it has a very robust construction, this unit is equally very effective when it comes to steaming. It has a rating of 850 watts which gives it sufficient power to heat up the water fast and produce a good amount of steam.

In fact, it has an incredible steam jet that delivers 30% higher steam output than most other similar models. It can easily deal with even the toughest creases.

The PS-937 can work on all kinds of fabric too. From jeans to drapes to delicates to cotton, you won’t have to worry about burning your garment or melting it. The steamer is gentle, yet effective and works great even on fabrics like nylon blends and silk.

Quick heating is also one of the strong features of this unit. It will quickly rise to the desired temperature whenever you need it to. It only takes 2 to 3 minutes to be steam-ready, so you will have your clothes steamed faster without many delays.

Water Tank Capacity

If you are thinking of doing some bulk steaming sessions, then you will like the PureSteam PS-937 even more. The water tank is fairly large capable of holding up to 2.2 liters of water.

That’s sufficient capacity that should last for about an hour before it needs a refill. It’s enough to steam plenty of clothing per one go. The water tank sits firmly into the base and it’s removable. It pulls out easily making it simple to refill and clean.

Assembly and Ease of Use

This steamer is quite straight forward when it comes to using it. You don’t need to keep on pressing the steam button as it can steam continuously which is quite convenient.  The adjustable steam settings with four different steam levels is another wonderful addition.

You get to select just the right amount of steam based on the type of garment you want to steam. It’s really a great feature, especially when dealing with different fabrics.

The handle, on the other hand, has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold and it’s retractable for easier storage.

Contrary to many other similar models, this unit also features a special safety cap that prevents the water tank from coming off while the steam is still hot. Therefore, you will worry less about burning yourselves when refilling the tank.

The only major setback is that it doesn’t come with an auto shut off function. However, shutting it down is quite easy as it’s a matter of just touching the on/off switch.

In general, this PureSteam PS-937 model is a robust and versatile steamer that’s built to last. It’s easy to assemble and will do a fantastic job when it comes to removing tough wrinkles.

The Good:

  • Solid construction that can withstand heavy use
  • Very effective at removing wrinkles
  • Heats up quickly and can work in a variety of materials
  • The large sized water tank that can last up to 1 hour
  • A durable, longer hose that offers ample reach
  • Comes with multiple nozzle attachments
  • Has a hook at the top for hanging your garments
  • Easy to assemble as well as to operate

The Bad:

  • Does not feature an auto shut off function
  • The assembly manual is not that clear

Jiffy Steamer J-2000M – Best commercial garment steamer

J-2000M Jiffy Garment Steamer

  • Steams for 1.5 hours per fill
  • Up to 2 minutes of heat time
  • 93 ounces water tank
  • Weighs 18 pounds

The J-2000M is another robust and durable unit designed to provide powerful wrinkle-killing steam. For those looking for an effective steamer that can easily handle large volumes of clothes, then this is a perfect option.

It’s the best commercial clothes steamer we’ve reviewed, but it’s also ideal for home usage.

Quality and Design

To start off, this Jiffy garment steamer is basically made to withstand great abuse and that’s essential considering that it’s meant for commercial use.

The outer housing unit is very sturdy made from heavy-duty plastic and the heating elements, as well as the hose, are also of good quality. It’s highly durable and can last for many years. Plus the housing is streamlined with few corners that can catch on furniture.

It has a simple, rubber hose that connects firmly into the base. It’s fairly long measuring up to 5 ½ feet tall. It’s also quite flexible. It will provide great reach and the four wheels swivel smoothly making it easy to move the machine around.


The J-2000 is a professional clothes steamer. Aside from its solid, commercial-grade built quality, it’s highly reliable where it counts most – performance.

It features a solid brass heating element that delivers 1300 watts of power. That’s sufficient power to provide super-hot steam that will penetrate deep into garments’ fibers to soften and relax even the most persistent wrinkles.

The steam head is 6-inch wide and has six, large wide-set holes which will not only release a high amount of steam but will also allow you to cover more surface quickly and thoroughly thereby cutting down the amount of time you spent steaming.

It only takes about two minutes to heat up to the right temperature and the unit can work on all kinds of fabrics including drapes, upholstery or car interiors. There’s also a 12-inch wide steam head for carpets, so it’s a very versatile unit.

