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7 Best portable ice makers

Running out of ice, especially in summers can turn out to be very inconvenient. Many of us don’t have space in our freezers for ice cube trays or even for storing readymade ice cubes sold for a few bucks.

The only solution for this is a portable ice maker that can help you produce ice and store it without any hassle. With the massive technological advancements, many companies have joined the bandwagon and are constructing portable ice makers but that certainly does not mean all of them are up to the mark and provide good features.


Igloo ICEB26RR 26-Pound Automatic Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine

This ice maker is not only stable and reliable but also has a unique modification and innovative design.

  • Have a capacity of holding 2 pounds ice
  • User-friendly notification panel
  • Astounding design
  • Compact size
  • Makes 9 large or small cylinders of ice in just 7 minutes

7 best portable ice makers of 2022

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Portable ice maker reviews

Igloo ICEB26RR – Best overall

Igloo portable ice maker

  • Have a capacity of holding 2 pounds ice
  • User-friendly notification panel
  • Astounding design
  • Compact size
  • Makes 9 large or small cylinders of ice in just 7 minutes

This portable and compact ice maker by Igloo is one of the best portable ice makers on the market mainly due to the convenient design and compact size. Unlike conventional ice makers, it is not bulky and huge. Hence it does not look bad on the counters. This igloo portable ice maker is a big bang in a small package. Even though it is compact and concise, it can produce 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours if you always keep the water tank filled. The ice made has a cute circular shape which somewhat resembles strawberries. The ice cubes produced are enough for drinks all day long at a party.

The water tank in the igloo portable ice maker can accommodate 3 quarts of water at a time. On the other hand, the ice basket has a capacity to hold 2 pounds ice at a time. The best feature of this portable ice maker is its fast freeze technology. It can make 9 small or large-sized cylinder-shaped ice cubes in as less as 7 minutes. How cool is that?

It also comes with a user-friendly LED panel that shows notifications that are easy to get due to the illumination that appears using the LED lights. This panel notifies the use when the water tank is empty and when the ice basket needs emptying. Moreover, it lets the user choose the size of the ice cubes. The transparent lid added makes everything better by letting you see what is happening inside the ice tray.

Ice basket

The ice basket added to this portable ice maker is removable. If you want large amounts of ice, all you need to do is pick up the ice basket and take it wherever you want. Apart from that, it comes with its own scoop that can be used to fill the ice bucket, glasses, bottles, etc.


Since this ice maker is portable and keeps the ice from melting, you can take it with you on your family picnics whether you go camping or go to spend a day on the beach. This ice maker will be a source of fresh ice all day long.

Fast freezing

The fast-freezing ability of this igloo portable ice maker allows the device to make 9 small or large cylinders of ice in only 7 minutes, this is perfect for picnics and your days out. Moreover, this feature can be a lifesaver when it comes to having ample ice during a party.

The Good:

  • It comes with a fast-freezing option
  • The water tank capacity and ice basket capacity are ideal
  • 1 pound of ice can be made in only 55 minutes
  • The LED panel makes using this water tank very easy

The Bad:

  • The temperature of ice is such that it starts melting a few minutes after it is removed from the ice basket

Hamilton Beach PIM-1-3A

Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker

  • Operates silently
  • LED panel for notifications
  • Best for beach picnics and parties
  • Produce 2 pounds of ice in around one hour and 45 minutes

This Hamilton portable ice maker has paved its way to our list due to its low price and high-end specifications. It is a countertop ice maker that looks like a small washing machine. It is the perfect appliance that will keep your drinks cool all day long. With summers approaching, we all have our beachy picnics and camping planned and that’s where this portable ice maker will let you have fun. It produces 9 cubes of ice every six to eight minutes. This cheap portable ice maker provides you two size options when it comes to ice making.

If you keep the water tank full and keep on emptying the ice basket as soon as it fills, the machine can produce as much as 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours. The compressor installed in the ice maker is constructed specifically for quiet operation and better durability and sturdiness. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the ice maker giving up on you. The LED lights display notifies the user when the ice basket is full, the water tank is empty or even when the machine is making ice.

Water reservoir

The water tank installed in this ice maker can allow up to 2.5 liters of water. Using this water, the ice maker can produce 2 pounds of ice in around one hour and 45 minutes which is not a bad timing when compared to other ice makers on the market. If the water tank is constantly being filled, the ice maker can produce a total of 26 pounds ice per day.

LED display

The display comes with certain buttons and a notification panel. The notification panel sends different messages to the user, which includes letting the user know when to fill the water tank or empty the ice basket. Apart from this, it also lets the user choose different ice making options. The LED display promotes convenience and ease of use. Even a child can make the appliance work.


