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Best Shop Vac

Tired of your household vacuum cleaner clogging up? Dust and debris plaguing your garage? Or maybe you can’t handle all the sawdust from the woodworking? Well, whether you are a contractor at a construction site or an amateur woodworker working on a new project, you can easily use one of the best shop vacs to help you clean up all kinds of messes. These exquisite cleaners will leave no trace of the mess behind, ensuring every single particle of the dust is vacuumed in.

Interested in learning more about these wet/dry vacuum cleaners? Well, keep on reading ahead to find out.

What is a Shop Vac?

A shop vac is a generic name given to an industrial-strength vacuum capable of vacuuming wet or dry messes. An interesting point to note is that the shop vac is just a generic name given to these vacuum cleaners, it is actually the name of a popular industrial vacuum cleaner brand. The Shop-Vac vacuums became so popular that folks started associating their names with all such models.

The special feature in shop vacs is that these industrial-strength cleaners can suck up water and different liquids too. They are available in many sizes and come with different tank capacities. Most of these are either medium-duty or heavy-duty vacuum cleaners.

The general construction of the shop vacs is a large tank with a hose attached to it. The hose has numerous nozzle attachments that help to suck in any solid or liquid. Most cleaners have a handle to help you carry them up the stairs while others have caster wheels to help you push them around.


A shop vac can be used in industries, construction sites, or garages and workshops. In construction sites, it can be used to select any debris such as nails and concrete dust from the site. It is used in woodworking as well to collect sawdust and other dust particles.

It can also be used to collect water and other liquids as well. So, they can be used to clean spills. Other uses involve pumping out flooded water.

It works as a blower as well and can be used to blow leaves and other debris as well.

Types of wet/dry vacuums

There are numerous types of wet/dry vacuums available in the market. These are divided on the basis of their size. Here these are:

Mini wet/dry vacuums

These are lightweight and small in size with smaller capacity. They sacrifice their performance for better portability and storage. These are usually handheld units used at workshops and garages.

Small wet/dry vacuums

These are slightly bigger and heavier than the mini variety, however, their capacity is much greater than them.

Medium wet/dry vacuums

Medium-sized vacuums provide the perfect balance between performance and portability. They can be carried with ease and have sufficient capacity for personal uses.

Large wet/dry vacuums

These vacuum cleaners have large capacities and perform more efficiently. They are mostly used in industries and on construction sites where the amount of debris is large. However, they are heavy in weight and large in size, hence, handling them is harder.

Why would you need a shop vacuum?

Well, you might need a shop vacuum if you own a garage or workshop where you often need to clean up wet or dry debris. They are perfect for cleaning up messes and spills. They can be used in construction sites as well. Imagine you are sawing wood for your latest project. All that sawdust can clog your normal household vacuum cleaner. So, you need one with an industrial suction power to help you clean away the mess.

Best Shop Vac Reviews

Although the market is full of numerous models, you might find it difficult to pick out the perfect one. However, not to worry. We have compiled a list of the 5 best shop vacs in 2022 that will help you clear away all kinds of dirt and debris. We have judged them on the basis of many factors some of which are durability, power, tank capacity, efficiency, and suction power. We also take into account the portability and ease of use of these units.


Ridgid Shop Vacuum ReviewsRidgid is an acclaimed brand when it comes to developing powerful tools for your workshops and garages. The 14-gallon wet/dry vacuum is one of the best shop vacs with a durable motor that efficiently delivers 6 hp of power for superior suction. Its efficient airflow is perfect for clearing wet and dry debris at construction sites. The large capacity drum ensures you can perform the heaviest duty tasks easily with the Ridgid Wet/Dry Vacuum.

Powerful motor

The Ridgid shop vac is equipped with an 11-amp powerful motor that delivers a peak power of 6 hp. This leads to efficient airflow and premium suction power to clear away the most stubborn of debris. The motor is a two-stage motor for added power.


Included with the vacuum is a sturdy and durable cart that makes it easy to transport the vacuum from one place to another. The cart has a push handle and caster wheels that make it easy to carry it over stairs.


The motor of the Ridgid shop vac is durable and long-lasting. Further, the two-piece polypropylene construction of the drum is rugged which helps it bear the harshness of the construction site.

Large capacity tank

The Ridgid has a large capacity tank, measuring up to 14 gallons. This allows the vacuum to easily clear up large spills at construction sites. Also included is an oversized drain at the bottom of the drum to help drain all water.

Noiseless operation

The vacuum is equipped with sound reduction technology that makes the motor’s operation noiseless. This quiet operation is accomplished by controlling the flow of air through the vac.

 BEST SUITED FOR:  use at construction sites where there is a large amount of debris and dust.

