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Best garage door openers

It can be a great convenience for you to own a home with a garage. In fact, if you can pull the car in your garage, without having to face the poor weather conditions; you can comfortably load or unload your stuff or boxes with ease. Want to make your life a lot easier? All you need is a garage door opener. To make it simple for you, we have listed and reviewed the best garage door opener on the market in 2022.


Chamberlain B970


  • Battery backup
  • Ultra-quiet belt drive
  • 100 billion code encryption
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

An automatic opener for the garage door allows having access to your garage whenever you require it. Add a little convenience to your life by setting up the best garage opener that is quick, silent, and has the latest technology. No more standing in rain in order to open the garage door, the garage door opener will open the door to let you park the car by staying totally dry. Don’t want to get out because of a little infant’s presence in your car? Problem solved! The best smart garage door opener will help you.

You would definitely want a garage door opener installed when you stare outside from the car at the closed garage door during a storm or rain when the weather is frosty ice-cold or the scorching sun heat is beating and you don’t want to leave your air-conditioned car. It makes it easy for those incapable of physically opening and closing the garage door. Moreover, it provides protection and security to your vehicle.

The best models of garage door openers in 2022

It’s time to answer your question, what’s the best garage door opener? We reviewed the best ones in the market including the Chamberlain garage door opener, Liftmaster garage door opener, best smart and Wi-Fi garage door opener.

1. Chamberlain B970 – Best overall

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener


  • Two 3-button remote controls
  • Battery backup
  • Ultra-quiet belt drive
  • 100 billion code encryption
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

B970 is the best Wi-Fi garage door opener by Chamberlain that is able to lift the heaviest doors with its super-strong maximum lifting power of 1 ¼ HP.  Not to worry about weather conditions; it works in cold, excessive heat, and humidity with the ice break strength for door opening in the freezing conditions. Get your hands on this belt drive door opener made from reinforced steel for strong, smooth, reliable, and super quiet performance if you own a garage attached to a home.

This Chamberlain garage door opener will still work when the power is out. Thanks to the built-in battery backup which guarantees a safe replacement of the radio frequencies 310, 315, and 390 during the power cuts.

The best thing about this smart garage opener is that it comes with integral Wi-Fi technology. With the MyQ app, you can open and close your garage door with a single touch from the phone or tablet. You will also receive the activity notifications on your phone.

This system also comes with 1.500 feet long-range remotes and safety features from the Chamberlain. With its anti-vibration technology, easy self-installation, and made from high-grade materials, these features make this a very long-lasting and durable unit.

This is the device you need to buy if you have really heavy and large garage doors.

The Good:

  • Maximum lifting capacity – 1,25 HP
  • Battery backup
  • Strong steel belt drive mechanism
  • Wi-Fi technology with smartphone control
  • Easy to install
  • Super-quiet smooth operation
  • Customized schedules option
  • Greater range of remote (1,500 feet)

The Bad:

  •  Not compatible with smart devices
  •  No Wi-Fi connectivity
  •  No mapping technology

2. Chamberlain door opener C410

Best Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Reviews


  • MED lift power system
  • Two 3-button remote controls
  • 100 billion code encryption
  • Durable chain drive

Looking for a medium lifting capability for your garage door that is the standard size? The answer is Chamberlain’s C410 opener that features a chain drive made from rugged steel. Firstly, the precision fabrication allows the chain drive mechanism to function smoothly, very quietly, and enduring. Secondly, C410 is durable and strong with the lifting power of ½ Hp for consistent performance.

Upon device installation, monitor your garage door at any time with a Smartphone by downloading the MyQ app. Furthermore, the Triband technology is specially designed by keeping security and safety in mind. The Posilock offers anti-theft as well as forced entry protection with an encryption system having an external wireless keypad. Moreover, the C410 is made from high-quality materials making it extremely durable. Lastly, it comes with 3 remote buttons with a boosted range of 1,500 feet for speedy opening and closing of the garage door from far away.

The Good:

  • Long range remote – 1,500 feet
  • Durable steel chain drive
  • 10-year motor warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation
  • 2 to 3 remote buttons
  • Highly secure system

The Bad:

  • Light bulbs (halogen or CFL) not included in the package
  • Extension kits needed for doors of 8 and 10 ft.

