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Best commercial paint sprayers

Graco Pro210ES is a heavy-duty workhorse that can meet the demands of the job site and handle any painting project with ease. Read below to learn about the 5 best commercial paint sprayers on the market in 2022.


Graco Paint Sprayer Pro210ES


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Pump-replacement system
  • Impressive annual paint volume
  • Powerful DC motor
  • Long reach (up to 200 ft.)

If you paint for a living, then the chances are that you already understand the importance of a reliable paint sprayer. But if you are a novice in the world of painting, you will quickly learn that a good-quality unit can make or break your painting business.

In this article, we will look at 5 commercial paint sprayers that deserve your attention if you are looking for a model that fits your needs.

So, let’s get this show on the road.

Best commercial paint sprayers in 2022

1. Graco Pro210ES – Best overall

Graco Pro210ES Commercial Paint Sprayer


  • TrueAirless technology
  • Annual recommended volume: 1500 gallons
  • ProConnect Pump Replacement System
  • SG3 metal spray gun
  • Comes with a sturdy cart

Without a doubt, Graco stands at the very top of the list when it comes to premium paint spraying equipment. The company has loads of experience, but they also love to rely on innovative and groundbreaking solutions. Well, the Graco Pro210ES is a prime example of the famous Graco philosophy. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at this Graco paint sprayer.

TrueAirless Technology

Professional painting requires massive volumes of paint. For that reason, airless paint sprayers are the perfect option for contractors or other professionals.

For instance, the Graco Pro210ES is a unit that features a 1HP DC motor. This electric motor gives power to the pump, which generates pressure to eject the paint through the nozzle at the tip of the gun. In this case, we are talking about 3000 psi of force (pounds per square inch). So, never put your fingers in front of the spraying gun when working with this professional paint sprayer.

ProConnect System for pump replacement

Airless paint sprayers generate insane amounts of pressure, which leaves traces on the pump. When it comes to the Graco Pro210ES paint sprayer, we should mention that this model uses durable V-Max packings. In essence, this means that the piston should last for a long time.

Nonetheless, the constant workload will leave traces of wear and tear on the pump, sooner or later. When that moment comes, you will need to install a new system. Well, Graco Pro210ES makes the process a breeze with the use of ProConnect technology.

To be precise, users can install a new pump with no extra tools. The hassle-free process also reduces costs by allowing you to get back to work within minutes.

Top-shelf performances and paint output

Even though it comes with a steep price, this paint sprayer could quickly justify the investment. Why do we say this? First of all, Graco Pro210ES has a paint flow rate of 0.47 gallons per minute. With the use of Soft Spray technology, you will be able to cover large areas with a smooth coating efficiently.

What’s more, this model comes with the annual recommended volume of 1500 gallons! Such impressive quantities are music to the ears of contractors and painting professionals. At the same time, the annual capacity is a clear sign that Graco Pro210ES is not a paint sprayer for hobbyists.

Rugged and durable

Graco Pro210ES is a machine that feels best when it pumps out massive volumes of paint. Through its 50-foot Duraflex hose, this airless sprayer can reach the upper stories with ease. On top of that, you could extend the reach up to 200 feet.

The unit comes with a sturdy cart, which allows you to move the sprayer in a hassle-free manner. Nevertheless, we should mention that the total weight of the Graco Pro210ES paint sprayer is 62 pounds.

The Good:

  • Paint capacity
  • Endurance and durability
  • Long reach
  • Powerful motor

The Bad:

  • Noise
  • Heavy
  • Steep price

2. Graco Magnum ProX19

Graco Paint Sprayer Magnum ProX19


  • Fully adjustable pressure
  • Reach: up to 150 feet
  • Oversized wheels
  • RAC IV Switch Tip
  • Easy-to-replace pump

The next entry on our list also comes from Graco. As we said, this all-American brand belongs to the cream of the crop when it comes to top-rated commercial paint sprayers. The same applies to the reliable Graco Magnum ProX19, an airless paint sprayer that can last you a lifetime. Here are the essential features of this sprayer.

Variable pressure

As the name says, airless paint sprayers do not use air to atomize the particles. Instead, these sprayers eject the paint with the help of high pressure. For that reason, your sprayer must provide enough force to tackle products of different viscosity.