The compressor used for ice production is made after proper research. All the components used are high-end and provide a high level of durability. The overall operation of the ice maker is noiseless due to this compressor.

The Good:

  • Has a stylish black finish
  • Can produce 26 pounds of ice per day
  • The compressor is durable and sturdy and has a quiet operation
  • A batch of 9 ice cubes can be ready within six to eight minutes. Hence you never run out of ice supply

The Bad:

  • When the tray of ice is emptied in the basket, all cubes don’t fall off which results in stopping of the ice making procedure


 Frigidaire Portable Ice Cube Maker

  • Comes with a shovel for deep cleaning from inside
  • Is eco-friendly and pollutant free
  • Takes less space to be placed
  • Terrific design
  • Ice cubes made by this portable ice maker are safe to consume

Frigidaire is a renowned name when it comes to quality kitchen appliances. This ice maker is no less than terrific ice-makers as it has some of the best features to offer and comes in dandy colors and sizes. Frigidaire portable ice makers cover a vast range of sizes, designs, and specifications. In most cases, we get foggy and milkfish ice cubes which most people don’t have a problem with, but if you have used clear ice cubes before, you will know how classy they look. This portable ice maker provides you with crystal clear ice cubes for your parties and picnics.

This is one of the best ice makers on the market and will keep the ample supply of crystal-clear ice coming all day long. A batch of 9 clear ice cubes takes 7 to 15 minutes. The lid over the ice basket is made transparent and acts like a window to see what is inside.

The ice maker comes with a shovel to pick up ice from the basket as well as for the deep cleaning of the ice maker from the inside. The sound of the compressor is less than 38 decibels; hence, it is safe to say that your party will not be overshadowed by the machine noise. It does not use a chemical-based cooling system, rather it uses a compressor-based cooling system hence, all the ice cubes are safe for consumption.


The maintenance of this ice maker is very easy. It comes with a shovel that can be used for properly cleaning the ice basket from the inside. Moreover, the drain plug at the bottom which when unplugged drains all the water out and allows you to easily clean the ice maker from the inside. Apart from this, the outside of the machine is also very easy to clean. Only mopping with a slightly damp cloth will do.

Design and display

This portable ice maker has an LED display for notifying the user about the state of the machine. It has a clear lid over the basket and has a contemporary design overall. It has small dimensions and is also lightweight. Hence, it is very easy to move around and take on picnics with friends and family. It is designed keeping small kitchens in mind.


Frigidaire is very considerate while constructing its products. This one was also made with the same consideration and care. It does not include any kind of pollutants and chemicals. The ice cubes produced by this appliance are completely safe to consume.

The Good:

  • Ideal for a party or a picnic where you always need the ice supply coming
  • The ice maker is easy to maintain and clean
  • Is portable and lightweight
  • The compressor is made to be durable

The Bad:

  • The drain plug cannot be removed without pliers


Aicok Ice Maker

  • Stainless steel body
  • Makes 9 cubes of ice within 6 to 10 minutes
  • Noiseless compressor
  • 3 quarts capacity of the water tank
  • Produce 26 pounds of ice easily during the day

We think AICOK is one of the best ice makers for the home bar. Whether you have a party at your home, a small family get together or even if you want to enjoy a quiet day by yourself. It has a sleek and classic design with a stainless-steel body that is extremely easy to maintain. The overall dimensions of the ice maker are small, but the insides are pretty impressive. The ice maker can produce 9 cubes of ice within 6 to 10 minutes, which means, the ice keeps coming every now and then at a reunion. The water tank has a 2.3 quarts capacity and the ice bucket can accommodate 1.8 pounds of ice at a time.

If the water tank is being filled regularly and the ice bucket is being emptied, the ice maker can produce 26 pounds of ice easily during the day. The best part about this ice maker is the noiseless compressor. The compressor is heat-insulated so that the ice does not melt due to it and a DC fan is attached for constant cooling.

Most of the time, our water consists of multiple minerals, when water is chilled, and ice is formed, these crystals start depositing in the container due to the cold temperature. As a result of this, after some time the clear ice cubes start becoming smelly and dirty. To prevent this phenomenon, this portable ice maker comes with a self-cleaning feature. You don’t have to rub it with a sponge or a rag to make it clean, it will do all on its own. All you need to do is add water and vinegar.

Size options

This small portable ice maker comes with 3 different options when it comes to ice making. It can make ice in small, medium and large molds. This can be chosen based on your use and preference, whether you want to use it in your smoothies, your drinks, juices, purees, etc.


