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Best vacuum for tile floors

It’s no hidden fact that tile flooring adds to the beauty of your home, but it becomes really difficult to pick up all the dirt, dust, debris, crumbs, hair, etc. when it comes to cleaning tiles. If you suffer from the same tile cleaning trouble, the solution for you is the best vacuum for tile floors. No more frequent cleaning!




  • 1200 watt motor
  • 6 speed controls
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Air-cleaning filter
  • Miele parquet floor brushes

Get ready to have spotless dirt-free tiles with the tile floor vacuum in just a matter of few minutes. In this article, you will know all about vacuum cleaners for tile floors and their features.

Before we jump on the best vacuum for tile floors, you need to know certain things that will help you understand all about tile floor vacuums better.

Things to consider before buying the best vacuum for tile floors

Keep in mind that all vacuums you see in the market are not meant for tile cleaning or hard surfaces. There are some features and important things to consider when choosing a vacuum that is specially designed and suitable for cleaning the tiles of your home. This buying guide will surely assist in getting your hands on the best vacuum for tile floors.

Types of tiles

It is a difficult task to find the best vacuum for cleaning your home tiles. The tiles become dirtier if they are not cleaned regularly in comparison to rugs and carpets. The floor tiles differ in materials, grout, and colors which affect the cleaning efficiency of a vacuum. Floor tiles are made of:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Mosaic
  • Stone
  • Wood

There are different methods to clean them; one of them is scrubbing tiles with floor cleaners or soapy water to clean up all the dirt. The main drawback of this tile cleaning method is that regular scrubbing might damage the tile surface and it requires too much energy. This is where a vacuum for tile cleaning will do the purpose without damaging the beauty of your tile flooring.

For instance, the glazed finished tiles repel the mud and dirt better than quarry tile form and can be cleaned with a simple vacuum that does not have high suction power. But when it comes to unglazed quarry type, you would require a multifunction vacuum machine with strong suction, motorized brush, and a wet-dry mop feature.

Suction power

Suction power is an important feature to consider when buying a vacuum to wipe away all the trapped dust and debris. It determines the vacuum’s efficiency to pick up hair and dirt. The grout lines of the tiles require more suction to pick up all the trapped dirt particles. Likewise, if you have children or pets at home, we suggest you buy a vacuum with strong high suction power that picks up large debris, pet hair, and food very easily leaving you with a clean tile floor.


The brush is another factor that you can’t miss out on when buying a tile cleaning vacuum. If you plan to clean tiles only, then it is not necessary that you go for a motorized brush. The brush will roll simply along the floor when the vacuum is moved. Some vacuum cleaners come with a brush roll-on/off feature which is very handy when you want to use the same vacuum for cleaning carpets and tiles.

This feature allows you to switch off the motorized brush. Switch on the rolling brush when using the vacuum on rugs and turn it off for tile cleaning. The brush type also differs to increase the debris picking efficiency. A rubber brush is good for collecting large debris pieces that traditional brushes struggle to pick up. The rubber type doesn’t work well for small debris and dust particles. For excellent cleaning, look for a vacuum with 2 brushes systems working in collaboration to roll dirt into the suction zone. It perfectly targets all sizes of debris and works best on tile and carpeted floors.


Filtration is something you always need to consider for safety and health when buying a vacuum for whichever floor type. We will tell you why the filtration feature is very important. You wouldn’t want dust or dirt particles freely roaming in your home environment if you are allergic or have asthma. To avoid this problem, health experts highly recommend using a vacuum for cleaning tiles. Some vacuum cleaners don’t possess an effective filtration system blocking all the debris in the unit. This leads to allergens and dust particles entry into the air.

It is better that you opt for a vacuum cleaner that comes with the filtration mechanism of HEPA. It is a mechanical filter that traps all the rubbish into a mesh. This retains almost 99% of allergens from moving into the air. The air around you will be clean and totally allergen-free. Look for a vacuum that is completely sealed to prevent the escape of dust particles.

If you suffer from severe respiratory problems or extremely dust sensitive, then it is advisable to go for the vacuum that comes with multiple filters like water filtration and cyclone separation with the HEPA filter.

Cord/cordless and battery life

Some vacuum comes with a cord that is to be plugged in a socket for use. A drawback of corded vacuums is that they come with a limited size cord length but they are more affordable and powerful.  The cordless ones are easy to use and require no plug-in. High mobility, take it anywhere you want and no outlet is required. Cordless vacuums are portable and very convenient to use, yet you have to consider battery life.

The battery life varies for different vacuum models. Most cordless vacuums offer battery timings from 15-30 minutes and up to two hours. Look for a cordless vacuum that comes with a lithium-ion battery offering a 4-hour functional time, so you don’t have to charge again and again.