For example, Graco Magnum ProX19 can deliver up to 3000 psi of pressure. At the same time, users can adjust the paint flow rate by rotating a control knob on the side of the sprayer. With that said, the maximum output that this airless sprayer can produce is 0.38 gallons per minute. In translation, this unit delivers more material per minute than most other sprayers out there.

Pump replacement

Without a doubt, Graco Magnum ProX19 is a thoroughbred professional paint sprayer. As such, this unit can be an excellent choice for general contractors or property maintenance professionals.

On the other hand, heavy usage will surely leave consequences on the parts. So, you’ll be happy to know that Graco equipped this model with the so-called ProXChange system. This technology reduces downtime because it allows you to replace the pump with ease, tools-free.

On top of that, we should mention that the annual recommended volume of this model is 500 gallons.

Reduced clogging

With regular maintenance, Graco Magnum ProX19 can last for years. The Power Flush adapter enables users to connect a garden hose to the sprayer and flush out the residue.

Likewise, the RAC IV Switch Tip will keep your sprayer in top shape. The maximum supported opening of the tip of this unit is 0.19 inches. Most importantly, Graco ProX19 comes with an InstaClean filter, which reduces clogging and removes debris from the paint.

Since this is a professional sprayer, we should also say that Graco ProX19 features an SG3 spray gun.

Mobility and maneuverability

With a weight of 38 pounds, this is not the lightest spraying system out there. Yet, the ProX19 sprayer offers decent mobility and maneuverability. The secret lies in the two oversized wheels, which support the base and the rest of the spraying equipment.

For instance, this model comes equipped with a 50-foot hose. However, you could extend the reach with a 150-foot hose if need be. Also, Graco ProX19 features a flexible suction tube that allows the sprayer to suck in the paint from 1- or 5-gallon buckets.

The Good:

  • High output
  • Build quality
  • Versatility and performance

The Bad:

  • Loud motor
  • Occasional clogging

How to spray using a Graco Magnum paint sprayer.

3. Earlex SprayPort 6003

Earlex HVLP Paint Sprayer


  • 3-stage turbine
  • 1200W of power
  • Non-bleed Pro8 spray gun
  • 25-foot HyperFlex hose
  • Sturdy metal case

The next entry on our list of the best commercial paint sprayers comes from Earlex. In case you are not familiar with the name, Earlex is a UK-based subsidiary of Wagner, one of the leading brands in the paint equipment business.

As it seems, the affordable Earlex SprayPort 6003 continues down the well-trodden path established by other models in the Spray Port series. So, let’s take a closer look at this professional paint sprayer.

HVLP system

First of all, we must mention that SprayPort 6003 is an HVLP paint sprayer. In translation, this model uses low-pressure air to atomize the particles. High volume – low pressure (HVLP) sprayers can offer more control than airless sprayers, as well as a flawless finish. For that reason, these spray systems are a favorite choice when it comes to woodworking projects and medium-sized tasks.

Earlex SprayPort 6003 comes with a 3-stage turbine that can generate up to 5.5 psi of pressure (0.38 bars). The nominal power of the turbine is 1200W. As such, this system can atomize lacquers, varnishes, enamels, or stains. Depending on the product, you might even avoid the need to thin the paint before spraying.

Sturdy and rugged

Although Earlex SprayPort 6003 comes at an affordable price, this unit is as durable as they get. The total weight of the system is 25 pounds, which is within the industry standards.

Nonetheless, one glance at the stationary base reveals the rugged nature of the SprayPort 6003. In other words, the die-cast aluminum box looks sturdy and beefy. The station also comes with a carrying handle for improved mobility of the spray system.

Likewise, the crush-resistant hose should last for a long time. To be precise, the 25-foot HyperFlex hose is lightweight but also resilient and flexible.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, HVLP paint sprayers make the process super easy because you only need to clean the gun and the paint cup. Unlike airless paint systems, the hose will not come in contact with the paint as you use the sprayer.

On top of that, Earlex SprayPort 6003 allows for a quick breakdown of parts for cleaning and maintenance.

With that said, we must mention that this system comes with a top-quality Pro8 spray gun. This comfortable and ergonomic piece of equipment will reduce hand fatigue, but it will also minimize overspray. Users can adjust the flow rate by using the dial on the back of the gun. When it comes to this particular paint sprayer, the maximum output is 0.12 gallons per minute.

