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Best upright vacuum cleaners

What will come as a surprise to you is to know that a vacuum cleaner is the most important thing in the home. You want to know why? This is because, with a vacuum cleaner, your house is kept in a better state, devoid of dirt and dust. This makes the environment comfortable to breathe in for both you and your guests. Knowing this is important, have you considered an upright vacuum cleaner? In this review article, we are here to make sure you don’t get the wrong or low-quality tool, rather, the best upright vacuum cleaners on the market in 2022.

Having tested and certified some of the best-selling upright vacuums, we have come up with the top 7 vacuums which are currently hot cakes on the market.

Best upright vacuum cleaners in 2022

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Upright vacuum reviews

Shark Navigator ZU561 – Best overall

shark navigator upright vacuum reviews

  • Super powerful deep cleaning
  • Lightweight body
  • HEPA Filter
  • Swivel steering
  • Self-cleaning brushroll
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Tech

Shark Navigator is one of the best lightweight upright vacuum cleaners with good maneuverability. The cleaning system is so strong that it has an additional function of taking up the slightest thing, including a hair wrap. With this device, debris can be sucked to the tiniest amount and displaced into the dust cup that bears all the particles. It also makes use of a brush roll which is always active to clean up carpets, floors and sometimes, rugs.

Adding to the fact that this Shark vacuum cleaner comes with a lightweight body, there is an enhancement in control in order to use it in tight situations. For instance, when you have tight corners, you can make use of this device to reach such a place and suck up dirt. It can also be used around furniture, and generally above the ground too. In addition, it has been designed with an advanced tech, i.e. Anti-allergen complete seal as well as a Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap.

Other things you could add to the whole list of features of this Shark upright vacuum are

  • HEPA Filter which is rarely present in popular upright vacuums,
  • and a Swivel steering which is the main feature for maneuverability.

This is done without stress, and that makes it one of the best choices for customers who want something simple and effective.

On how it works, the vacuum cleaner does deep-cleaning by itself and removes dust and allergens from different locations. All you have to do for more excellent performance is to detach the canister, switch mode to Lift-Away and watch while it cleans all areas perfectly. This is incredible, isn’t it? With a device like this, you could have most of your work done without manpower or labor.

The more important thing you should know about the device is that it has a 5-year warranty which is by far one of the highest available. While you don’t often get to see this kind of deal, this shows that the device is topnotch and highly durable. Also, Shark Navigator upright vacuum cleaner has a cord length between 25 to 30 ft, which is quite long and useful. It can be used from different locations while it will still cover a good distance and work well. Also, the color is a Red Peony which is quite fancy to a point. Lastly, the device comes as a Bagless product, i.e. it does not have any form of outer covering or packaging.

The Good:

  • The body is small and lightweight which enhances portability
  • Maneuverability and total control is made possible with the aid of the steering swivel
  • Cord length is long enough to be used at various locations
  • Cleans off dust and allergens easily
  • Improved with high tech
  • 5-year warranty period which means it is very durable
  • Very easy to use
  • Automatic working system
  • Fancy color and design

The Bad:

  • Quite difficult to maintain

Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly 31150 – Best for pet hair cleaning

kenmore elite pet friendly 31150 upright vacuum

  • 2 Motor System
  • Triple HEPA Filter
  • 35 ft. Cord Length
  • Bagged Package
  • 3 Attachments
  • Exhaust Filter
  • Telescoping Wand
  • 5-position height adjuster
  • Infrared LED Lights

Another amazing device is Kenmore Elite Pet-friendly 31150 which really well vacuums pet hair. It weighs as much as 20 lbs. and can be used in several ways. One outstanding feature it has is its powerful suction which helps to clean, remove dirt and keep the home nice. It is more of a household tool equipped with many accessories such as a 2-motor system, as well as a power flow tech. These two techs. ensure that no debris is left around your work area and suction power is retained throughout the cleaning process.

In addition, with a telescoping wand, and a pet handi-mate attachment, you can clean up cobwebs from the ceiling without stress. It can also be used to clean up deep-down pet dander. Also, it has an infrared sensor that is being activated into an LED light that can identify dirt, dust, and debris. This light turns off when the ground is clean, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Kenmore Elite vacuum is equipped with a 5-position height adjuster which enhances good air flow and cleaning procedures. It is the only bagged product from Kenmore upright vacuum cleaners produced by the manufacturer.

On an outlook, the cleaner uses a 3D Inducer Motor which is superior to a single motor permits over 20 % air power. It has a beltless agitator which not only avoids high maintenance but also avoids constant repairs.  This is a bagged vacuum which is a good pick for people suffering from allergies, and more importantly, for pet lovers. With HEPA certification as well as Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, be sure you have a recommendation that states that all debris is collected to the lowest amount in order to maintain a breathable environment for you, your family and pets.

