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Best humidifier for large rooms

When you do not have sufficient humidity in the air, this leads to dry, flaking skin, and an increased risk of spreading colds and viruses. The winter months bring an even higher risk of these things. Sometimes though those small tabletop things just don’t cut it, and we think, if you’re going to humidify a place, may as well cover all your bases and get a large room humidifier.

Understandably, it’s hard to know what the best humidifier for large rooms is by just looking. There are many shapes, sizes, types, and capabilities. So, just for you, we have compiled a list of reviews of the best large room humidifiers to help you make your decision.

Best large room humidifier reviews

LEVOIT – Best overall

 LEVOIT Large Room Humidifier

  • Warm and cold mist
  • Hygrometer
  • Aroma pads
  • Remote control
  • Covers 753 sq. ft.

The most unique thing about LEVOIT’s large room humidifier is its ability to release both warm and cool mist. It’s your choice which one you prefer but in case you have a tendency to change your mind a lot or live somewhere where the weather is unpredictable, then this humidifier may be exactly what you have been looking for. Admittedly, we also took a shine to this one on account of its sleek, modern design that is bound to look great in any large room.


The Hygrometer is a special technology that reads the humidity levels in the room, conveyed by an easy-to-read LED display. This is a necessary feature if you want to know how much the humidity level needs adjusting. However, some have reported it’s not always accurate so watch out for that.

As much as we love moisturizing the air, too much of it and bacteria love it too. This can lead to a build-up of mold and nasty stuff harmful to your health. Luckily, you have two options. First, you can adjust the humidity yourself, or second, leave it on auto mode and it will automatically release humidity at the most suitable level. This auto humidistat is exclusive to higher quality large room humidifiers.

Warm and cool mist

It’s been said that a large room humidifier is able to reduce the transmission of the influenza virus by up to 63%. Knowing this, obviously, it is going to be one of the biggest draw factors to buying a humidifier. Warm mist can reduce transmission even more as the advanced heating system heats the water enough to kill off bacteria.

Cool mist, on the other hand, is a soothing presence for a hot summer day in a stuffy apartment. Cool mist is also the better option if you are trying to prevent dry hands, feet, lips, and face. All skin-care experts will tell you that the best thing for healthy-looking, spot-free skin is getting the right amount of moisture.

With this device, you are getting the best of both worlds which is why we have put it on our list as one of the best humidifiers for large rooms.

Aroma pads

A nice scent can turn your home into a tranquil haven. Lavender for a healthy night’s sleep. Eucalyptus for asthma or nasal congestion. Or just a sweet rose for a calming aroma. A lot of large room humidifiers don’t have this option but we think it makes all the difference, making your home a place you look forward to returning to.

The Good:

  • Warm mist good for killing bacteria
  • Cool mist good for dry skin
  • Aroma pads for pleasant smells
  • Auto humidity level adjust or custom

The Bad:

  • Humidistat not always accurate
  • May develop leaks
  • No auto shut off

Everlasting Comfort – Best budget humidifier for large rooms

 Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Auto shut off
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Filter-less
  • Quiet noise level

Relative to the other large room humidifiers on our list, the coverage size of the Everlasting Comfort is quite a bit less. It may not be the best humidifier for large bedrooms but it could be a good humidifier for living rooms that are relatively small for example. On the bright side, less coverage also means it runs for longer and is a little cheaper! Besides, 400 sq. ft. is still plenty for some. So, in our humidifier books, this one still fulfills its duty well.

Auto shut off

This feature is a safety precaution that ensures the large room humidifier is shut off once the tank runs out of water. This prevents both fire hazards and the potential to cause damage to your device. If you often find yourself sat at work and suddenly remembering in horror that you left your humidifier on, get this device and you’ll soon be saying to yourself “oh wait, my Everlasting Comfort has an auto shut off feature, phew!”


Paying for filters over and over can be costly and time-consuming. The best humidifier for large rooms is filter-less because it simply just makes so much more sense. You will have to clean the tank, as mineral deposits are likely to build up.
Unfortunately, on account of the devices being quite small, some have said it’s awkward to clean and inconvenient. It is also advised you filter your water before putting it in the tank for extra precaution.

Essential oil tray

Everyone knows that if you want to Zen out, maybe do some yoga and get spiritual, you need to make your environment as optimal as possible. The best way to do that is with soothing essential oils. Using the essential oil tray, you can deposit a few drops and it will be released through the diffuser nozzle with the mist.

