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Best vacuum cleaners for long hair

After testing a number of vacuum cleaners, we chose Shark Navigator ZU561 as the best vacuum for long hair. Why? Read our reviews of this and other models that can also meet your cleaning needs.


Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum ZU561

  • Self-cleaning brushroll
  • Detachable canister mode for cleaning above-floor areas
  • HEPA and anti-allergen filtration systems
  • Swivel steering
  • Lightweight

“Why is your hair all over the place?!”

If this is something you hear often, then you know what struggle it is to have long hair. Yes, sure, it looks pretty and everyone is envious of it, but they’re for sure not envious of how much it tends to fall out. Even you are amazed sometimes at how much of it there really is. And of course, vacuuming is not a fun chore as a result. The hair tangles in the brushes or clogs up the pipes, sometimes even causing the vacuum to burn out. How many vacuums have you had to go through in your life? If the number is climbing into the double digits, then it’s time to consider putting your money into a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t clog with hair or destroys the brushes.

Best vacuum cleaners for long hair

PreviewProduct nameTypeWeightMax PowerFiltersWarrantyMore information
Shark Navigator vacuum cleanerShark Navigator ZU561Upright13.4 lbs6.7 ampsAnti-Allergen and HEPA5 years
Shark stick vacuum for long hairShark APEX ZS362Stick10 lbs5 amps2 washable filters5 years
BISSELL upright vacuumBISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet 2252Upright17.9 lbs8 ampsWashable filter3 years
Dyson Ball Animal 2 reviewDyson Ball Animal 2 Total CleanUpright17.42 lbs11.67 ampsHEPA5 years
Miele Classic C1 Canister VacuumMiele Classic C1 Pure SuctionCanister11.4 lbs9.5 ampsAirClean and HEPA7 years

Shark Navigator ZU561 – Best vacuum for long hair in 2020 (Our pick)

As already discussed in brief above, Shark Navigator ZU561 is our choice for the best vacuum for hair thanks to its anti-hair wrap technology and lightweight design.

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum with Lift-Away

  • A 25-foot cord and swivel steering
  • An effective filtration system
  • Patented Zero-M anti-hair wrap technology
  • The detachable canister

Innovative self-cleaning brushroll

One of the biggest annoyances people have when vacuuming their homes is when hair gets caught up in the brushroll. Not only is it annoying, but it can also cause the vacuum to break. If this is something you experience daily and you’re looking for a good tangle-free vacuum that you can rely on, Shark Navigator ZU561 may be a great investment for you. It comes with a patented Zero-M self-cleaning brushroll that prevents hair from wrapping. It is designed specifically to do so, and since it is a Shark trademark, other vacuums don’t come with the same tech. In addition, this vacuum has powerful suction. Once the hair and other debris get past the brushroll, they are sucked in quickly into the dust cup.

Lightweight and maneuverable

Because of its lightweight design, this vacuum for long hair has heightened control and can maneuver easily around furniture. As an added bonus, if you have back problems, you don’t need to worry about having to lift the whole vacuum up to do small cleaning tasks. This is because the canister can be effortlessly detached from the body to reach furniture and upholstery. You can even use it to vacuum stairwells. In our testing of the vacuum, we’ve found it to do terrific job vacuuming couches, armchairs, and mattresses and getting the fine hairs off—and we didn’t have to awkwardly lift the vacuum in its upright mode to do it.

Keeps allergens away

For pet owners and anyone who is sensitive to allergies, Shark Navigator ZU561 has a dual filtration system. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and an additional HEPA filter keep the allergens away. If you have guests with allergies coming over, a quick vacuum will make sure they have a comfortable stay at your pet-friendly home. Of course, the filtration system also keeps the air clear of dust, which means that you’ll have to vacuum less often as a result. Win-win.

The Good:

  • It is easy to empty and clean the dust canister
  • If you have shaggy carpets, it’s easy to control the suction power for a deep clean
  • You can swivel with ease and control around furniture and into tight spaces
  • The removable canister allows you to move around and clean above-floor areas like furniture and drapes

The Bad:

  • Hair can still get stuck around the roller brush in especially extreme situations where there’s a lot of hair
  • The 25-foot cord is not retractable, though it can wrap around clips on the body

Shark APEX ZS362

Yet another Shark model on the list, the Shark APEX ZS362 is another tangle-free vacuum, and it boasts some of the same technology as Shark Navigator ZU561.

Shark APEX DuoClean with Zero-M No Hair Wrap

  • Ultralight
  • Dual-brush system
  • The Zero-M brush cleans itself and keeps hair from tangling
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum
  • Swivel steering to go around and under furniture

Dual-brush system

If you prefer not to have wall-to-wall carpet in your home and opt for area rugs and hardwood floors instead, then you need a vacuum cleaner that can adapt to your surroundings. Shark APEX ZS362 is the best vacuum for hair on carpet and on hard floors thanks to its patented dual-brush system. With it, you can move from room to room, deep cleaning along the way no matter what the surface. This model also comes with the Zero-M self-cleaning brush, so you can be sure hair will not get tangled.