Dustbin capacity (bagged/bagless)

The canister size is an important feature to consider even if the vacuum is bagged or bagless. A large size canister helps you clean for a longer time in a large home without the need for emptying debris. Having a bagged vacuum means a large dirt holding capacity. The drawback of this is the changing of dust bags and finding the right bag size. Bagless vacuums are getting more common for their cost-free system. You don’t have to buy bags! Suction is not lost even when the cleaner is filled up. But, there is a danger of dust particles escape when using a bagless vacuum. So for allergic sensitive people, a bagged vacuum is advised.


A vacuum with multiple cleaning features is the best. Most of the vacuums come with accessories and attachments like nozzle, crevice tool, extended wand, and cord length to improve cleaning versatility. Cleaning the dirt in corners, under furniture, shelves, gaps, grouts, and upholstery will be easier.


You wouldn’t want a scratchy tile floor as not all the tiles are scratch-resistant and hard. Look for a vacuum that has soft rubber wheels that glide smoothly on the tile surface with great traction without causing any sort of abrasion to the floor.

Steaming feature

Many cleaning machines in the market offer both steam and vacuum cleaning at the same time. If you want to sanitize your tile floor, a steam cleaner is a right choice for you as tiles are temperature resistant. It heats up water at high pressure to create dry steam that moves the trapped grease and dirt from tile flooring.  Steam kills all the dust mites and bacteria that are present on the floor surface.

Best vacuum for tile floors in 2022

1. Miele Complete C2

Miele Complete C2



  • 1200 watt motor
  • 6 speed controls
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Air-cleaning filter
  • Miele parquet floor brushes

Powerful and portable

Looking for the best canister type vacuum for cleaning tiles and hard surfaces? The Miele Complete C2 for a hard floor is the best choice for you. What you get is a potent strong suction power with 1200W Miele’s powerful motor. Not noisy at all, this canister type vacuum is sound insulated with the German technology that makes it an extremely quiet cleaning machine. The product dimensions are 23.3 x 14.5 x 12.4 inches. This vacuum is lightweight to carry around the house weighing only 13.51 pounds.

Effective filtration

This bagged vacuum is perfect for dust-sensitive users as it comes with an effective air cleaning filter and a HEPA and active charcoal filter adding an option to seal all the debris inside the bag. The air you breathe will be dust-free with a spring-sealed dustbag! No need to empty the bag time and again, the GN AirClean dust bag is large enough and stores up to 1.19 gallons of dirt. You will be notified with a full bag indicator light about when to change the dust bag.

Automatic cord rewind

It comes with an extended cord length of 33 feet so you don’t have to change outlets every time you move from one cleaning area to another. No hassle of manually rewinding the power cord, it will automatically retract when the foot button is pressed.

Parquet floor brushes

The C2 vacuum cleaner comes with 2 brush attachments; the SBB400-3 Parquet Twister XL Floor Brush that has soft bristles with a 90ₒ rotating angle to go under furniture and baseboards. With an extra-wide 16’’ cleaning head, you will clean any hard floor 20% faster. The SBD285-3 combo brush with retractable bristles is for cleaning bare floors, tiles, and low pile carpets.

Maneuverable design

The crushproof and ergonomic handle and hose, telescoping wands that are made from stainless steel make this vacuum cleaner durable with 20 years life span. You can easily adjust the settings with an easy rotary dial with a 6-speed suction control option.

The Good:

  • 2 brush attachments for hard floors and carpets
  • Rubber wheels with 360degree movement for easy traction and maneuverability
  • Strong suction power
  • 6 suction settings
  • Crush-resistant hose
  • Airclean filter with a large sealed dust bag
  • Onboard tools storage
  • Ergonomic design
  • Light-weight and durable
  • Affordable

The Bad:

  • HEPA filter not included
  • Not suitable for high-pile carpets

2. Shark ION F80

Shark ION F80 tile floor vacuum


  • MultiFLEX technology
  • DuoClean technology
  • Handheld vacuum
  • Powerful suction by 2X ION
  • Cordless

Cordless vacuum

The F80 Multiflex cord-free vacuum stick is the perfect choice for cleaning all the debris anywhere with great suction power. This effective floor cleaner comes with a unique brush roll design that will remove all the stuck dirt and debris. Use this stick vacuum any place, no need for power cables. This 2 in 1 vacuum also works as a hand vacuum by pushing a single button for stick to handheld transformation.

Powerful battery

It comes with a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion 25.2V battery that produces up to 300 Watts for a runtime of 80 minutes. You get an extended vacuum runtime with the advantage of 2 removable batteries included. The product measures 13.4 × 10.2 x 45.9 inches and weighs 8.7 pounds only that makes it extremely portable.

Filtration and dust capacity

The shark F80 is a bagless vacuum that holds all the debris in a bin having a 0.3 quartz capacity. You can easily discharge the bin waste with just a button press that opens up the lid. This vacuum comes with washable filters made of foam for pre and post-filtration.