The Good:

  • 5 amperes 2-stage motor
  • Delivers 6 hp
  • Tank capacity: 14 gallons
  • 20-foot power cord
  • Can function as a blower as well
  • 8-foot hose with a diameter of 1-7/8 inches
  • Includes Sound reduction Technology and QwikLock filter Fastening System

The Bad:

  • Heavyweight
  • Short hose
  • Brush not included
  • Vacuum
  • Accessory bag
  • Cart
  • Wet nozzle
  • Fine dust filter
  • Owner’s manual
  • Utility nozzle
  • Two extension wands
  • 1-7/8-inches by 8-foot locking pro hose – premium
  • Crevice tool
  • Car nozzle

Bottom line

All in all, the Ridgid 14-gallon wet/dry vac is the best heavy-duty shop vac designed to easily beat the ruggedness of the construction sites. However, it is well equipped to be used in your shops and garages as well.


Craftsman Wall Mount Wet/Dry Shop Vac ReviewsWhen talking about the best small shop vac, it is quite impossible to not mention the Craftsman. Whether you wish to tidy up the garage or your intensive workshop, the craftsman can help you with its high suction power. Its innovative wireless remote control technology, as well as the wall mount carrier, allows you to use it comfortably in your workshop during woodwork. Its dual motors can help you pick up every last speck of sawdust.

Remote control function

The Craftsman Shop Vac is the best shop vacuum as it is equipped with a wireless remote control function that allows you to turn the suction on when over you want and turn it off whenever you don’t. This allows for convenience when your hands are full and you want to vacuum sawdust or other debris.


The Craftsman vacuum can be easily mounted on the wall where you can then connect it to your saw’s dust chute. Now, all you need to do is use the remote control to turn the vacuum on to suck away all dust.


It can be unmounted as well and used as a portable unit. Included are 2 heavy-duty plastic molded ergonomic handles that allow you to carry it from one place to another easily.

Powerful motor

Included is a powerful turbo motor (dual) that provides suction power as well as quiet operation. It can easily deliver peak powers of 5 hp at 120 V.

Long Reach

The Craftsman includes a 21-foot hose system as well as a 20-foot power cord. This lends you about 41 feet of reach. Also included are two extension wands that add to the overall reach.

 BEST SUITED FOR:  medium duty work and woodworking in garages and workshops.

The Good:

  • Ultra-quiet turbo motor
  • Delivers a peak of 5 hp
  • Tank capacity: 2-7 gallons
  • Includes a wireless remote control option
  • Can be used while mounted or as a handheld unit
  • Functions as a blower as well

The Bad:

  • Heavyweight
  • Large in size
  • Requires assembly
  • Vacuum
  • 2 extension wands
  • Mounting hardware
  • Utility and car nozzle
  • Hose
  • Diffuser
  • Cord wrap
  • Noise muffler
  • Filter
  • Brush
  • Hose lock
  • Crevice tool
  • Squeegee

Bottom line

The Craftsman was specifically crafted to be the best shop vac for woodworking due to its powerful suction and its innovative wireless remote control technology.


Best Shop Vac ReviewsThe Shop-Vac is such a popular brand that its name has become synonymous with industrial-grade vacuums. Their 5 gallons wet/dry vacuum provides powerful air suction and airflow to help you clean up all kinds of messes in your workshop or garage. The stainless steel construction imparts durability to the shop vac. The Shop-Vac is the best shop vac simply because it can function as both a vacuum and a blower.

Powerful motor

The Shop-Vac is equipped with a powerful motor that can deliver a peak of 4.5 hp. The rating of the motor is 120 V, 60 Hz, and 9.9 amp. It can deliver a maximum airflow of 175 cfm.

Easy storage

The Shop-Vac is small in size, measuring a mere 14″ x 14″ x 21″. This allows you to easily store it anywhere you like. Also included is an onboard storage system for the accessories that allow you access to your best tools while you vacuum.

Ease of use

The Shop-Vac includes a positive lid latch system that holds the lid and the tank together to prevent any spills. The dolly ensures the tank doesn’t tip over. Also included is an on/off switch that allows for easy on and off.

The Shop-Vac is constructed out of durable stainless steel that is easy to clean and maintain.

Dual function

The Shop-Vac can function as both a vacuum and a blower. Simply attach the hose to the rear blower part and you can easily blow away any dirt or debris from the workstation.

 BEST SUITED FOR:  medium-duty work in garages and in the workshop. It can also be used to blow away leaves or any other debris.

The Good:

  • Powerful motor that delivers 4.5 hp
  • Rating: 120 V, 9.9 amps, 60 Hz
  • Tank capacity: 5 gallons
  • Maximum air flow: 175 cfm
  • 6 feet cord
  • 7-foot
  • Can function as a blower as well

The Bad:

  • Small cord
  • Small hose
  • Small tank capacity
  • Flimsy onboard
  • Vacuum
  • 7 foot by 1.25-inch hose
  • Crevice tool
  • Floor nozzle
  • Filter bag
  • Three extension wands
  • Foam sleeve
  • Gulper nozzle
  • Cartridge filter

Bottom line

The Shop-Vac is the perfect vacuum for medium-duty jobs. It can work as a blower as well as a vacuum to help you achieve all sorts of jobs.