Easy to use

Shark APEX ZS362 is ultralight, and its swivel steering feature and compact size make it easy to get your vacuum into all sorts of tight spaces, even under furniture. Having to move tables and chairs around just to be able to clean under them can be exhausting, so it’s great when you have a vacuum that can get under there without trouble. This model also easily converts into a handheld vacuum so that you can be even more detailed in your cleaning. Use it to clean any upholstered furniture you have around, as well as drapes and window blinds (which can get notoriously dusty but are hard to clean). Thanks to the XL dust cup, you can use the handheld mode for a long time before you need to stop to empty the cup.

Bright LEDs light the way

Sometimes it can be hard to see how much dust and debris there is when doing the vacuuming. Since we’ve grown used to this being a fact, we haven’t thought that it could be improved. Now we may be a bit spoiled since Shark APEX ZS362 comes with LED lights that shine down into the path of the vacuum, highlighting what we might have missed otherwise. It’s the first vacuum we’ve tried that has this feature, and it’s one it’ll be hard to give up. How can we ever trust our naked eyes now after having been shined along? We kid, of course, but it definitely is one of the advantages of this vacuum.

The Good:

  • It can reach under furniture and into hard-to-reach spaces
  • Due to its sleek shape, it is easy to store
  • It comes with an extra-large dust cup, so you can clean for longer
  • Built-in LED headlights allow you to see hidden dust and debris
  • The accessories come with their own storage bag, so storage is not an issue

The Bad:

  • The vacuum is top-heavy, so it cannot stand on its own
  • Although it can be converted to handheld, it is cordless
  • There is no filter with this model

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet 2252

Imagine having both long-haired people and pets at home. What a nightmare when it comes to cleaning, right? If you’re in this unfortunate situation, poor you, but this hair vacuum cleaner might help make it less of a nightmare.

BISSELL Cleanview 2252

  • Triple-action brush that prevents scattering
  • Comes with specialized pet hair tools
  • An easy to the empty dirt bin
  • Washable filter
  • Multi-cyclonic suction system

Triple-action brush

This is a good vacuum for hair in more ways than one. Not only will it pick up your pesky long hair, but it will also make sure all the pet hair is gone, too. The triple-action brush tool loosens, lifts, and removes dirt (and hair!) from both carpet and hardwood floors. We also love its scatter-free technology that reduces debris scattering on hard floors. There’s nothing worse than having to go over the same spot a few times to catch all the fly-aways, so this tech makes that a thing of the past. No more hair sneaking into the corners, blown away by the breeze, and no more doggie kibble everywhere.

Cleans corners and edges effortlessly

Of all the vacuums in this review, this is the best upright vacuum to pick up hair in areas normal vacuums can’t reach well—at least not without an attachment. This is because the BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet 2252 is specially designed so that its brushroll can clean edge to edge. You can roll up right next to the wall and even into corners, no attachments needed. Where with other vacuums you’d have to stop each time you reached an edge and have to snap on an edge tool, with BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet 2252 all you need to do is move alongside the edge to do the job.

Specialized pet tools

Another unique feature of this hair vacuum cleaner is that it comes with several tools made especially for pet hair removal. The scatter-free brush, of course, helps with picking up kibble, but additional brushes help to get into difficult-to-reach corners (Pet Corner tool) as well as clean areas that are have been particularly embedded with pet hair (Pet TurboEraser tool). And once the vacuuming is done, clean-up is easy. The dirt bin can be emptied quickly over the garbage can since it opens from the bottom. There’s no need to bend down and spend time detaching the bin. With animals around, that can be nigh on impossible.

The Good:

  • The specialized pet tools are great for pet messes around the house
  • $10 from each purchase goes to the BISSELL pet foundation
  • The brushroll is extra powerful to pick up embedded hair and dirt
  • Edge to edge cleaning eliminates the need for an extra tool
  • The dust bin is easy to empty

The Bad:

  • It comes with fewer accessories than other models
  • It is the heaviest of the models we have tested
  • The power cord is short, so it cannot reach very far

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean

Though specially created for pets, this is one of the best vacuums for hair removal of the human kind too. Plus, it was voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction for Upright Vacuums by J.D. Power in 2019.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum


  • Marketed as the strongest vacuum out there at the moment in its category
  • A self-adjusting cleaner head automatically adjusts between carpets and hard floor
  • It is asthma and allergy-friendly
  • Comes with multiple tools, as well as a bag to hold everything
  • Whole-machine HEPA filtration ensures your family is safe

Strong suction

At 11.67 amps, Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean is by far the strongest of the vacuums on this list. Dyson markets it as having the strongest suction of any vacuum, at the very least in its category. No hair can escape this cleaner, which is a boon if your pet (and you!) are constantly shedding. Because of its power, of all the vacuums covered here, it provides the deepest clean possible. If your carpets haven’t been truly clean since you first got them, this model may make them feel like new again.

Self-adjusting head

The cleaner head of this vacuum cleaner helps you to move effortlessly from carpet to hard flooring. It also seals the suction in so that you can really get into the fibers of rugs and carpets. Thanks to this, the whole-machine HEPA filter is able to keep the allergens and dust away from you and your family.