Water Tank Capacity

The Jiffy’s J-2000 water tank is another major plus as far as steaming large volumes of garments is concerned. It comes equipped with a large 96-ounce tank that’s securely fitted into the steamer’s base and featuring a no-drip check valve system.

The tank gives you a full 90 minutes of steaming per fill. That’s enough time to cover a lot of clothes at a time. There’s a unique loop handle located on the bottom part of the tank and it’s a huge help as it makes the filling and carrying the tank much easier.

Furthermore, the tank is transparent hence you will get to see when the water level drops allowing you to refill the tank just in time.

Assembly and Ease of Use

Using this steamer is just plain simple. There are no extraneous clips or built-in hangers. It has a simple hook where you can place your own standard closet hanger. The controls are also straight forward, so they will pose no challenge when operating the unit.

We especially liked the additional safety feature which allows the machine to automatically turn off when it accidentally runs dry. It’s a bonus feature that will go a long way in ensuring that the unit continues to function properly even with regular heavy usage.

As for assembly, you won’t break any sweat setting this one up. It’s quite easy to assemble and the manual is detailed with wiring diagrams to help you get the whole installation process right.

However, one thing that we didn’t like is the design of its wooden handle. It has metal screws attached to it. They can get hot while steaming and as such, they are likely to cause burns.

In addition, the metal head is a bit heavy which can cause fatigue when using the machine for a prolonged period of time.

All in all, the model J-2000 is an effective, rugged, durable steamer. It’s a great investment because it can efficiently handle a large volume of garments. Therefore, if you do a lot of clothe care around your business place or home, then it’s certainly worth a try.

The Good:

  • It’s a heavy duty unit made of durable plastic
  • Offers a powerful 1300 watt heating power
  • Steam generation is fast and continuous
  • Large-sized water tank
  • Can steam various fabrics
  • Has auto shut off function for added safety
  • Easy to use and to move around

The Bad:

  • The handle can get very hot while steaming
  • The metal head is somewhat heavy for prolonged use

Rowenta IS6520 – Best standing steamer

Rowenta IS6520 Master 360 Garment Steamer

  • Steams for up to 1 hour per filling
  • 45 seconds heat time
  • 128-ounce water tank
  • 360° rotating hanger
  • 5 ft. adjustable telescopic pole
  • Weighs 12 pounds

Rowenta is another big brand in laundry care with some exception products under its name. Their IS6520 garment steamer model is no exception.

It’s powerful, easy to use and comes with several holders for de-wrinkling a variety of garments not to mention that it has hanger than can swivel 360°. It’s arguably the best standing steamer available on the market today.

Quality and Design

The IS6520 is a compact unit with sturdy, durable construction that can withstand daily, heavy usage. The base, hose, and pole are all made of quality materials that will last for a long period of time.

It looks attractive too with its modern design and color combination. The pole is made of aluminum and it’s telescopic. You can adjust it up to about 5.5 ft. tall making it highly adaptable to everyone based on their height and comfortable.

It has two large wheels that employ the suit-case style tilt and roll system for easy mobility around your house. It’s super convenient especially considering that this a very compact unit.


The unit is designed such that it will effectively remove all wrinkles and creases in both heavier and lighter fabrics.

It uses a 1500 watt thick central core made of aluminum that provides 30 g/min continuous steam output. It heats up quickly taking only 45 seconds to be steam ready which is faster than any other model in our list.

However, what makes this Rowenta steamer highly effective is its large, triangular metal delta steam head. It’s designed to allow for even distribution of the powerful burst of steam across the whole soleplate.

The outcome of this is better steam penetration into the fiber of the garment and more uniform results. The large head will also give you a wide coverage plus it has a pointed tip hence you will be able to reach into tight spaces for a more efficient result.

Now another major highlight we noted in our Rowenta steamer review is the 360° rotating hanger. It lets you to easily steam the front and back side of your garment without having to change sides.

It’s a unique feature, one you will definitely appreciate and it even has a lock mechanism to keep the pole in place once you’ve rotated it.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank holds 128 ounces of water which is the largest capacity compared to the other four units we’ve reviewed. It will provide up to one hour of continuous steaming per filling making it ideal for steaming multiple garments in just one session.

The tank detaches easily from the base, so refilling it is a breeze and like the J-2000 above, it’s also see-through which means you will get to see when it’s running out of the water.

Assembly and Ease of Use

The soleplates are made from a quality stainless steel that glides smoothly across all fabrics. It requires very little effort to move it and the head is light, so you will have a hustle-free steaming experience.