3. Liftmaster garage door opener 8164W

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Review


  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Security+ 2.0
  • Protector system
  • Chain drive system

The 8164 model by Liftmaster is the best smart garage door opener with the Wi-Fi built-in technology that allows you to control your garage door from phone or tablet. It comes with a durable and powerful standard ½ HP to lift heavy doors. Furthermore, the steel chain drive equipped with the 16:1 reduced gear makes it very strong and reliable.  Thus, you can get garage door activity alerts and notifications by connecting to the MyQ app.

In addition, the Liftmaster garage door opener provides the highest garage security with the Posilock feature that prevents forced opening of the door. For additional security, this door opener uses a rolling code with every click on the remote which means that the door will open for you only. Not only is the protection system extremely efficient but it is paired with safety sensors. To avoid any obstruction, there is a safe auto-reverse feature and patented sensing technology that uses an infra-red light beam. For utmost safety, the system notifies you with visual and audio warnings. 8164W also comes with a power-saving standby mode consuming less power up to 75%.

This ultra-quiet and powerful AC chain drive unit is a perfect choice for your garage if you are looking for an economical yet fully loaded with smart features door opener.

The Good:

  • ½ HP lifting power
  • A quiet chain drive mechanism
  • Maximum security with rolling code feature
  • PosiLock technology
  • An ergonomic single button remote
  • Safety door sensors
  • 4-year warranty on motor
  • Power-saving standby mode
  • A manual release garage door handle
  • Easy to install

The Bad:

  • Compatibility bridge required for some car models
  • 75 watts light source sold separately

4. Genie ChainMax 1000 Most powerful door opener

Genie ChainMax 1000 Garage Door Opener


  • Intellicode security technology
  • SmartSet programming
  • Safe-T-Beam system
  • Two 3-button remote controls
  • Battery backup

ChainMax 1000 by Genie is the most powerful garage door opener with the highest lifting power of ¾ HP to open the heaviest garage doors. This heavy-duty powerful chain drive opener with 140 volt DC motor is ideal for residential 7 ft. garage doors. The self-installation is very fast and easy as a chain drive unit comes pre-assembled. Durability is guaranteed with the reinforced c-channel rail that prevents the build-up of debris and dirt with the capability of flush-mounting.

Moreover, the operation is quite fast with an opening speed of 7.5 inches per second yet so quiet in performance. No need to read any instructions before using it as it comes with SmartSet programming for easy use with a single button push. Thus, you can use it when the power is out with its battery backup. It comes with 3 remotes; a pre-programmed remote with 3 buttons, a wireless keypad, and a wall console.

For safety and security, it comes with Intellicode Security that changes the door activation’s entry code every time to avoid unauthorized access. Lastly, the Safe-T-Beam system by Genie avoids accidents and obstructions across the door by using an invisible beam of infrared light.

The Good:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Powerful lifting capacity of ¾ HP
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • Battery backup
  • A super silent chain drive motor
  • Smooth fast functioning
  • Multiple accessories provided
  • Easy compatibility with Car2U and HomeLink
  • Safety features like T-beam

The Bad:

  • 100-watt LED bulbs not included in the package
  • Poor customer service

5. Chamberlain B1381 – Best rated garage door opener

Chamberlain Best Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Review


  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Battery backup
  • Corner to corner lighting
  • Smartphone control
  • Two 3-button remote controls

This Chamberlain garage door opener offers a high door lifting power of 1.25 HP that is perfect for all standard-sized doors. This smart garage door opener has a built-in Wi-Fi technology that makes it easy for you to control the garage door activity and setting from your phone. For convenience, download the MyQ app and enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity to open and close your garage door.

With the battery backup feature, this garage door opener will still work even in power failure situations. The belt drives constructed from reinforced steel function very smoothly and quietly with the lowest vibrations. Chamberlain promises years of reliability as their door opener devices are made from high-grade materials.

An excellent feature that makes B1381 the best-rated garage door opener is the ‘corner to corner lighting’ with the power output of 100 LED diode lighting systems; 3,100 lumens of illumination that are strategically positioned to light up your whole garage with maximum coverage. It comes with a wall-mount multi-function control panel, a wireless keypad, and an easy 3-buttons remote.