Multiflex technology

Cleaning under furniture and hard-to-reach areas is a lot easier with the MultiFlex technology. Cleaning tiles have become more convenient and easy for you. No more backache as this flexible stick vacuum has the hose and wand bending ability.

DuoClean system

The DuoClean system enhances the cleaning efficiency; a powerhead with 2 different types of brush rolls pick up all the large debris and even the finest dust from hard floors and carpets. You get two suction options; ION power for less suction and ION boost when strong suction is required.


This is a vacuum with headlights! Clean your house better with floor lights that increase visibility and also work as indicator lights when brush roll isn’t fixed properly.

The Good:

  • Light-weight cordless vacuum
  • Rechargeable batteries with long runtime
  • 2 suction modes
  • Multiflex technology for cleaning underneath the furniture
  • Dual brush roll feature for cleaning every surface type
  • Transform into a hand vacuum
  • Timed Ion boost mode to conserve battery

The Bad:

  • No HEPA filter
  • No complete seal of allergens

3. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


  • Dyson powerful digital motor
  • Portable
  • 2 suction modes
  • Cordless and handheld vacuum
  • ASTM F558 tested
  • 60 minutes runtime

It’s time you say bye to the heavy corded vacuum cleaners! We have the best cordless vacuum for tile floors for you.

Digital motor

This V10 vacuum by Dyson is made to clean all the hard floors with great suction power driven by nickel-cobalt aluminum cells. The NCA cells offer more runtime up to 40 minutes than lithium-ion batteries.


V10 is the most portable vacuum you will see, being so light in weight! It weighs only 5.88 lbs. The product dimensions are 9.8 x 10.1 x 49.2 inches.

Thorough cleaning

With a bin that holds up to 54 liters of debris, you don’t need to stop often for discarding dirt. This cordless vacuum stick comes with a torque direct drive roller brush head made of soft nylon that captures dust and dirt from hard floors and carpets. Fine dust is simultaneously removed by the carbon fiber anti-static filaments driven by a motor. It is said to remove 25% more dirt than other vacuum models by Dyson.

Powerful smart suction

This lightweight compact vacuum has the strongest motor made of ceramic shaft spinning at 125,000 rpm to produce great suction power similar to a heavy-duty vacuum. Change it into a handheld vacuum with just a button click for cleaning car interior and spills. You get 3 suction power modes to choose from for different floor types.

Efficient filtration

The strong advanced filtration and cyclone technology captures and seals even the smallest 0.3 microns size allergens up to 99.97% effectively that won’t release in the air. The filter is washable and twists off easily for removal and cleaning.

The Good:

  • Light-weight and cordless
  • Large bin capacity with easy emptying feature
  • A power cleaner head, torque drive nylon woven roller brush
  • 3 suction power modes
  • Extended runtime
  • Quick transformation into a hand vacuum
  • Strong suction power

The Bad:

  • Expensive
  • Only one rechargeable battery
  • A bit noisy on max suction model

4. Eureka NEU182A

Eureka Upright Vacuum Cleaner


  • 5 height adjustment options
  • Brush roll on/off feature
  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • 1 L large dust cup
  • 6’’ cleaning path
  • Light-weight; 10 lbs

Top-notch suction

This lightweight vacuum will deep clean any hard floor, rug, or carpet with the 8-amp powerful motor and cyclone technology. The strong airflow created by the cyclonic system will pick up all sizes of debris from any surface with a brush on/off feature.

Effective cleaning

Less trash cleaning trips can save a lot of time and energy, this upright vacuum comes with a cylindrical XL dust cup that can hold up to 0.7 liters of debris. The dust cup opens up with a button release and all the dust falls directly into a trash can.  The wide 12.6 inches nozzle cleaning path ensures that no debris or dirt is left behind.

5 Height adjustments

NEU182A model comes with 5 height adjustment settings on a turn dial with a quick-release handle to clean at low or high. The 25’ cord length and 7′ extended height make cleaning more efficient.

Washable filter

This low-maintenance vacuum has a 2-stage filtration system to trap all the allergens. The foam-made filter is washable and reusable. You won’t lose any accessories or tools as this cleaning machine has an onboard storage tool area.