The best part is that the controls have been placed on the base of the unit where you can operate using your foot. It’s quite a convenient design compared to a handheld model.

It’s also worth noting that the nozzle is made of plastic and does not get hot over time. The hose is as well insulated hence you are not going to get burnt while steaming.

Assembling the IS6520 is a breeze as all you need to do is to put the pieces together then fill up the water tank and you are done. The power cord is 6.5 ft. long, so it will facilitate a safe and convenient movement around the house.

In short, there’s very little to dislike about this Rowenta steaming machine. If there’s an issue to point out would probably be the fact that it doesn’t have an auto shut off function.

Overall, this is a great choice for anyone looking for the best clothes steamer that’s versatile and effective enough to handle so many types of garments. It’s a good alternative to the Jiffy Steamer J-2000M especially for heavier types of fabric.

The Good:

  • Attractive design and quality, durable construction
  • Provides uniform steaming on all kinds of garments
  • 360° rotating hanger for convenience
  • Adjustable pole for multiple people to use it
  • The large water tank that goes for an hour per filling
  • Foot operate control makes it simple to operate
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

The Bad:

  • It has no auto shut off feature
  • The pole may feel a bit short for taller users

Conair Turbo Extreme Steam – Best handheld steamer

 Conair Turbo Extreme Steam

  • Steams for 15 minutes
  • 40 seconds heat time
  • 3-ounce removable water tank
  • 3 in 1 attachment
  • Weighs 7 pounds

If you are tired of ironing and ironing boards, then you definitely need to get this steamer. Conair Turbo Extreme is one of the best handled clothes steamers out there.

It’s very portable and warms in less than a minute allowing you to quickly get the wrinkles out of your clothes.

Quality and Design

The Conair Turbo Extreme has a compact and simple design meant to provide a user-friendly experience when steaming your garments. It’s well built with a quality aluminum plate and will give you years of service on top of its stylish modern look.

It also features a built-in creaser and the base is wide enough to help it sit upright and steady on a flat surface.

In addition to the compact, portable design, this Conair handheld steamer is a 3 in 1 model consisting of a silicone band that pulls the fabric taut to facilitate easier steaming.

The unit also features a delicate fabric spacer which helps protect fabrics that are more fragile. There’s a bristle brush as well for loosening the fibers so as to allow steam to penetrate deeper into the garment.


Having 3 in 1 attachment and simple, compact design this product stands out as the best handheld steamer offering reliable and effective performance when it comes to steaming.

With a heating element that can deliver 1550 watts of power, the unit will produce very hot steam and much faster. It’s highly effective at dealing with stubborn wrinkles despite being a handheld model and you won’t wait long for it to heat up.

It takes only 40 seconds to get ready making it the fastest unit aside from the Rowenta IS6520 above. It’s basically the perfect little steamer for those who are always in a hurry.

The unit comes with 2 steam settings, you can select either standard or turbo mode depending on the type of garment you are working on. The turbo mode enables it to release steam quickly hence you get faster and better steaming results.

Water Tank Capacity

For those who travel a lot and need to de-wrinkle only a few clothes at a time, then this is a unit that you will certainly love. Its removable water tank has a capacity of 7.3 oz. which is a fairly decent size for handling small steaming tasks. It will go for around 15 minutes before you can fill it again.

Ease of Use

This Conair fabric steamer is very simple to use. Once you set it on, you just need to select either the turbo or standard mode using the featured buttons and you are done.

The standing base and on/off button allow you to just switch it off without the need of unplugging saving you time when in hurry.

Despite its effectiveness, it’s relatively heavy for some people, but if this is not an issue to you, then the Conair steamer is an option worth considering.

The Good:

  • Compact, durable design
  • Heats up very fast
  • Can steam several different types of fabrics
  • Easy to control and handle
  • Turbo setting removes stubborn wrinkles

The Bad:

  • Can easily leak when handled upside down
  • Might feel a bit heavy

Steamfast SF-680 Best digital steam press


Steamfast digital steam press

  • 3 minutes of heat time
  • A 10 ounce water tank
  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • 25 x 5 inches non-stick pressing plate
  • 5 adjustable digital fabric settings
  • Automatic Shut off

The Steamfast SF-680 is no doubt the best digital steam press in the market both in terms of performance and convenience. It delivers great results without much hustle and even comes with a variety of temperature settings for different types of materials.