It comes with a small LCD panel that notifies the user regarding the state of the appliance. There are approximately 4 modes when it comes to this ice maker. The LCD panel tells the user which mode is selected and also allows the user to change the mode. In addition, it has a timer.


Many ice makers even the best ones don’t come with a warranty or money back guarantee. However, this ice maker is a different case as it comes with 30 days return policy and a 2 years warranty. They also have technical advisors available 24/7 for the customer’s ease.

The Good:

  • The product is completely BPA free
  • Three ice cube size options are available
  • Comes with 2 years warranty and 30 days return policy
  • It has a self-cleaning function that proves to be very useful

The Bad:

  • The instructions manual that comes with the ice maker is incomplete and not very understandable


 hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

  • Produces 26 pounds of ice daily
  • Fast freezing technology
  • Water reservoir can take up to 2.2 liters of water
  • Noiseless operations compressor
  • Elegant design
  • Easy maintenance

This ice maker by hOmeLabs is included in the list of the best portable ice makers due to its extremely portable and easy to handle size and style. It embraces (very convenient to place anywhere) dimensions i.e. 9.5 x 12.9 x 14 inches and produce 26 pounds of ice in a day. It can accommodate 1.5 pounds of ice in the basket at a time and the water reservoir can take up to 2.2 liters of water.

All these metrics are pretty impressive keeping the size of the ice maker in mind. The ice cube cylinders are made bullet-shaped with its fast freeze technology which takes only 6 to 8 minutes to produce 9 smooth bullets.

The smaller size makes it one of the best ice makers for countertops and bars. Since it does not require a lot of energy to cool the ice, this small portable ice maker is very energy-friendly. You won’t have to worry about huge electricity bills. Moreover, the compressor is comparatively quiet and provides effective performance.

The design of this ice maker is made eco-friendly and smart. The water reservoir is situated below the ice basket. The melted water goes directly into the reservoir and is used to make new ice. It does not require any setup or installation. Just fill up the water reservoir and you are good to go.


It has a separate drain hold for removing all the excess water. It comes with a shovel to clean the sides and bottom of the ice basket along with picking up the ice. Moreover, it embraces a stainless- steel body which is super easy to clean. The water reservoir can be cleaned and any debris removed using debris solvent or simple 1:1 water and synthetic vinegar solution.

Smart design

This ice maker is constructed after putting a lot of thought into the design. The ice maker is small in size yet can accommodate water and ice comparable to a large ice maker. Moreover, it is made eco-friendly by putting in water conservation precautions. Moreover, it is designed to use the least amount of energy.


With its small size, it comes with a small compressor. However, this compressor works very well regardless of its size. It has a quiet operation, ideal cooling, and energy conservation.

The Good:

  • It is designed to be eco-friendly and conserves energy and water
  • The size of this ice maker is compact but no compromise on working and specifications is made
  • The maintenance of this product is easy
  • Can easily fit on any counter

The Bad:

  • Some water gets stuck in between the ice which keeps melting it


Della Portable Ice Maker

  • Hold 1.8 liters of water at a time
  • 26 pounds of ice daily
  • Notifications panel
  • Easy functionality

Della is also one of the best portable ice makers for home bars. The design of this ice maker is made in such a way that it goes with all kind of bars. The best part is its’ easy functionality and tranquil working. All you have to do is add water and push the button. Now sit back and enjoy your drinks as the ice maker will keep on popping out ice cubes every six minutes and so forth.

This is ideal for summer parties at your house and even at the beach as you can carry this appliance comfortably with you. This ice maker is made compliant with all kinds of occasions and situations. Whether you have a big gathering at your house or a simple family affair, this ice maker is suitable for all events.

The ice maker is completely insulated inside out hence, no matter where you place it, it works best, as long as the surface you place it on is sturdy. The Della portable ice maker was made keeping in mind small areas with big requirements. Hence, it is ideal for small kitchens and also for RV boats. Imagine enjoying cool drinks in the middle of the sea using this ice maker.

This ice maker comes with a large storage capacity. It can produce 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours and the water reservoir can hold 1.8 liters of water. The ice maker provides two ice-making size options. The ice scoop is easy to use, and the removable ice bin is such that it can be carried around without having to transfer ice to another pot.


This portable ice maker by Della looks small but has a lot of capacity. It can produce as much as 26 pounds of ice in a day and can hold 1.8 liters of water at a time. If you fill the water tank as soon as it empties and removes the ice from the basket. It will start making new ice. If there is ice in the basket, it will not make new ice.