More importantly, the device has a 35 feet cord length which makes it long enough and suitable to use at various locations. If you have several awkward corners in your home, you can make use of this tool to pick out dirt, dust, etc. It combines a dusting and crevice tool for baseboards together to ensure topnotch performance during the cleaning process. Since it has a 1-year warranty, the durability is good and the material is built to last over time.

In our opinion, this is one of the best upright vacuums for pet hair.

The Good:

  • A great tool with good cord length
  • Equipped with 3 attachments with an extension
  • Certified by both HEPA and Asthma and Allergy Foundation
  • Maintenance and repair is reduced by Beltless Agitator
  • Makes use of a 2-motor system for suction power
  • Suitable for man and pets
  • People with allergies can make use of this device without worries

The Bad:

  • Weight isn’t too light
  • Warranty period is short

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 – Best upright vacuum for hardwood floors

dyson upright vacuum

  • Lightweight body
  • Adjustable cleaner head
  • Instant-release wand
  • Suction power
  • Ball and Radial Root cyclone tech
  • Hygienic bin
  • 5-year warranty

Have you heard of Dyson vacuum cleaners?

Of course, you heard, we have no doubt about it.

In the line of vacuum cleaners of this brand, Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is one of the top-rated upright vacuum cleaners. But we included it in our list not because of this.

There are so many things to know about the device, such as the accurate and absolute level of maneuverability, control, and design. Using this product, steering into desired and tight places would become easier and one wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning some certain sensitive spots in the home.

In addition, Dyson upright vacuums are good devices to use in homes with hardwood, tiles, carpets. With a self-adjustable cleaner head, control becomes smart because there is an automatic adjustment to fit into floors of different types. In fact, it has very good suction power and could be one of the highest we will ever see in this review. It has a cord length of 35 feet, the maximum reach of 40 feet and suction power of 250AW all in measurements to describe the device as an outstanding one.

On the unique features it possesses, it has a wand and a hose release which enhance the smooth cleaning process of both above the floor, ceiling, etc. Also, it operates on two important kinds of technology, which are; Radial root cyclone technology which does one thing – capture the tiniest of dust in your home more than any device you would have ever seen, and a Ball technology which helps to maneuver against obstacles in difficult places. Based on Dyson vacuum reviews, this product is lightweight, and one of the fast-selling devices on the market at the moment.

Adding to all these above, this device contains a hygienic bin where all particles, dirt, dust and tiniest number of particles are displaced into. All you have to do when you are done is to press down the button to release waste, and it comes out freely. Therefore, your hands can still be kept clean without getting dirty while using this tool to clean your home. Also, it comes with a good HEPA filter which makes sure allergens and bacteria are trapped in the device without the slightest chance of escaping. This device is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, i.e. it is friendly. Lastly, it offers a 5-year warranty to users, which means, it is durable.

The Good:

  • An ideal choice for homes with hardwood, vinyl, tiles, and carpets
  • Good year warranty
  • Asthma and Allergen friendly
  • Useful in various forms
  • Easy maneuverability and control
  • Smooth cleaning action
  • Unrivaled suction power
  • Wand and hose can be used to clean ceilings and ground easily
  • Excellent HEPA Function to trap bacteria and dust

The Bad:

  • It comes bagless

Eureka NEU202

Eureka vacuum cleaner

  • Automatic Cord Rewind
  • 2-Liter Dust Cup
  • LED Headlight
  • Lightweight body
  • Pet Brush
  • Washable Filter
  • 7” Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool

While you may have a smooth user experience while cleaning your home, this bagless vacuum cleaner is aided by a lightweight body design. This feature allows you to maneuver and control in whatever form you like. It comes as a device with a retractable cord that can be rewind which is an amazing quality that many popular tools don’t have when compared. Along with this retractable cord are 4 tools, including; a pet tool, dusting brush, 7″ crevice tool, and upholstery tool which all make up the 4 onboard tools. All of these have been put in place to make sure you do your job without stress.

Alongside, it is an 8-amp vacuum cleaner with 5 modes for adjustments which is suitable on different kinds of the floor (multi-floor use). It is a good device to remove pet hair from the surface using the pet tool. In the same regard, the crevice tool is used to reach very difficult spots or corners, and other things involved with cleaning. While it can be used on hard floors, tiles, rugs, and carpets without losing its quality and performance. There is a 2-liter dust tank that does both the accumulation and dispensing of dirt. This dust tank is transparent enough, i.e., you can easily see when the tank is full or empty, rather than making guesses. There is less frequent emptying which is supported by the empty flip lid on the device.