The Good:

  • Affordable price
  • Compact
  • Low noise
  • Flawless finish

The Bad:

  • Low flow rate
  • Short reach

4. FUJI 2202 Semi-Pro 2

Fuji Semi-PRO 2 Paint Sprayer


  • 2-stage motor
  • Up to 5 psi of pressure
  • Convertible spray gun
  • Reduced overspray
  • 2-year warranty

Fuji Spray is a Toronto-based company that has been in the industry for a long time. As the name implies, FUJI 2202 Semi-Pro 2 is a device that can provide versatility and pro-level functionality.

Of course, we decided to test the features of this paint sprayer, and here is what we’ve learned.

2-stage turbine

FUJI 2202 Semi-Pro 2 is another HVLP paint sprayer on our list. As we already said, this type of paint delivery provides a smooth and uniform finish. For that reason, contractors and weekend warriors can use these sprayers to paint furniture, walls, ceilings, or fences.

Of course, HVLP sprayers are less potent than airless ones when it comes to pressure. For instance, Spray-Pro 2 can generate up to 5 psi of pressure. Nonetheless, this paint sprayer can handle any coating, from acrylic to latex. The reason for this lies in the 1400W 2-stage motor that can atomize the paint with ease.

Convertible spray gun

If you are a high-volume user, you will be glad to hear that FUJI 2202 Semi-Pro 2 comes with an ergonomic and lightweight spray gun. More importantly, this all-metal gun is convertible and versatile.

In essence, you can choose between two methods of how the paint will go into the nozzle. The first option is to use the so-called gravity-fed system. In this case, the reservoir sits above the spraying tip so that the paint “leaks” down. The second option is the bottom-feed method.  This system allows the 1qt cup to sit below the nozzle close to the trigger.

Also, the M-Model of the spray gun comes equipped with a 1.3mm air cap that promises high-quality paint delivery.

Reduced overspray

The impressive spray gun is not the only element of this unit that demands respect. For example, the blue-colored metal case is both stylish and sturdy. The compact box weighs 25 pounds, which means that you can carry it with ease around the job site.

With that said, most professional sprayers are not designed with portability in mind in the first place. So, Semi-Pro 2 will also spend most of the time sitting in the center of the paint area.

The air will travel from the turbine to the spray gun through a 25-foot Hi-Flex hose. This sturdy and well-built tube comes equipped with a control valve. This convenient feature further reduces overspray and lets you control the airflow in a hassle-free manner.

The Good:

  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Powerful turbine
  • High-quality spray gun

The Bad:

  • Small paint reservoir
  • Clogging

5. Titan Control Max 1900 PRO

Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer


  • High-Efficiency Airless Technology
  • Adjustable paint flow
  • 50-foot hose (max 100 ft.)
  • Oversized wheels
  • Annual volume: up to 500 gallons

Last but not least, we present you with another durable paint sprayer. As it turns out, Titan Control Max 1900 PRO is one of the best commercial airless paint sprayers you will find. So, let’s see what makes this model so appealing to professional painters and contractors.

HEA technology

First of all, Titan Control Max 1900 PRO features a high-tech HEA system. In translation, this airless paint sprayer will create up to 55% less overspray than the competitors. If you paint for a living, you know that the overspray can diminish efficiency and increase wastage of material.

To be precise, the 1900 PRO model can generate up to 1600 psi of pressure. The motor, with its 0.70 HP, is strong enough to handle thick, industrial paints. With an all-metal gun, you will be able to cover large areas with ease. The spray gun supports tips up to 0.019 inches wide, and the unit also comes with an integrated tip guard.

Variable paint flow

Titan Control Max 1900 PRO comes equipped with a flexible suction tube. As such, this unit can suck up paint from 1- or 5-gallon buckets. Of course, this feature boosts the points for usability, especially when it comes to the commercial use of a paint sprayer.

But that’s not all, and we should also mention that this system comes with an adjustable paint flow. What this means is that you can rotate the 5-stage control dial and modify the paint output. With that said, you should know that Titan Control Max 1900 PRO can deliver up to 40 gallons of product per minute. Even for professional standards, this volume is impressive.

Mobility and ease of use

The name Titan implies robustness and massive strength. Well, the 1900 PRO paint sprayer is a hefty unit. It weighs 37 pounds. However, there will be no need to carry the device. Instead, you only need to tilt the unit back and roll it away on two big rubber wheels.