LCD display

The LCD display added to the machine sends notifications to the user. It tells the user when the water reservoir is empty, when the ice basket is filled and when the compressor is working to make new ice. This screen lets the user plan in advance and also allows the user to select the size of the ice. Furthermore, it has a timer where the user can select when he/she needs the ice ready.

The Good:

  • It comes with a removable ice bin which is easy in serving and cleaning
  • Indicator lights help the user understand what is going on
  • Aside drain helps in extracting all the dirty water
  • No installation required

The Bad:

  • The compressor is not quite one and makes a lot of noise

Magic Chef

Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker

  • Suitable for carrying anywhere i.e. beaches, camping, etc.
  • Small frame to fit in small areas
  • Insides and outside are easy to wipe
  • Weighs only 26 pounds
  • Ice and water level indicator

This magic chef portable ice maker has the highest ice making capacity of the lot. Magic chef appliances are known for their durability and sturdiness. This model is no less than its other appliances, it is a heavy-duty ice maker that can manage up to 27 pounds of ice per day.

It is an ideal ice maker for a big gathering in your house. It has a black sleek design with a see-through lid that allows you to see what is going on inside and how much of the ice basket has been filled. The surface of the ice maker, as well as the inside, is easy to clean and does not require heavy maintenance.

It has a small frame that allows it to fit in small areas and on small countertops. You can even put it on your dining table while having a family dinner. It takes space the same as a large hot pot. In every cycle, the magic chef portable ice maker produces 9 cubes of ice. Each cycle takes 7 minutes.

The LCD screen incorporated in the ice maker has an ice and water level indicator. When the water level indicator is on, it means you need to fill in more water and when the ice level indicator LED is on, you need to empty the ice basket.


Aside from drain is incorporated in the whole system, which helps in draining the water from the system before cleaning it. The insides and outside are easy to wipe. If not cleaned every week or every 10 days, you will start getting foul-smelling ice cubes. It can also be cleaned with surf water mixed with vinegar for deep cleaning. If not, only draining the water and wiping the surface clean will do the task.


This ice maker only weighs 26 pounds and has a compact structure. Thus, carrying it around is not a big deal. You can easily take it anywhere you want. Whether you are going to a beach party, camping, or even cruising, this ice maker will stay by your side.


It has a sleek design that can go with any kind of kitchen or bar. The user has three colors to choose from: white, red and black. The lid is transparent so that you can see what is going on inside the ice maker.

The Good:

  • It can make 27 pounds of ice in one day
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Has three colors to choose from
  • Does not require high maintenance

The Bad:

  • The machine instructions are not clear

Things to consider when looking for the best portable ice maker

The above portable ice maker reviews will give you an in-depth idea of what is in store but still, if you want to look for other ice makers, you must keep the following features in mind:


This looks like a cliché, but the quality of all ice makers is not the same, rather you will find some ice makers with the worst quality ever that will stop working 6 months after you start using it. Here, we mean, you need you to look for the compressor, electricity consumption, easy maintenance, multiple times usage, etc. The ones that are made of plastic usually stop working or break sooner as compared to a stainless-steel one. Getting that one will work best for you as it embraces all parts of top-notch quality.


This is the amount of ice that the ice maker can manage to make during the day. It depends on the water reservoir and ice bucket capacity as well. Small portable ice makers usually make 26 to 27 pounds of ice per day, but you can also get ice makers that can produce more than 35 pounds of ice per day. If you are fond of many parties and calling a large group of people over, getting a large one with higher capacity will do for you.


The efficient processing and producing of ice swiftly depend on the compressor of the ice maker. Most of the ice makers have a time of 7 to 15 minutes for one cycle. You need to check if it is coolant free or not, as the ice makers with no coolants take more time compared to the ice makers with coolants.

Ice cubes shapes and sizes

Most of the ice makers come with 2 or 3 options for ice cubes’ size. Some produce cube-shaped ice cubes while others have bullet-shaped ice. Bullet-shaped ice is ideal for putting into bottles while others are good for regular use. So, based on your needs, you should opt for the ice maker that can make your desired shape and sizes.


The compressor noise is very irritating especially when you are in a gathering. A noiseless ice maker should be preferred. Most high-end companies provide ice makers with silent compressors. The ones mentioned above hardly makes any noise.

Energy efficiency

Like refrigerators and Air conditioners, the compressors in these products also require a lot of energy. You need to look for an energy-conserving ice maker. These are slightly expensive but work really well in the long run.

The bottom line

Portable ice makers are very handy and useful, especially in summers. They don’t require installation neither do they need heavy maintenance. There are many benefits of owning one but finding the right one for your needs might be tricky considering the gazillion options you have when you go to the market. With this guide about the portable ice makers on the market, we hope you will find the product that works best for you.

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