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How to Cut a Circle With a Jigsaw

People often wonder how to cut a circle with a jigsaw, as they mostly do only straight cuts. But making curved cuts seems difficult only at first sight.

For cutting a circle with a jigsaw you will need the following:

  • a jigsaw;
  • plywood or other material;
  • special blades according to the material;
  • marker;
  • template;
  • working surface;
  • screw clamp.

There are different methods of cutting with a jigsaw. A circle can be cut both with hand and mechanical jigsaws. A hand jigsaw has a simpler mechanism than an electric one. It is not meant for thick layers of material and long cuts.

Jigsaws can be of a common and artistic type. The difference is in the blade location: a common jigsaw has a vertical blade, while an artistic jigsaw has a saw of a steel blade. A common jigsaw can cut thick plywood, be used for making the back of the bed or other furniture. With an artistic jigsaw, you can cut complex elements, such as letters and puzzle pieces.

There is a variety of cutting blades for each type of jigsaw, which must be selected according to the material for cutting.

How to cut plywood with a jigsaw

How to cut a circle with a jigsawBefore cutting a circle in plywood, you should know a few tips on how to cut this material properly.

Cut only dry plywood. Wet plywood has an increased resistance, so the veneer will be flaking at cutting. This will damage a saw blade or even the entire jigsaw if it is electric. If you see that the saw teeth are not sharp enough or some part of the blade is curved, the saw blade should be replaced.

When cutting a plywood sheet with an electric jigsaw, try to do the main cutting lines along the veneer fibers. Thus, the edges will be neat. If you are using a hand jigsaw, it is easier to cut across fibers. This will not save you from chipping, but a jigsaw will less likely get pinched or miss the marking line.

Before cutting a circle, you need to transfer its circuit to the plywood. Doing that, try to keep areas with defects, chips, stains, and knots outside the circuit. The circuit can be copied to the plywood by circling it over the carbon paper, using a pre-cut cut paper circle, or simply drawing a circle with the required radius with the compasses. You can do a starting hole in the plywood with a thin drill if necessary.

To cut a circle with a jigsaw, insert the saw blade into the hole. The free end of the hand model is fixed with a clamp or fixing screw. The workpiece is pressed to the workbench with clamps and cutting is performed along the marking line. When the circle is closed, take the central element off from the board and treat its edges with sandpaper or file.

How to cut a perfect circle with a jigsaw 1Before using a jigsaw with an electric motor, install a narrow blade on it. There is a special improvement for this tool, called a circular knife, which is installed in the center and then you start cutting. Do not press a jigsaw while cutting, this will not make the process faster. The pressure can bend and break the saw blade and even its fastenings. If a circle has a small radius, it is better to cut it out in several goes, as sharp turns can break and bend the blade.

How to cut a circle with a jigsaw

How to cut a hole in glazed tiles with a jigsaw

Teeth for cutting tiles have a small diameter and can’t be used with most holes. If using a grinder, you must have excellent skills to make a smooth hole. Therefore, almost the only way out is using a jigsaw. You will need a special blade of increased strength for that. Before starting, drill a hole with a drill or crown. Put the blade in, fix it and start cutting. Glazed tiles are even harder to cut than tiles without glazing. Process a hole with sandpaper when finished.

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