Thanks to the wheels, this Titan paint sprayer can travel quickly and efficiently from one job site to the other. For that reason, this model will offer an excellent price to value ratio if you are a high-volume user.

The usage reminds us to mention that the annual recommended output for this paint sprayer is 500 gallons. So, professional painters and contractors can use this unit for painting fences, decks, or walls of houses.

The Good:

  • Inexpensive
  • Mobility
  • Large output
  • Variable paint flow

The Bad:

  • Noise
  • Build quality

What to consider when choosing a commercial paint sprayer?

The quest for finding the ideal paint sprayer for professional use can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Yet, our reviews of the best commercial paint sprayers are there to help you make an informed decision.

Also, you should know what the essential parameters of every paint spraying system are. In other words, here are the elements you need to consider before splashing the cash:

  • Type

At the moment, two types of sprayers dominate the proceedings when it comes to commercial use. Yes, we are talking about airless and HVLP paint sprayers. Both of these systems have their pros and cons, so you should analyze those aspects as well.

Is an airless paint sprayer better for commercial use?

In short, airless paint sprayers are better at covering large surfaces than HVLP sprayers. On the other hand, HVLP units produce a smoother finish and less waste than airless models.

  • Paint output

Commercial paint sprayers must handle massive quantities of paint over the years. For that reason, you must pay attention to the recommended annual volume when buying a new sprayer. As a rule of thumb, this number can range from 500 to 1500 gallons per year.

Also, the paint flow rate can be an essential factor when it comes to output. In general, airless sprayers tend to deliver more products per minute than HVLP models.

  • Build quality

Durability is also a crucial element if you plan to use the sprayer regularly. These workhorses must survive plenty of wear and tear as you drag the hose around the job site. For that reason, do your homework and learn as much as possible about the unit in question.

For instance, stainless steel spray guns are a necessity. Likewise, the flexibility and resilience of the hose play a vital role in the longevity of the unit.

  • Reach

Speaking of the quality of the hose, we should also mention the importance of having a long reach in the first place. The math is simple here: the longer the tube, the more surface you can cover without stopping to move the base.

So, consider this aspect when buying a new commercial paint sprayer. In most cases, modern sprayers will come with a 25- or 50-foot hose. Of course, other options are available as well. So, try to find a model that will suit your needs.

  • Price

In the end, we must also mention the element of price. After all, professional paint sprayers can come with a steep price tag. Nonetheless, affordable models are out there, and it’s up to you to find them.

A high-end model, such as one of Graco’s paint sprayers, can set you back for more than a thousand dollars. At the same time, the extensive list of features that will come with one such unit will compensate for the investment.

It’s all about finding the balance between your budget and the size of your painting business. If you want to raise your game to a whole new level, buying one of the best commercial paint sprayers is a must.

How to use a professional paint sprayer?

The process of painting with a commercial paint sprayer should be convenient, quick, and efficient. Of course, subtle differences are possible, depending on the model in question.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of essential steps when it comes to using any of the top-rated commercial paint sprayers. For instance:

Prep work

Before painting the desired surface, you should first cover the surrounding objects with plastic. Use masking tape to protect edges and corners but also to hold the cover in place. Prep work can be tedious, but airless sprayers will create a mist that will fall on any surface in the vicinity.


Another essential step before starting to paint is to prime the spray gun. In essence, this means that you should use the switch on the device and set it to priming. After that, pull the trigger to expel any air from the system. By doing so, you will reduce spitting, and the paint flow will be smooth and even.

Paint application

When it comes to the actual painting, the crucial thing is to adjust the pressure and paint flow. Also, you should pay attention to the viscosity of the product. In most cases, paint spraying systems will come with a cup that can help you determine if the paint needs thinning.

To apply the paint correctly, hold the tip of the gun 10-12 inches away from the surface at all times. Try to move the spray gun left and right by making controlled strokes. Also, most professional sprayers will allow you to adjust the spraying pattern.

Cleaning and maintenance

After every use, it is imperative to clean the sprayer. Depending on the model, this process can be more or less time-consuming. However, HVLP sprayers should be easier to clean than airless models.

With that said, airless paint sprayers will allow you to connect a garden hose to the system. Of course, this feature can make the cleaning process a breeze. The crucial thing is to perform regular maintenance of the unit. Otherwise, the paint could clog the system, and your money would be going down the drain.

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