The Good:

  • Long run time
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Shuts off when water runs out
  • No filters necessary
  • Good value for money

The Bad:

  • Small coverage area
  • Difficult to clean
  • Only cool mist, no warm mist
  • No humidistat to check humidity levels or adjust

Elechomes UC5501 – Best ultrasonic humidifier for large rooms

 Elechomes Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • Touch screen and remote control
  • Dual nozzles 360-degree rotation
  • Wide mouth tank
  • Aromatherapy box
  • Optional filter

This cool black large room humidifier looks great and serves up a decent amount of warm and cool mist for a decent sized room, up to 750 sq. ft. It’s a little pricier than the others though. Black, obviously, is back. Could this price tag indicate then that this is the best large room humidifier? Well, it has mostly all of the features we were looking for in our research including good tank size, coverage, and run time, as well as some added bonuses listed below. So, yea, we think so.

360-degree dual nozzle

Want to hide in a corner or behind the sofa and still feel the serenity of moistured air? Well, there’s no escaping it with the Elechomes UC5501 large room humidifier. The 360-degree output nozzle can get both cool and warm mist anywhere. Not that anyone hides behind sofas often, but the versatility is a convenient feature.

Wide mouth tank and optional filter

Some customers prefer to avoid filters altogether because you have to keep replacing them. This large room ultrasonic humidifier allows you to have the option of using a filter which admittedly, can be more reliable for preventing the build-up of limescale. They also mean you don’t have to clean it manually. If you do want to clean it though, the wide mouth tank makes is much easier than a small tank. Of course, having the option means that if you run out of filters then you’re fine to go ahead and use it just by pouring in some already filtered or bottled water.

Touch screen

Some humidifiers just look like big blocks of plastic with an output nozzle. That doesn’t make it very intuitive for how you set it up and adjust the settings. The Elechomes touch screen and clearly labeled controls maximize ease of use and make adjustments quick and intuitive.

Remote control

The remote control is essential for those who wish to control a humidifier that must be placed across the room. This might be the case if you don’t want to hear or feel your humidifier or simply have no power supply near where you sleep or sit. Or maybe you just have lots of areas in your room where you like to hang out. The remote also has clearly labeled controls for simple to understand use.

The Good:

  • Easy to use controls
  • Option of filter
  • Can direct mist in any direction
  • Easy to clean
  • Decent coverage, capacity and runtime

The Bad:

  • A little more expensive


 DIVERSO DEVICES Cool Mist Humidifier for large rooms

  • Built-in humidistat
  • Hidden water tank handle
  • Long run time
  • Touch controls and LED light display
  • Auto shut off

This device has a 99% 5-star customer review rate. That means no complaints about this one. Although there are not as many reviews as there are for our other humidifiers implying they are less reliable. It could however mean we have an underdog contender for the best large room humidifier. It certainly delivers on its large tank size and has the best maximum run time of 62 hours.

Our main disappointment with this device is that you cannot use essential oils with it. It also does not adjust the air to a suitable recommended moisture level, it can only be set to what the customer wants it to be set to. This means it may build up too much moisture than is healthy.


All the best humidifiers for large rooms have this feature if they are not evaporative. The reason it is all the rage is that ultrasonic humidifiers are the quietest on the market, making but a whisper of noise. This allows you to have it on all night without disturbance.

Hidden water tank handle

It’s not often thought about the feature but of course, you are going to need to move your humidifier around sometimes. The water tank handle is easy and comfortable to use, whether you want to take it to work, into another room or just to take it for a walk in the park.

Humidifying timer

Setting a timer is simple and helps save time. You can choose how long you want your humidifier running for if you are not sure if you will remember to turn it off and end up wasting energy and water. Your options are 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours as needed and then it will just switch off automatically, ensuring that your air doesn’t have too much moisture.

3 intensity modes

Your 3 intensity modes are great for places with weather that changes a lot. In the winter months, you will probably need your large room humidifier in a high setting. You can set it to high, medium, or low which respectively will have runtimes of 18 hours, 31 hours, or 62 hours. Blimey, 62 hours?! That’s more than two days. You could have a weekend trip away and it’d still be running.

The Good:

  • Long run time
  • Can set the operating time
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto shut off when water is low

The Bad:

  • Expensive
  • Cannot use with essential oils
  • No auto-adjust to recommended moisture levels
  • Cannot use with tap water

Vornado Evap40Best evaporative humidifier for large rooms

 Vornado Evaporative Humidifier

  • Evaporative
  • 1000 sq. ft. coverage
  • Dials for adjustment
  • Leak-free tank
  • Vortex action for quick and even flow

Last but not least is our best evaporative humidifier. This large-capacity humidifier really packs a punch with its 15L water tank and 1000 sq. ft. coverage. Good for a big hall or open plan home, you won’t be able to get away from the lovely evaporative moisture.

