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Best cookware brands that you should have in your kitchen

Are you looking for a new set of pots and pans but are not sure where to find it? Well, we suggest you go with one of the best cookware brands. Assuming you want to buy cookware that will perform great yet still be within your budget limit, we’ve made a list of cookware names that offer quite a collection of pots and pans. We are sure that you’ve already heard of some of the names, but we bet you didn’t know what cookware they offer. So, without further ado, let’s talk about high-quality cookware brands.

Best cookware brands

Having analyzed the offers on the market, we selected the 5 high-quality cookware brands:

  • T-fal
  • All-Clad
  • Calphalon
  • Cuisinart
  • Farberware

Whether you want to invest in the most expensive pots and pans or opt for a reasonably-priced cookware set, these best cookware brands will help you find what you need.


T-fal cookware

As you probably already know, T-fal is one of the best cookware brands. The reason for this is innovation. This company has been on the market for more than 60 years now but hadn’t stopped to come up with innovative solutions for cookware. T-fal is truly committed to making cooking easier. Their Thermo-Spot on pans is just one example. Good quality, nonstick cookware that is also affordable is another. If you’re in the market for nonstick pots and pans, you definitely mustn’t skip this brand!


All-Clad cookware

All-Clad is one of those high-end cookware brands that deliver premium-quality cookware. Although their cookware sets come at a staggering price, they also come with a lifetime warranty. This pretty much tells how confident this company is about the quality of its products.

All-Clad is known for its stainless steel cookware, but they also love to use copper and aluminum to further enhance the performance of the cookware. The products are carefully crafted from American-made metals. All-Clad cookware set will certainly look wonderful and classy at the table (for decades to come)!

CalphalonCalphalon cookwareIf you’re looking for good-quality cookware that comes at a good price, then Calphalon is the best pots and pan brand. This company offers cookware made of different materials – nonstick, stainless steel, ceramic. Therefore, it’s ideal if you want to go for a single piece cookware and slowly build up your collection. If not, you can take a look at their cookware sets – you’re sure to find the best one for your needs.


Cuisinart cookware

Offering mid-priced and high-end cookware, Cuisinart is one of the top cookware brands that can make every home chef happy. What’s great is that you can find cookware in stainless steel, nonstick, uncoated, hard-anodized, etc. and create quite a versatile cookware collection. And we all know how important is to have a variety of cookware pieces to be able to cook different meals and explore the world of new recipes. Cuisinart is a go-to if you want to set your inspiration on fire (pun intended).


Best cookware brands: Faberware

Farberware comes from Meyer and is a good pots and pans brand. They offer affordable cookware sets, perfect for students, single people, and those on a budget. It’s also a good choice for starters who need to build up their cooking skills. The company offers nonstick and uncoated stainless steel and aluminum cookware. What we love about Meyer Corporation is that they are giving their best to protect the environment, by going green. This is more than inspiring!

Quick tips for choosing the best cookware brand


Knowing which cookware brand to buy from is not that easy. You would want to think about how far are you willing to go for a set of pots and pans? In case you want only the best cookware, All-Clad cookware sets come at $1000 and a lifetime warranty. If you want to lower the bar and spend as little as possible, look for low-priced cookware.

Warranty is also important. Best cookware brands offer a warranty together with their cookware sets. Of course, you should check the length of the warranty and what exactly is covered by it.


Do you want to buy nonstick cookware? Ceramic? Stainless steel? This is another thing worth thinking through. You certainly don’t want to invest in a cookware set only to learn that you don’t need it.

Think about what type of food you like to cook. Pancakes, stews, soups, sauces, meat, pasta? Answering this question will help you make a final decision.


What about your cooktop? Don’t forget that your new cookware set needs to match your cooktop. Some sets work well on all surfaces – induction, glass stovetop, electric, etc. Other are better suited to particular cooktop such as induction.

Be kind to your new cookware

Whatever the price of that cookware you bought was you should treat it with love and care. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use, cleanup and storage to make the most out of the cookware set. If washing in the dishwasher is not recommended, then don’t do it. Yes, we know it’s faster but it can also damage the cookware.

Caring for your new cookware will pay off because the pieces will last longer and cook better!

The bottom line

Having a new set of pots and pans is something we should be grateful for, considering we can cook all our favorite meals and share wonderful moments with our friends and families! And all that because of one set of cookware!

We hope our list of best cookware brands helped you decide on the new cookware set or pieces you plan to buy. Ideally, choose one with a warranty. Also, don’t forget to wash it as recommended and store it carefully.

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