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Ceramic vs titanium flat iron

Learn about ceramic vs titanium flat iron comparison in this article.

Who doesn’t want to have gorgeous hair?

Every woman knows that beautiful and shiny hair is one of those simple things that can raise our confidence and inspire us to care for our hair but also for ourselves.

When we style our hair the way we want, we walk with our head up high and have the strength to handle anything.

And on beautiful and sunny days, we are able to enjoy the warmth of sun rays on our skin and appreciate every memorable moment even more.

But, to style our hair just how we want, first, we need to know which flat iron we need to buy for our hair type – ceramic vs titanium flat iron? And this is just the place to find that out, so don’t go anywhere!
What is the difference between ceramic and titanium flat irons?

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to ceramic or titanium flat iron.

Ceramic iron for hair – the good and the bad

Thanks to a plethora of hot tools available to us, each one of us can have beautiful hair. We can make all kinds of hairstyles at home, whether we want to use a flat iron or a curling iron.

This is the major advantage of a ceramic hair iron – we can use it on our own without being afraid of burning our hair. A ceramic iron features ceramic plates that create gentle heat and transfer it evenly throughout our hair. This means there is less chance for causing damage to our hair since there will be no hot spots formed. However, try not to go over the same area several times as this can surely burn your hair, even if you’re using a gentle hot tool such as a ceramic hair iron.

When comparing a ceramic and titanium iron for hair, one should know that a ceramic one is fairly easy to use. This makes it a good choice for damaged, delicate or thin hair. A ceramic iron will add shine to dull and tired hair.

Also, looking at a ceramic vs titanium flat iron we can see that a ceramic iron is much more affordable than one made of titanium. However, keep in mind that a ceramic-coated iron would be super cheap compared to 100% ceramic models. And you should look for 100% ceramic plates since the coating can chip and cause damage to the hair.

A ceramic iron indeed requires some time to heat up and be ready for ironing. It’s also much heavier compared to a titanium iron. Being made of ceramic, this type of flat iron would break easily once it’s dropped. So, you’d want to be cautious when using this one!

  • Great for use at home
  • Gentle on hair
  • An ideal choice for thin, damaged or delicate hair
  • Simple to use
  • Hair looks shiny
  • Even heat transfer throughout the tresses
  • Reasonably priced
  • Needs time to heat things up
  • Significantly heavier than titanium iron
  • Breaks easily
  • Not for curly hair

Titanium iron – the good and the bad

A titanium iron is pretty powerful and will transfer heat to the hair much better and faster than its ceramic counterpart. Another perk of this model is that it heats up in no time, generating high heat. This is why the person working with a titanium iron should have fast hands and know the right styling techniques.

In other words, titanium iron is not such a good option for doing hair at home. A professional would know the right technique and how not to burn your hair, but, you probably won’t.

Given high heat and fast results, this flat iron works wonders on long, thick or curly hair when used by a professional. Another reason why hairdressers love using titanium plate flat irons is because of their weight. A titanium model weighs far less than a ceramic hair iron, being perfect for prolonged use.

A titanium iron is expensive and should not be used on damaged and delicate hair.

  • Works wonders on thick, long, or curly hair (if used correctly)
  • Best for use in hair salons
  • Heats up in a blink of an eye
  • Works promptly and efficiently
  • Lightweight; easy to control
  • Reduces frizz thanks to negative ions
  • Sturdy and resistant to cracks
  • Can burn the hair if not used fast enough
  • Much more expensive than ceramic irons
  • Not for thin and damaged hair
  • Should be used by a professional otherwise, it can damage hair


  • Is Titanium more damaging than ceramic?

Yes, but this is only when it’s not used correctly. This type of flat iron is not recommended for use at home.

  • Is a ceramic or titanium flat iron better?

If we’re talking about the use at home, then a ceramic one is definitely better. But, if we’re talking about curly, thick and hair that’s hard to tame, a professional would handle it easy with a titanium iron.

  • What is the best iron for thick or curly hair?

Go to our flat iron review to find that out.

  • What is the best flat iron for fine hair?

Check out our article to find the best straightener for fine hair.

  • What is a tourmaline ceramic flat iron?

This is an iron-made with both materials, giving you the best of both worlds – less hair damage and reduced frizz.

The bottom line

Investing in a high-quality flat iron is something we suggest you if you love doing your hair. A high-quality model will work like charm and damage your hair much less than some cheap model made of poor materials. A flat iron or curling iron that is suitable for your hair type really makes a difference and it can help you to create a hairstyle that will make your day!

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