Since it has a 25 feet cord length, there is a need for the device to be kept safe, and this is made possible with the aid of a button. This button automatically pushes the cord inward, ensuring problem-free storage. It is good to know that this product doesn’t use batteries and no assemblage is required in order to make it work. Everything you need has been made ready for you, all you have to do is start using on whatever kind of floor you have, pick dirt, and when full, empty the dust tank with the aid of the empty flip lid.

In addition, it will interest you to know that you can wash the filter you use in picking up dirt; hence, saving maintenance cost. With the length of the cord, an above the ground cleaning such as curtain and ceiling cleaning is allowed. While you lift up dirt at your own convenience, there is an LED headlight on the device which helps to focus on places that require cleaning. Once, you are done cleaning all these spots, the light automatically goes off.

The Good:

  • The LED light helps the user to focus and monitor where needs cleaning
  • Minimum maintenance is required
  • Portable body design
  • Allows above the ground cleaning too by extension
  • Cord automatically rewinds itself and stored for safety
  • 4 basic onboard accessories which are quite useful
  • Multi-surface cleaning is allowed

The Bad:

  • Although it is effective, it comes bagless

Bissell CleanView 1831 – Upright vacuum with large bin capacity

bissell upright vacuum

  • OnePass tech.
  • Multi-Cyclonic Suction system
  • Multi-level Filtration
  • Lightweight body
  • Large Bin Capacity
  • 5 heights adjustment

This Bissell bagless upright vacuum is another unique type of device which differs in the cleaning mechanism. This such that while many other types have you clean a particular area over a couple of times, the device only uses a OnePass technology to clean an area once. It cleans up debris, dirt really fast. It has been engineered with a powerful suction system which makes this possible. Other things you should know is that it comes as a brush design which means cleaning has been made easier and better. There are 4 basic accessories associated with the tool. They include:

  • TurboBrush,
  • dusting brush,
  • crevice tool,
  • and extension wand.

The TurboBrush allows you to clean objects or surfaces such as furniture, upholstery, stairs, etc.

The dusting brush uses its soft bristles to remove hair and dust from different surfaces a TurboBrush can’t reach.

Crevice tool removes debris from every corner of your home without stress, particularly, around furniture and baseboards.

An extension wand is a special tool on its own because it can be used for above-the-ground operations such as to capture dirt and debris on very high or low platforms. It can either work independently or can be used with other accessories aforementioned.

These are 4 fundamental tools of the Bissell upright vacuum that many users will find very useful and effective.

Also, being one of the best bagless upright vacuums, it requires proper assemblage in order to be used to its full potential. In fact, the lightweight design contributes to the effective use of the device because it can be carried or pushed from one point to another without applying much effort. It has a 25 feet long power cord which can cover quite a distance while cleaning. It also has a 6 feet hose and 13.5 inches cleaning path which makes it a very fantastic tool to use at home.

In addition, it works using a powerful but multi-cyclonic suction system which makes dirt and debris capture very easy. In the same way, it works with a multi-level filtration, whereby the 2-liter large capacity dust bin or filter becomes washable to save maintenance and repair. Bissell CleanView 1831 has the largest bin ever recorded in this review. This way, you can smoothly keep household dust and allergens totally away from you. Lastly, the functions and features it possesses are beyond outstanding, coupled with the fact that it has a light design and a great suction power.

The Good:

  • The wide capacity of the bin to fill up dirt and debris
  • 4 unique tools or brushes to get rid of dust
  • Engineered with a very powerful suction power
  • Operates on a different level of technology i.e. OnePass
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Can be in several ways
  • Cord length is good from any position of the room
  • Very portable and easy to push or carry
  • Good warranty period

The Bad:

  • Durability is quite uncertain

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS – Versatile upright vacuum

Oreck commercial upright vacuum

  • Multi-floor Microsweep tech
  • 35 Cord length
  • Lightweight body
  • Side Edge Brushes
  • Disposable Bag
  • Fingertip-controlled on/off switch
  • 1-year warranty
  • Non-Marring Bumpers
  • Automatic floor adjustment
  • High-speed Roller brush

Oreck Commercial upright vacuum cleaner is another special type of vacuum cleaner equipped with strong power, functions and great performance. It has the best versatility and no doubt; the brand is one of the fast-leading ones in the United States. It can be used both at home and even in the office to clean cabinets, work areas, baseboards, etc. The device has been designed to have a small adjustable body such that it can fit perfectly to tight corners such as chairs, desks, furniture, clothing racks, etc. and clean up dirt or debris easily. It is super cool judging by its look, features, and design generally.

It is a lightweight tool weighing about 9 lbs. which makes it easier to occupy a wide area of 12 inches. There is a unique feature it has called the Microsweep which enhances the ability to switch from one surface to another surface without difficulty. For instance, you can switch from carpet to the ordinary floor in seconds without any adjustments. However, the device has a 630 cubic inch top-fill inner bag that keeps the delicate parts protected at all times, preventing it from getting damaged. Also, there is a cord guard that similarly does the work of keeping the cord safe from getting destroyed.