Quality & Design

The Steamfast SF 680 deluxe digital steam press has a creative design that incorporates a press lock feature and a large steaming surface. It has a locking knob that locks the pressing plate and the ironing board together so it’s easy to carry and store.

It also has a tabletop size with non-stick plates that offer enough steaming space. This is very effective as it makes your work easier and faster.

As for the quality, you have nothing to worry about. The unit is manufactured using quality materials and it feels quite solid. It will last a few years before you can think of investing in another unit.


Apart from its nice design, this steamer is very efficient when it comes to steaming garments. It has a 1500 watt heating element which will generate a lot of hot steam with a fairly decent heat up time of about three minutes.

Its digital controls have five different fabric settings that allow you to steam a wide variety of garments ranging from silk, nylon, cotton, wool, to linen. Plus, the unit is designed such that the steam press shuts off and then alerts you if it’s been idle for prolonged periods.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank is not the largest on our list but it’s sufficient to give you some few minutes to remove wrinkles from a small number of clothes. The tank can hold up to 10 ounces of water which should last for at least 15 minutes. It’s not much time but you will be able to steam several clothes in between the refills.

Ease of Use

In addition to the performance and design of this unit, it’s very easy to operate and assemble. It comes ready and equipped for the job. The digital controls are intuitively designed in a way that makes using the unit a breeze.

Plus the multiple fabric settings is a thoughtful add-on that will allow you to customize the steam temperature depending on the fabric you want to steam.

The package also includes extra accessories such as pressing cushion, spray bottle and measuring cup to help in the process of pressing.

To sum it all, if you don’t want the hustle and bustle of a standing steamer or you are not a fan of handheld models, then this is the unit to go for.

The Good:

  • No chemicals involved
  • Large steaming surface
  • Temperature settings for different materials
  • Digital controls that are easy to use
  • Non-sticky pressing plate
  • It shuts off and alerts you when left idle for longer hours

The Bad:

  • Might add permanent wrinkles if not used properly
  • Has a smaller water tank

Key things to consider when looking for the best clothes steamer

Before proceeding to buy any equipment you need to have a clear idea of what to look for. The same applies also here. There are a few key factors you want to consider so as to ensure you pick the best garment steamer that will suit your needs as well as your budget. Some of these factors include:

Type of Steamer

The first thing you want to do before even you start shopping is deciding beforehand the type of steamer you should get based on your particular needs and amount of clothes you will be steaming.

There are three main types of garment steamer you can find on the market, that is, standing, handheld and travel.

Standing Garment Steamers

These are the most common type of clothes steamers that you can easily find in a wide variety of sizes and budget based on your requirements.

Standing steamers are generally medium-sized appliances featuring a base that sits on the floor. They tend to have a large water tank that’s meant to last longer on a single filling.

As a rule, they come with a long pole as well for hanging the garments while steaming and a nozzle or steaming head attached at the end of a flexible hose.

Some good examples are the PureSteam PS-937, the Jiffy Steamer J-2000M and Rowenta IS6520 which are all included in our reviews above.

These are the most suitable option for home use, commercial purposes or if you often have a large number of clothes to de-wrinkle. They are usually highly effective and heat up much faster than handheld units.

Handheld Steamers

Handheld steamers are also quite common and as their name suggests, they are small in size such that you can easily hold a unit in one hand while you are steaming.

Due to their compact size, they generally have smaller tanks compared to standing models. They are meant to be used for a shorter period of time before requiring a refill. Hand steamers are designed with steaming nozzle and the water close together in one unit.

They may be as effective as standing steamers, but their small size makes them more convenient and easy to use, especially if you are dealing with only a small amount of clothes.

A good example in our list is the Conair Turbo Extreme which is one of the best handheld steamer currently available on the market.

If you have a busy work life or you only need a unit for steaming a small amount of clothes, then a handheld garment steamer might be the right fit for you. It’s also a good option for traveling since there are some models that are compact enough to pack into your luggage.

Travel Steamers

A travel steamer is basically more like a handheld garment steamer but it’s quite tiny and lightweight which makes it highly portable. It can easily fit in a suitcase so that you are able to carry it with you anywhere that you go.

If you do a lot of work or business traveling and you need your clothes to be creaseless, then getting the best travel steamer might be the right choice for you.