A perfect door opener system for home-attached garages with whole new lighting!

The Good:

  • 25 HP lifting power
  • Steel belt drive
  • Good lighting system
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Easy to install
  • Safety sensors included
  • 7’’/sec opening and closing speed
  • Lifetime warranty on motor
  • Battery backup

The Bad:

  • No security feature
  • No lifetime warranty on accessories and parts
  • Compatibility bridge kit required to connect with HomeLink

Smart garage door opener reviews

It’s time to add more functionality to your current garage door openers. Facilitate the door opener by bringing these devices to your home.

1. Chamberlain MYQ-G0301

Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain


  • Real-time alerts
  • Up to 3 people to control
  • Scheduling
  • Compatible with many popular brands

This wireless garage hub with Wi-Fi connectivity makes opening and closing of your garage door too easy for you. Consequently, you can control your garage door from any place. All in all, it is a perfect add-on device to a garage door opener for all the busy families who use their garage more often. Also, you receive time-to-time alerts and notifications regarding the garage door status on your phone.

You can also set up customized notifications. No need to worry if you forgot to close the garage door, this gadget allows you to close or open anytime and from anywhere with a single touch on your phone’s screen. In addition, the smart hub will also send you an alert if the garage door is opened for too long. So, you can stay secure from hacking through radio frequency with enhanced protection offered by MyQ smart hub.

Furthermore, schedule your garage’s door opening and closing time. Good news! The MyQ app is totally charge-free after you buy this smart device. You can also link the account with the nest, Google assistant, wink, XFINITY home, and IFTTT.

The Good:

  • Works with almost all garage door opener brands and models
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Alerts with accurate timing
  • 1-year warranty

The Bad:

  • There is a subscription fee for linking to Google assistant and IFTTT
  • Not compatible with Amazon Alexa

2. NEXX Garage NXG-100 NXG

NEXX Remote Garage Door Openers


  • Multi-user access
  • Real-time notification
  • Reminder
  • Remote monitoring
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Want easy access to your garage door? Simply, bring this NXG-100 remote for your garage door opener. All in all, a very budget-friendly device that is extremely simple to use. It connects you with your garage by using a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. In fact, all you have to do is activate the Nexx mobile app and just tap once to open your garage door. As a result, you can monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world. In addition, you get reminders and notifications of door status with time and a backup history of door activation.

Not only does this work with Google Assistant, Alexa echo, IFTTT, Gear watch apps but is also compatible with almost all models of garage door openers. Open and close your garage door with voice commands via a digital assistant. You can also set up voice notifications for your ease.  Furthermore, authorize your garage access to guests or multiple people when you are far away from home.

This is not it! Don’t want to push any button or take out your phone? Ideally, NXG-100 opens the garage door automatically when you drive close to your house.

The Good:

  • Simple and easy setup
  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant devices for voice commands
  • Secure with timely notifications and reminders
  • Automatic door opening feature
  • No delay in opening/closing of the door

The Bad:

  • Pricey
  • Installation takes a little time

3. Gogogate 2

 Gogogate 2


  • Controls up to 3 doors
  • User management
  • Video monitoring & recording
  • Real-time alerts
  • Multiplatform

Monitor and control your garage gate from far away with this smart gadget using your phone or tablet. Moreover, you can get notifications of the garage door status on your Smartphone with the optional video feature.

In addition, use your system’s IP camera to see what happens in your garage when you are away. It also comes with the temperature monitor feature which alerts you about the open garage door. Furthermore, it is very easy to install. In fact, this smart opener device allows you to control 3 doors at a time from the same app. Also, control the access to your garage gate by adding accounts for different individuals. No worries if your phone’s battery is dead as the Gogogate 2 works with tablets, PC, IFTTT, Amazon echo, as well as Apple watches.