VACMASTER HEPA SHOP VAC with two-stage motor

Vacmaster Shop Vac with 2 Stage Motor and HEPA FilterThe Vacmaster is a wet/dry vacuum that has been certified by HEPA. This ensures it has an efficiency of 99.996% in capturing and retaining small particles. It can allow you to completely clear away any worksite without leaving a single trace of dirt or debris. The Vacmaster operates on a 2 stage industrial grade motor and provides efficient suction. The unit comes with a lot of different accessories as well as HEPA filters to help you in your work.


The Vacmaster has an 8-gallon propylene tank and an industrial-grade hose both of which are crushproof. This means they can bear the most rugged of worksites.

Powerful motor

The unit is equipped with an industrial-grade motor that works in two stages and has an ultra-quiet operation. The motor can deliver a peak of about 120 V and 60 Hz. This allows a maximum airflow of 125 cfm and a water lift of 106 inches.

Long Reach

The HEPA Shop-Vac is equipped with a 30-foot power cord as well as a 10-foot industrial hose, totaling up to 40 feet of reach.

Powerful HEPA approved suction

The Unit is HEPA approved, which means it can collect and retain dust of up to 0.3-micron particle size. This has allowed it an efficiency of 99.996%, exceeding the HEPA 99.97% efficiency requirement.


Also included with the unit are 2 heavy-duty caster wheels at the front and 2 large wheels at the back. An ergonomic handle at the top helps you easily transport the unit anywhere you want.

 BEST SUITED FOR:  clearing industrial and construction worksites.

The Good:

  • Tank capacity: 8 gallons
  • 2 stage industrial motor
  • Certified HEPA system
  • 30-foot
  • 10-foot
  • Maximum airflow: 125 cfm
  • Heavy-duty metal casters included

The Bad:

  • Heavyweight
  • Large in size
  • Vacuum
  • Replaceable Filters: VKFF001,VKEF001, VKPF001, VKHF001
  • Power tool adapter
  • Crevice tool
  • 20-inch two steel wands for locking
  • Foam sleeve filter – reusable
  • Round brush with horsehair
  • Pre-filter – microfiber
  • Fine-dust collection bag – high-efficiency
  • One airflow adjuster steel elbow
  • 10-feet x 1-and-half inch industrial hose (crushproof)
  • 15-inch floor nozzle (two brushes)
  • Cartridge filter – HEPA

Bottom line

The Vacmaster is the most powerful shop vac on our list. Its HEPA-approved suction power, as well as the wide variety of accessories, has made it a favorite amongst workers.


WORKSHOP Best Shop Vac ReviewsThe workshop 16-gallon vacuum cleaner is constructed out of stainless steel to ensure maximum durability to help you perform under the toughest of conditions. Its powerful motor can deliver more than 6.5 peak hp enabling you to clean the most lag messes with ease. Also included is a mobile cart that helps you to transport the shop vac anywhere you want. It is perfect for heavy-duty as well as medium-duty applications such as in a workshop or garage.

Large capacity

The Workshop vacuum cleaner has a large capacity tank of about 16 gallons that allows you to suck up large spills and debris. Also, included is an oversized drain port that allows all the liquids to be easily drained out from the bottom.

Powerful motor

The powerful motor can deliver a peak power of 6.5 hp enabling the vacuum to pick about 1 gallon of water per minute. This helps deliver superior suction.


The Workshop has large rear wheels and a mobile cart to help you easily take the vac through any tough construction terrains. An ergonomic handle at the top allows you to easily carry the shop vac up and down the flight of stairs.

Onboard storage

Also included is an organized storage for the hose, cord, and accessories on the vacuum. This allows for easy access to all your tools.

Long Reach

The Workshop includes a 20-foot power cord as well as a 7-foot hose, totaling 27 feet of reach. This allows you to easily clear up all spills no matter how widespread they are.

 BEST SUITED FOR:  clearing liquid spills and at construction sites.

The Good:

  • Powerful motor delivers5 hp peak
  • Tank capacity: 16 gallons
  • The 7-foot hose of diameter 2-1/2 inches
  • 20-foot power cord
  • Large rear wheels and an ergonomic handle

The Bad:

  • Large in size
  • The wheels may not be tightly secure
  • Two 2-1/2″ diameter extension wands
  • Wet nozzle
  • Dust collection bag
  • Fine dust filter
  • Crevice tool
  • Flex locking hose – dual
  • Car nozzle
  • Utility nozzle

Bottom line

Overall, the Workshop is one of the best-rated shop vacs as it has a large tank capacity and can deliver immense power to help you clean up the messiest of sites.


So, all of these best wet and dry vacuums will serve you well in cleaning all kinds of spills and debris. They can help you keep your workstation clean and clear. Although all of these shop vacs are best in their own respects, one stood out head and shoulders above others. Yes, you guessed it right, the Ridgid shop vac is perfect as it comes equipped with a cart that allows you to carry it around. The large tank ensures you can clear up the largest of spills without any worries. It comes packed with many accessories, each of which allows you to perform a different kind of cleaning job. It will suck away all your worries, leaving behind a clean workstation.

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