Today:18 September, 2020

Clothes steamer vs iron – do you need both?

In this article, we compare two devices whose need for clothing care cannot be overemphasized: clothes steamer vs iron.

Our whole lives we’ve been listening to others (specifically mothers) talking about keeping our home neat and tidy. This also goes for our clothes. “Don’t go out like that, you look like a caveman.” “Oh for Christ’s Sake, iron/steam that garment.” “Ironing is one of the most important things you need to learn.”

As much as we don’t like ironing, it turns out that our mothers and friends were right. It doesn’t matter how much that dress, or shirt costs; what it matters is wearing it in style. Looking presentable.

But to achieve that, first you need to have the right tool, that is, an iron or a steamer. What’s the difference between steamer and iron? – You ask. Well, that’s a good question and you’re going to find out the answer. So, let’s talk about it.

Iron vs steamer: control

Ironing is an old-fashioned way of smoothing out clothes by removing wrinkles and creases.

Many of us still prefer using an iron over a streamer. But why?

The answer is simple enough – control. When we’re talking about controlling clothes steamer vs iron, it is easier to work with the latter. It gives us more control to go over areas that need special care, such as around the buttons or pockets. You can point the tip of the iron in the direction you want and iron the exact spot. A steamer doesn’t offer that precision although it removes wrinkles.

In addition, iron offers several heat settings for different fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton, etc. This means you can adjust the heat based on the fabric you’d like to iron. Thanks to this, this home appliance works like a charm for everyday ironing tasks.

Steaming vs ironing: ease of use

Although the iron offers more control, you would definitely want to be careful when using one. Not only can you burn your hands, but you can also burn your clothes. When it comes to ironing, there is a learning curve. You have to choose the right heat level for the given garment. Higher heat will burn or damage clothes whereas lower heat will not remove wrinkles. Also, it takes some time to learn how to use a steam iron to get perfectly pressed clothes.

Using a steamer is much easier, with almost no learning curve at all. A great tip is to steam clothes from bottom to the top as this will save you time. However, keep in mind that you need to hold a steamer upright which can be tiring for your arms, especially if you have a pile of clothes ahead of you.

Clothes steamer vs iron: convenience<