The Good:

  • 5 height adjustment settings
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Washable filter with a bagless design
  • High-reach detachable wand and handle
  • Rubberized smooth large wheels
  • Xl dust cup size

The Bad:

  • No automatic cord rewind feature
  • No HEPA filter

5. BISSELL Symphony – Best steam vacuum for tile floors

best Bissell steam vacuum for tile floors


  • Cyclone airflow technology
  • Powerful motor
  • Adjustable 5-way handle
  • 8 oz water tank for steaming
  • 30 seconds warm-up heater time
  • Vacuum + steam

2 in 1 floor cleaner

Looking for the best steam vacuum for tile floors? The answer is BISSELL symphony vac &steam. This is the tile cleaning machine that provides vacuum and steam features at the same time. This 2 in 1 cleaner is set to make your floor fully sanitized, clean, and germ-free. It also acts as a steam mop to clean your tile floors with the detachable easy mop tray

Systematic cleaning

The Symphony style cleaner has an 11 inches wide cleaning head with a 12.8 oz tank capacity. Very portable and easy to carry around the house with 25 feet power cord and weighs only 9.74 lb. The product dimensions are 9 x 11 x 46.5 inches. The dirt will be completely dry and moisture-free during steam for easy dust removal. The heater requires only 30 seconds of warm-up time.

Easy touch controls

It is very easy to use with digital touch buttons. You can use a vacuum or steam separately or use both together to enhance the cleaning. The symphony is safe and suitable to use on ceramic, sealed hardwood, marble, granite, and linoleum tiles.

Cyclone Airflow Technology

The 120 volts motor power is effective for both vacuum and steaming. It comes with low, high steam, and suction options to choose from. The vacuum system uses a cyclone airflow technology for powerful suction to capture all debris. No more germs, dust, and bacteria with the steam and vacuum combo!

The Good:

  • Adjustable 5-way handle
  • Touch digital control
  • 2 in 1 vacuum and steam
  • Sanitizes the floor
  • Adjustable handle
  • Microfiber washable pads
  • 30 seconds warm-up heater time

The Bad:

  • No disposable pads
  • Steam functionality decreases with time

6. Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe – Best steam mop for tile floors

best mop for tile floors


  • SpotBoost brush
  • Digital steam control
  • Built-in scent disc tray
  • 25 feet cord length
  • 16 oz easy filling water tank

Digital steam control

When the vacuum machine isn’t enough to clean your dirty tile flooring, then you need an additional steam mop for the cleaning purpose. To make it easy for you, Bissell’s Powerfresh deluxe is the best steam mop for tile floors in the market. With digital buttons, you can control the steam levels with just one touch.

SpotBoost brush

This powerful steam mop tackles all sticky tough messes and debris with the SpotBoost brush and continuous steam that is generated from a 16 oz water tank. The water tank is very convenient to fill with a water cup provided.

The built-in scent disc tray

This will not only clean and sanitize your floor tiles but will also leave your home with a refreshing scent. The built-in scent disc tray releases a pleasant odor. All types of bacteria and germs will be eliminated from your floor.

Swivel steering

The swivel steering makes it maneuverable and easy to use under the furniture. Clean all types of surfaces with the power of continuous steam and a microfiber mop pad. Scrub away all the trapped mess with the best steam mop for hard surfaces.

The Good:

  • Variable steam levels
  • 9% sanitizing power
  • 30 seconds heater warm-up time
  • Safe to use on sealed surfaces
  • Easy filling water tank
  • Light-weight
  • Washable microfiber pad

The Bad:

  • No handheld steamer transform feature
  • Scented discs sold separately

7. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC – Best tile floor cleaner machine

Oreck tile cleaner machine


  • Multi-floor cleaner and buffer
  • Large 50’ power cord
  • Powerful ¾ HP 5.4-amp motor
  • Oscillating brush of speed 175 RPM
  • 13 inches wide cleaning path

Multi-floor cleaner

The best tile floor cleaner machine that deep cleans and scrubs the tiles for effective cleaning. This machine not only cleans the tile floors but it also buffs and polishes to make them new again. No brush marks at all! The orbital drive brush head will glide over the floor in an orbit pattern. Control this machine easily with finger buttons.

Oscillating brush pad

Add a new polished finish to your floor with this versatile floor cleaning machine with oscillating pad brush motion with a 5.4-amp motor of ¾ horsepower and rotates at 175 rpm. The product measures 49.6 x 13.6 x 9.7 inches and weighs 24 lbs. The power cord is 50’ in length

Use it with any washing or cleaning solutions to buff, scrap, polish, wax, and clean floors. A highly recommended professional floor cleaning machine!

The Good:

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • No maintenance required
  • Suitable and effective for vinyl tiles, wood, hard floors, and carpets
  • Powerful ¾ hp motor
  • Deep cleanses
  • Smooth and quiet operation

The Bad:

  • No attachments or tools included

The bottom line

It is tricky to clean tile floors, but not that hard when you have an easy using vacuum that is specially designed keeping hard floors and great suction power in mind.

Buying the best vacuum for tile floors requires extensive research and this article helped you with it. We hope that now it’s easy for you to choose the best cleaning machine according to your preferences and suits your needs.

Be ready to receive compliments about your spotless, clean, and dirt-free tile floor!

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