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Curling wand vs curling iron

If you love when your hair is curly, then you must have tried all kinds of tools and hacks to get luscious curls. But, what about the two most important heat tools – curling wand and iron? These surely deliver gorgeous hair!

Perhaps it’s time to invest in one of these tools to finally get the locks you’ve always hoped for. This article explores curling wand vs curling iron so as to help you get just the heat tool you want.

Curling wand – the good and the bad

Both curling wand and curling iron are designed for creating locks. Which one you choose depends on the kinds of locks you want to achieve, and some other factors as well. So, let’s talk about the difference between a curling iron and a curling wand.

The major advantage of curling wand vs curling iron lies in how fast the unit gets ready for curling. Namely, a curling wand heats up significantly faster than a curling iron. Thanks to a simple design (there is no clip to open and close) you will do your hair quickly. Meaning you can do your hair in the morning and have gorgeous locks at work. This tool is ideal when you’re in a hurry.

However, you do need to learn how to use a curling wand unless you want to burn your hair. Speaking of burning, you also need to use heat resistant gloves to protect your hands. These usually come included.

What we love about a curling wand is the definition and different sizes of curls. Think of it as a modern hair curler that delivers more natural and kind of loose curls due to a barrel that looks like a cone. This is your best bet for getting that beachy, effortless look.

And another advantage when we’re talking about curling wand vs curling iron is versatility. Good quality models come with barrels of different sizes. This allows you to experiment and create different locks at home. This is arguably the best bang for your money. Even though it’s possible to find a curling iron that includes two, three barrels, you’ll have more options to choose from when looking for curling wand sets.

Naturally, this heat tool is more expensive than a curling tool.

  • Heats up quickly
  • Gets the job done much faster than a curling iron
  • Creates curls of different size
  • Curls will hold up for longer compared to a curling iron
  • Most models come with interchangeable barrels
  • Best bang for your money
  • Doesn’t deliver smooth and shiny curls
  • The person using it has to wear safety gloves
  • More expensive than a curling iron

Curling iron – the good and the bad

A curling iron is not the same as a flat iron. If you’re looking for the best flat iron, you might want to take a look at our review. But, if you want to get a very neat look, perfect for some fancy party, a curling iron is just the tool you need. Curling iron vs wand ensures even curls from the roots to ends. It also gives your hair shine and smoothness, being a good choice for frizzy and thick hair. If you love uniform and formal look, a curling iron delivers!

When choosing curling iron or wand, one should know that a curling iron takes time and practice to learn how to use it correctly. It also doesn’t heat up as fast as a curling wand. And because of the clip you need to open and close for each section of hair, it takes more time to get the hair done. Certainly not a go-to choice for when you’re in a rush.

Most models come with a barrel of one size only which doesn’t leave you options when it comes to creating locks of different sizes. However, you can find a model that comes with interchangeable barrels. Though constantly having to switch the barrels to get just one look doesn’t sound very attractive.

  • Ideal for getting a formal look with structured curls
  • Perfect for thick and frizzy hair
  • Delivers shiny locks
  • Affordable
  • Uniform locks all the way through your hair
  • Most curling irons come with one barrel, but you can find interchange barrels as well
  • Has a learning curve

Curling wand vs curling iron – FAQ

  • What’s better – curling iron or wand for beach waves?

Definitely a curling wand. It’s designed to deliver loose waves and locks.

  • What’s better a curling wand or iron?

Both heat tools are great options for getting that curly, bouncy hair. The former gives more natural curls while the latter creates a formal look where every curl is perfectly shaped from the roots to ends.

  • How to wand short hair?

Short hair is perfect for achieving different hairstyles! If you have short hair, you can learn to make all kinds of curls and waves with a curling wand. Check out this video to learn some of them!

  • How to curl hair with wand iron?

Read our article to learn how to use a curling wand.

  • What is better – curling wand or iron for beginners?

A curling wand is easier to use due to a lack of a clip. A curling iron has a learning curve and at first, it can be very frustrating to use it. However, if you prefer going with a curling iron, you can take a look at this video and find some helpful tips on how to use it.

The bottom line

Well, this would be all on our curling wand vs curling iron article. Of course, it would be great if you can purchase both of these because you will be ready for every occasion, whether it be a fancy gathering or just going out with some friends. Both tools can be your allies, you just need to buy good quality products and learn how to use them the right way. Be patient and the results will follow!

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