In addition to the automatic floor adjustment feature, there is a fingertip on and off switch which does the work of setting power on or off. So also, an extraordinary top-fill design that regulates and makes sure no suction power is lost during activities. The design contributes to keeping power at the very maximum for great performance. This is enabled regardless of when the bag fills and needs to be emptied. As a matter of fact, the product has a 1-year warranty period. We cannot guaranty how durable it is, but we are certain it will be very effective during the course of the year.

Asides all those listed above, it will interest people to know that this one of the best bagged upright vacuum cleaners come with a Helping Hand Handle. This feature ensures proper grip and it is the location of the on and off switch aforementioned. This is a product certified by the Arthritis Foundation because of how well it has helped patients. Being fully aware that it has a powerful but fast-moving balanced brush roll, it can do the jobs of two brushes in cleaning dirt. It is enabled by the double helix brushes that whirl about 6500 RPM. When they pack dirt and debris, they move them toward a vacuum inlet in the device for deep-cleaning. Lastly, it is the best upright vacuum for low pile carpets.

The Good:

  • Brand recognition sells the device away
  • Automatic floor adjustment and needs no effort
  • Protected by bags and cord guard
  • Lightweight and super-versatile
  • Good cord length
  • Topnotch performance

The Bad:

  • The warranty period is less

Hoover Power Scrub FH50150 – Best upright vacuum for carpets

hoover upright vacuum

  • Smart Tank System
  • Dual V Nozzle
  • Dual Tank Technology
  • Automatic Detergent Mixing
  • 8-inches Hose and Upholstery Tool
  • Lightweight Body
  • 20 ft. Cord Length

Hoover Power Scrub FH50150 is our top pick because of its advanced tech and outstanding features. It is a device with a SpinScrub Brush system that moves in a 360-degree rotation that smoothly cleans up carpet fibers. These fibers are cleaned in several angles to ensure that even the slightest of dirt or debris is removed and the carpet is kept completely clean. Although it is a bagless vacuum cleaner, it is still kept protected at all times. Hence, the warranty period has been discovered to be 2 years which is quite good and dependable compared to other lesser types.

What we find interesting about this Hoover upright vacuum is that it is less difficult to use, easy to fill and empty the tank requires no stress at all. Everything you need to do in the device has been designed alongside the Smart Tank system which wouldn’t create a mess for you. The recovery tank on the other end offers a fast pour spout for convenience. Also, the DualV Nozzle forces heated air, i.e. permits airflow in order for it to work on the carpet. When the air comes in contact with the carpet fibers, tough stains and dirt are removed instantly. The dry time is also fast.

In addition, it is the only best product with a suitable automatic detergent mixing feature. This isn’t something you find around, and if you are looking for this kind of product for your carpet, this is an ideal choice for you. You get a good cleaning performance when you try out this device. Also, the two most important accessories that users will find brilliant is the 8 inches hose and upholstery tool which enhances the deep cleaning of several difficult areas.

Other accessories you will find in this Hoover upright vacuum cleaner are:

  1. Stair tool
  2. Crevice tool and
  3. A sample bottle of solution

The Good:

  • Offers a good number of accessories and features
  • An ideal choice for carpets
  • Can be used for deep-cleaning
  • Designed with outstanding technologies
  • Excellent performance over time
  • Permits good detergent mixing
  • Airflow is fantastic
  • The smart tank system is easy, simple and fast

The Bad:

  • Needs adequate maintenance throughout its 2 years warranty period

Things to consider when buying an upright vacuum

When you’re looking for an upright vacuum, you should make considerations to certain factors. These factors will help you make a good choice out of many top-rated upright vacuums. In fact, it will make you understand what you really want for your home. Below are the factors you should consider.

  • Features

We all know vacuum cleaners work perfectly on carpets and it is important for you to know the features it possesses. These features include a whole lot of things including; the HEPA Filter, Suction Power, Cord length, Technology, etc. For instance, it is quite interesting to know that a motorized upright vacuum cleans carpet better than those powered by suctions.

In addition, you may not find a device that has all these features, but the one with a good chance of excellent performance is the right one for you. Look carefully while you make your choice out of the best upright vacuums above.

  • Packaging

Another factor you should also consider looking at is packaging. This isn’t always so necessary, but you have vacuum cleaners that are either bagged or bagless. Carefully choose the type of upright vacuum that suits you depending on your needs.

The bottom line

It is quite interesting to know that there are better ways to treat your carpet, and generally your home. Using the right vacuum cleaner makes life easier. While you make your choice from this review, ensure it is something you are looking for, with regard to your budget. In conclusion, keep your home clean and devoid of dust and dirt with the best device today.

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