We really, really like large coverage area humidifiers but it comes at a cost. It lacks some of the great features that our other humidifiers have. This one is certainly not fancy-looking and has no modern LED display or touch screen. And because of the large coverage, it doesn’t run as long. It also doesn’t have auto shut off and this is pretty important for safety reasons. Basically, it’s a beast that’s all power and no precision.

Large tank capacity

A large tank is beneficial for filling a large room with moisture for a long time. The run time of this large room humidifier is the shortest on this list at 24 hours but this still allows you to sleep through the night with it still running. Plus, it makes it easy to remember when it needs refilling; the same time the next day.

Leak-free tank

This is another feature that sets it apart from the other humidifiers on our list. The water tanks are air-locked, super easy to fill, and are fitted with a spill-proof tank so you don’t get water in unsafe places. A lot of customers complain about humidifiers for big rooms leaking a lot. If you really want to avoid that, buy this one.

Dials for adjustment

  • Speed adjustment

You can use one of the dials to adjust the speed level, in case you want your place humidified, urgently. You never know, you may have some very important impromptu visitors. Using special airflow called Vortex Action, it does actually succeed in humidifying the air in your room quickly and evenly. You’ll need this feature even more included with humidifiers for big rooms.

  • Humidity adjustment

The other dial is to adjust the humidity level to low, medium, or high. Unfortunately, there’s no way to actually see what the humidity level is without a hygrometer so you won’t really know what level to adjust it to anyway. If you want to set it to auto though, there is a built-in humidistat that can sense how much humidity is needed to maintain the perfect environment. So, may as well just leave it on auto.

The Good:

  • Large coverage area
  • Huge water tank capacity
  • Leak-free and spill-free
  • Easy to fill
  • Quick and even flow

The Bad:

  • No hygrometer
  • Short run time
  • No auto shut off when water is low
  • A little expensive
  • Doesn’t look very good

What to consider when looking for the best humidifier for large rooms


First of all, you may want to choose between whether you want a cool mist or a warm mist. Or you may want to pay extra to have a two-in-one if you can’t make up your mind. If not though, most people make their decision based on their climate and temperature preference but there are other pros and cons to think about.

Warm mist humidifiers use a heating element to boil the water inside the humidifier. This means it will be killing bacteria and other nasty stuff you don’t want floating around your apartment. However, you may want to be careful of this device around children so they don’t burn themselves.

The cool mist humidifier can be refreshing on a warm summer’s day and is better for your skin than warm mist.

There are also ultrasonic humidifiers which are the quietest type. They normally utilize a vibrating nebulizer to emit water but some impeller models use a rotating disk. It should be noted that ultrasonic humidifiers generally don’t cover as big an area, but you would have to look at this on a case-by-case basis.

Evaporative humidifiers use a process that draws in air from the atmosphere and flings it out again through a moisture wick. These humidifiers are not as quiet but work effectively to make your room at optimal moisture levels.

Room size

The price of your humidifier is going to be affected mostly by how much space it can fill up with moisture. It’s probably best you get out the measuring tape before beginning shopping so you know how big the room you want to be humidified. Most listings will then tell you how much coverage that particular humidifier can muster.

If you’re looking to use your humidifier in a small workspace and maybe a sleeping sanctuary, then a tabletop or large room humidifier would work great. Console humidifiers are very expensive but they work hard and manage to humidify a whole house. We have only looked at large room humidifiers here however and have found that some of these non-console humidifiers still cover an impressive area.

Maintenance and cleaning

Any device that is utilizing or containing water is going to be at risk of limescale and bacteria build-up. However, some humidifiers require more maintenance than others. If your humidifier does not have a filter, it is recommended you do not use water from the tap but either filter your water or use bottled water. You will also need to clean the tank more thoroughly if it does not have a filter because more mildew will build up.

If your device does use filters, these will most likely have to be replaced more often which is going to add costs. Lastly, depending on the size and shape of the humidifier, some will be easier to clean than others. Smaller ones are often more awkward whereas large-mouthed tanks are built for easier cleaning specifically in mind.

Aromatherapy and essential oils

We believe having a nice smell accompanying your nice humidity can make all the difference to your stress levels and sense of well-being. If you agree, then you’ll want a humidifier with an essential oil or aromatherapy tray. You will have to buy the essential oils which can be expensive but it’s an optional addition that wouldn’t set you back too much and you can choose whatever flavor you want. Some people just want their air moisture and don’t want any invading fancy smells. It’s worth noting though that some essential oils are also good for your health, such as lavender and eucalyptus.

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