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How to clean vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is becoming very popular nowadays due to its numerous benefits that have been attracting the market. It is visually pleasing, durable, and water-resistant. Vinyl floors are also much affordable than wood flooring and have a variety of options.

Vinyl plank flooring has many advantages, but it also needs to be cared for appropriately so that it lasts longer. You may have many questions as to what you should do to maintain the current shine and luster of your vinyl floors, so in this article, we will be answering all of your questions and discussing how to clean your vinyl plank floors.

How to clean vinyl plank flooring without damaging it

  1. Research on the type of floors you have

Before beginning to clean your floors, make sure to do proper research to avoid causing damage. Vinyl plank floors are easy to maintain if you know the proper way to take care of them. Because there are so many variations of vinyl floors, we have listed down the most popular options in this article to help you out.

How to clean luxury vinyl plank flooring  (LVT)

LVT is the most popular type of vinyl flooring as it most closely resembles hardwood planks. The biggest tip we have for cleaning luxury vinyl plank floors is to use a microfiber mop when cleaning. Do not use a normal mop as this spreads water which could enter the many seams on luxury vinyl plank floors.

How to clean shaw vinyl plank flooring

Shaw vinyl plank floors are known for being resilient and low maintenance. The advice we have for cleaning shaw vinyl plank flooring is to try avoiding using steam or harsh chemicals when cleaning as this could damage your floors.

How to clean allure vinyl plank flooring

If you have allure vinyl plank flooring in your home, you may wonder how you would clean allure flooring. These types of floors are very sensitive to heat so it would be advisable to prevent using a steam mop when cleaning.

  1. Sweep your floors every day

It is crucial that you sweep your floors every day to get rid of all the dust, grime, and dirt that may one day pile up on your floors. When doing so, make sure that the broom that you are using is soft to avoid any damage. This is also a great way to manage your vinyl floors and keep them looking fresh and clean. It would also be useful to have a door mat to prevent any dust from getting in your house and causing any extra cleaning.

  1. Purchase a high-quality vacuum cleaner

A high-quality vacuum for vinyl floors would be preferred to avoid damaging them. We recommend purchasing a vacuum cleaner that has strong suction power and preferably has rubber wheels and brushes. No brushes on your vacuum cleaner may also be better, however, if there are brushes, make sure that they are not stiff to avoid any damage. Stick vacuums are most appropriate for vinyl floors as they are light, unlike upright vacuums which tend to be heavier. There are various high-quality vacuum cleaners in the market that are affordable and suitable for vinyl floors, but we highly suggest that you do proper research on them before purchasing to ensure the quality and safety of your vinyl plank floors.

  1. Use cleaning solutions that are suitable for vinyl floors

The cleaning solution that you use on your vinyl plank floors matter as there are some cleaning solutions in the market that contain harsh chemicals that are damaging to vinyl floors. We suggest looking for pH neutral cleaners as these are the safest to use. Try avoiding using cleaning solutions that contain bleach, ammonia, or any high pH detergent as these are corrosive and dangerous for your floors.  You could also opt for a homemade cleaning solution made of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or dishwashing liquid as these are also effective and could help you save money as well.


While vinegar could be damaging for other types of floors, it is safe to use for vinyl plank floors. Specifically, apple cider vinegar. Vinegar contains an acidic property that helps it effectively remove any dirt that may be stuck in your floors. Simply mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with a gallon of water and clean your floors with a soft mop. It is important to note that you should not use full-strength vinegar to clean your floors as this could damage your vinyl plank flooring. Go over this with some warm plain water and a dry rag to reduce the stickiness that may occur due to the vinegar.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol contains disinfectant properties that get rid of germs, and it also dries fast. It also contains pH neutral cleaners which are considered safe for vinyl plank floors. To create your own cleaning solution with rubbing alcohol, mix 1 ½ cup of rubbing alcohol, water, and a little bit of dishwashing liquid to create the perfect cleaning solution for your floors.

Dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid is considered the most effective cleaning solution for your vinyl plank floor. Just simply mix one cup of mild dishwashing soap with a gallon of water and mop your floors normally. Go over this with some warm plain water and a dry rag afterward.

Aside from using appropriate cleaning solutions, you must also make sure that you rinse your floors well. Leaving soap could be harmful to vinyl plank floors as soap leaves a type of film that constantly collects dirt which could be harmful. Therefore, you must go over your floors with some warm plain water and a dry rag after cleaning with a cleaning solution to protect them from collecting any more dirt, grime, or dust.

  1. Do not wet clean daily

Even though vinyl plank floors are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. Therefore, frequent exposure to water could cause your floors to become weak and loose as small droplets could enter any cracks.

We recommend cleaning your floors with water either weekly or monthly. This is so that the life expectancy of your floors could be increased. Wet cleaning too often could also diminish the quality of the vinyl, as well as weaken the adhesive. It is also important to note that you should be using warm water, and not hot or cold water. This is because vinyl plank floors are sensitive to extreme heat or cold and exposing them to these could cause the planks to curve and twist towards the side.

  1. Do not use a steam mop

A question that seems to be on people’s minds pertaining to vinyl floors is “can I use a steam mop on vinyl plank flooring?”. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, but it is recommended that you not use a steam mop on your vinyl plank floors. This is because a steam mop uses heat which vinyl plank floors are highly sensitive to. You are better off using plain water to clean your floors as this is much safer to do so than using a steam mop to clean your floors.

  1. Use an acrylic finish

It is not required that you use vinyl floor polish on your floors, however, there are some that could benefit the quality of your vinyl plank floors. Using an acrylic finish, a liquid-based wax that is applied with a mop could help add shine to your vinyl floors, as well as provide a protective barrier for it. It can also extend its lifespan. Make sure that you do not use floor wax as this requires a specific buffing tool which can cause layers of your vinyl plank floors to separate.

  1. Be gentle when cleaning

It is a number one rule for cleaning vinyl plank floors to be gentle. Extra care must be taken to not accidentally scratch your floors. Using materials that are not harsh could be helpful, such as using a vacuum cleaner that has rubber wheels and a rubber brush or using “protective feet” for your furniture to eliminate any scratching. If any small scratches do occur – this can be removed by a spot repair kit or light buffing. However, it is unfortunate to tell you that if the scratches are quite large, then your vinyl plank floors would have to be replaced.

Final thoughts

Vinyl plank floors can be maintained easily if it is given proper care. With a little bit of maintenance, your vinyl flooring can look brand new even after many years. The number one rule for cleaning vinyl plank floors is that you must be gentle. Vinyl plank floors need a lot of nurture and attention, and certain precautions must be taken so that they last. If you follow these tips that we have listed down for you, we would be sure that your vinyl plank flooring’s luster and shine would stay for a long time.

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