Water Tank Capacity

The capacity of the water tank is one of the most decisive factors when it comes to selecting a garment steamer. It’s a very important feature because the amount of water the tank can actually hold per fill will determine how long the steamer would run before requiring refills.

Generally, the larger the water tank capacity of a steamer, the longer it will last before it gets to be refilled. In this case, if you are going for the standing steamer and you want a unit that can handle a mountain of clothes, then bigger is better.

You don’t want a unit with a smaller tank as that would mean lots of refills which is not only time consuming but can be tiring and frustrating when you are in a rush.

Look for a model that has a generous tank capacity, so that you don’t have to top it up after every few minutes. It will allow you to get a lot done and much faster.

Normally, standing models have a capacity of around 40 to 90 ounces. Here, the best option would be a unit that can hold 70 ounces of water or above. That will ensure you have at least an hour after every refill.

If you are going for a handheld model, then the water tank capacity shouldn’t be much of a big deal since they tend to hold less water around 4 to 8 ounces which can last up to 10 minutes.

In short, your choice here will depend on your steaming tasks. If you have lots of garments to steam regularly, then a unit with a larger capacity is ideal, but if it’s just a small amount of clothes, a small water capacity steamer is ideal.

Heat Up Time

You would certainly want to buy a steamer that can heat up quickly. This is essential especially when you want your garments steamed faster, without delays. A slower unit means you will spend a lot of time waiting for it to attain the right temperature.

One of the main things that directly affects how quickly a particular steamer heats up is the wattage.  The higher it is, the more power it can pull, the faster it heats up and the hotter it can get. Therefore, more power is usually better.

Basically, many steamers heat up in less than 3 minutes and there are models that get to the right steaming temperature in under a minute.

If you need to quickly steam your clothes more often, then you should pick a unit that will heat up in under two minutes. Anything above that and the process will begin to feel inconvenient.

Continuous Steaming

Another essential feature to look out for is the ability to steam continuously. Most fabric steamers require you to constantly keep your finger on a button for steam to come out.

This can become really uncomfortable, especially for people with arthritis. You will have to hold down the button for quite a long period of time particularly if you intend to steam a lot of clothes.

However, with a steamer that has a continuous steam function, you will just need to press the steam button once and it will expel steam as long the switch is on.

So, your finger will be off the button until you turn the switch off when you want to stop steaming.  If you have a joint or any other medical issue that does not require too much straining, then this is a must-have feature.

Steam Hose and Power Cord Length

Hose length applies mainly to standing garment steamers since handheld steamers don’t come with any hoses, instead, they have a “neck.” It’s a vital feature to consider because the length of the hose will determine how far it can reach.

You need a unit that has a relatively long hose length that will offer a long enough reach to be able to efficiently steam almost any size garment with ease.

Here, look for models with at least 5 ft. hose so that it can offer a wider range of use. Ensure not to pick anything more than 8 ft. because it could easily get in the way rather than offering a greater reach.

It’s important as well to consider the length of the power cord as it may limit your movement. You should ensure that the cord is long enough to allow you to reach the area you want to have the steamer without restricting your movement.

Size and Weight

It’s wise to consider as well the size and weight of the fabric steamer you want to buy. They can vary widely between different types and models of steamers, so always make sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications.

If you are going to have to move it around the house often or you plan to get a handheld unit that you take with you during your business travels, then you may opt for one that’s light enough for you to carry or move it around easily.

It should also be compact enough to fit where you want to store it or not to take up a lot of space in your suitcase. On the other hand, a larger, weighty unit may be ideal if you want a heavy-duty steamer that can handle bulky workloads.

Timer or Auto Shut Off Function

Auto shut off function is an essential add-on that can make your steaming experience better as well as help prolong the life of your steamer. It will automatically turn off the machine as soon as the water level becomes minimal.

Therefore, it’s something that’s worth considering if you want value for your money. It’s a particularly helpful feature that will help prevent the steamer from overheating. It will save you the power and enhance the durability of your machine.

The bottom line

A garment steamer is a very handy appliance and a wonderful addition to your standard iron box. Looking over the reviews and the guide above, you can pretty well see that finding the best clothes steamer is more than just looking at your budget and how easy it is to operate the unit.

Deciding which one actually suits you will require factoring in all the key areas we’ve mentioned above as well as how often you plan to use it.

However, all the models featured here should manage to deliver really good results at eliminating wrinkles from all types of garments, so it’s a matter of choosing the one that works best for you.

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