The Good:

  • Accounts for different people
  • 1-year warranty
  • Temperature monitoring feature
  • An optional video as well as recording feature with the dual-sided camera
  • Reminders and alerts on door status
  • Compatible with all Apple devices
  • Voice command control
  • Easy to install

The Bad:

  • Customer service not satisfactory
  • Difficult to link with Amazon Alexa

Know more about garage door openers

When it comes to choosing the best garage door opener, there are some important things and information that you should know to choose the most secure, reliable, and affordable door opener. In this section, there is an in-depth guide to help you choose the best one that fit your needs and requirement.

Types of garage door opener

Although most of them operate in the same way with the help of a torsion spring that pulls the cables or chains attached to the garage door. There are different mechanisms used by the garage door openers to open and close the door. In addition, each type uses a motor to shift the trolley for lifting and lowering the door. Listed below are the 4 main drive systems:

Belt drive

This type uses a belt for driving the trolley to lower and lift the garage door. Generally, the belt is made from materials like polyurethane, fiberglass, steel-reinforced rubber, or Kevlar polymer. In addition, the belt drive openers have a very quiet and smooth operation. All in all, it is best recommended for those who live near or have homes adjacent to their garage. Moreover, the belt drive is perfect for lifting huge, oversized, and heavy doors. Lastly, these door openers require maintenance and are a bit expensive.

Chain drive

The next type is the chain drive garage door opener which uses a chain to lift and lower the door. In fact, this is the most common type that you’ll see in the market as they tend to be more economical and durable than other openers. Moreover, the rail looped metal chain is loud in operation but very efficient in lifting heavy, large old doors just like the bike chain style. Additionally, one amazing benefit you get by buying a chain drive opener is that it still works manually even if there is no power. However, periodic maintenance is required for lifelong use.

Screw drive

Moving to the third drive system, it uses a threaded steel or metal rod just like a long screw to move the trolley. Overall, it is less noisy in operation than the chain drive type and requires fewer parts. Also, note that a screw drive opener is not an ideal choice for wide heavy old, or one-piece doors as the extra pressure is likely to cause the wearing down of the threaded screw. Furthermore, it requires the least maintenance; just a little lubrication two times annually for smooth functioning. Also, this type is a little pricey.

Direct drive

This type doesn’t possess a stationary motor like the other type. In fact, the motor itself works as the trolley to lift and close the garage door. As it has few parts, it is not noisy at all and extremely reliable with minimum vibrations. However, direct drive garage door openers are not very common in the market.


A different type of door opener with a special drive mechanism that is mounted on the wall, unlike other types that are ceiling mounted. In fact, it is probably the most secure type featuring a mechanism of the deadbolt with automatic door locking when closed. Furthermore, the jackshaft drive offers automation and smart computer connectivity. However, a drawback is that it will works on selective doors only and requires a lot of maintenance.

Power options: horsepower and types of motor

The next you should know is the motor type and horsepower. Almost all the garage door openers operate on DC or AC motor. Both require the standard power outlet. The AC motors are more affordable and reliable. On the other hand, DC motors are a quiet, small, and smooth start/stop. Some motors also have a backup battery feature that doesn’t stop functioning even if power is out.

Horsepower is usually ½ or 1 ½ for lifting a door and stopping it from the floor crash. ½ horsepower is enough for lifting all modern home garage doors but solid wood heavy doors would require more HP. ¾ HP is the most effective for lifting all door types with less effort.

Security lights

This feature activates the two or more bright light bulbs by motion when the garage door is opened and closed. Some cheaper garage door opener models have one light security bulb only. The bright light goes off automatically after some time and allows a safe car park at night time as they illuminate the garage inside.

Remote and keypad

Some door openers are controlled with a remote control device, a wall-mount button inside the garage, or a keypad/touchpad outside the garage for typing code to unlock the door. To lessen the interference of two neighboring garage door openers, look for a dual-frequency opener allowing to switch between two frequencies with remote control.

Control via smartphone

The Wi-Fi connectivity feature allows you to control the opening and closing of the garage door with the help of a Smartphone door app. You can also check the door status (open/closed or locked) through the mobile phone.

The bottom line

Simply your life by buying the best garage door opener! So, have you decided which garage door opener suits you best? If yes, then it’s time to take out a screwdriver, hammer, and a ladder for the installation of the garage door opener. Forget about the time when you had to get out of the car to open your garage door manually.

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