Multiple tools available

Of course, cleaning isn’t always a job for just one tool. Sometimes the messes are a bit tougher or harder to reach. This model comes with six different tools to help you get the cleaning done quicker.

The tangle-free counter-rotating tool can get hair and debris from the upholstery. And since there’s no brushroll on it, nothing can get tangled. The hard floor tool gets into the crevices and gets the dust out. The flexible combination tool can reach high so you can get rid of spiderwebs on the ceiling. The soft dusting brush can help you clean blinds and other delicate surfaces. The multi-angle brush can twist into all sorts of angles so that you can get into those awkward spaces. The reach under tool can get between couches and walls and into other difficult spots. The mattress tool helps to suck up allergens and dust from sleeping areas. And last, but not least, the stair tool gives you the ability to vacuum stairs without issue.

We also love that all these tools came with their own storage bag, which is ideal for keeping everything in one place. Wouldn’t want to lose any of these important pieces.

The Good:

  • Voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction for Upright Vacuums by J.D. Power in 2019
  • It comes with several different tools to help complete different jobs
  • Unlike other models we reviewed, it comes with a storage bag for tools
  • Emptying the bin is easy and hygienic—all you need to do is push a button to release

The Bad:

  • It tends to get clogged with hair if there is a lot of it to clean
  • Some people have reported the belt breaking

Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction

Although this model is the fifth best vacuum for long hair on our list, we found it does a good job on hard floors, better than the other models even.

 Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • It is great for cleaning hard floors
  • A dial provides 6 different suction settings
  • Its strong filtration system leaves the air cleaner than before
  • It has a longer warranty than other models

Six power settings

Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction comes with six different power settings, each of which corresponds to the surface being cleaned. A dial on the body lets you control the power, so you can maximize your cleaning power. And since it comes with a 1,200-W Miele-made Vortex Motor, you can expect powerful but efficient suction. There’s also built-in temperature control and limiter to protect your vacuum from overheating. Should you ever surpass the maximum temperature allowed, the vacuum will shut off. Although this sounds inconvenient, it’s better than having it burn out on you and then having to buy a new one. Vacuuming spaces with hair is always risky, so this is definitely an advantage.

Leaves the air cleaner

What makes Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction one of the best canister vacuums for hair removal is its filtration system. Miele has installed its own patented AirClean system in this model but has also made sure there are a motor protection filter and a filter bag. So, while you’re vacuuming up hair, you’re also cleaning the air in your home. No matter if you have pets or not, having a home free from dust and allergens will keep your family and guests healthy.

Accessories on hand

Oftentimes vacuums come with many tools and attachments, but nor place to keep them. We can bet that there’s a junk drawer in your home that holds vacuum accessories of many vacuums past that are no longer with us. It’s a pesky fact, but we have collectively come to terms with it. However, with this model, there’s no need to worry about finding a place to store the tools anywhere or making space in yet another drawer. This is because it comes with what Miele has dubbed a VarioClip. The VarioClip, which is on the hose, allows you to clip all three additional tools to the hose conveniently should you need them.

The tools are standard issue: dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. As you go on about your cleaning and see the need to vacuum the couch, for example, you can quickly switch out the tool. When you’re done, go back to the standard attachment and move on.

The Good:

  • It comes with six different settings that you can adjust depending on the floor or surface you’re vacuuming
  • The strong filtration system also cleans the air, leaving it better than it was
  • The accessories come on a VarioClip for easy access

The Bad:

  • It is not as good-looking as the other vacuums we reviewed, although it is reliable
  • There is no self-cleaning function or another function in place to prevent clogging
  • The dust is collected in a filter bag and not a canister

Is it worth it getting a vacuum for long hair?

Yes, it is worth it getting a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t clog with hair, especially if you have long-haired people and pets in the home. If anything, it’ll help you save on the cost of buying a new vacuum cleaner each time one breaks due to clogs. Maybe you’ll finally stop hearing your family members complain about all the hair they find around the house.

Things to look for when choosing a vacuum for long hair

  • Self-cleaning brushroll

This may be the most important component of a good vacuum for long hair. It will make your cleaning much less tiring since you do not have to regularly clean the brush from clogged hair.

  • Strong suction power

Of course, the stronger the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, the better it will pick up hair and other debris even from the most hard-to-reach places.

  • Stiff bristles on the brush

In addition to good suction power, the right type of brush will make for better quality cleaning. A brush with stiff bristles can pick up hair even from high pile carpets.

  • HEPA filtering

A good quality filter is an important requirement for a vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers.

  • Additional tools

A big plus when choosing the best vacuum for long hair are additional tools that are designed for better vacuuming on various surfaces, including furniture.

In addition, automatic changing of the brushroll height and the turning on/off of the brushroll motor when the vacuum cleaner switches from one type of surface to another (for example, from a hard floor to a carpet) can be a useful function. Dyson and some other manufacturers began offering this function in their latest models of so-called smart vacuum cleaners.

Whichever vacuum and specifications suit you best, we hope that it lasts you a very long time without having to be repaired or replaced. Goodbye pesky hairs and hello clean floors.

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