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How to iron without an ironing board?

When you’re in a rush and you need that T-shirt ironed as soon as possible, there’s no chance that you’re going to drag out the ironing board. Similarly, you may not always have an ironing board at hand when you need to iron the garment you plan to wear. In those times, you may be wondering “What can I use if I don’t have an ironing board?” Well, it’s a high time to learn some hacks on how to iron without an ironing board. No doubt that this will make your life a whole lot simpler. So, let’s find out what are some interesting and easy ways to iron that garment.

Best alternatives to the ironing board

1. Iron on a firm, flat surface

There are several ironing board alternatives, the first one being a flat surface. Look around your house and find a flat surface that is safe for ironing. A tile or wooden floor is a great example, and so is a kitchen table. The surface should be large so that you have enough space for ironing. You don’t want to use a plastic surface because it can easily be melted. Also, stay away from a surface made of glass because it can break. When you’ve found the appropriate surface, you’d need some kind of a cover to protect it from burning.

The simplest and cheapest alternatives to ironing board are thick cotton towels (preferably white otherwise the towel can color your clothes once in contact with heat), linen, or a flannel blanket. Whichever one you opt for, make sure that it’s thick enough so it doesn’t cause damage to the surface beneath. Once you start ironing, check the surface every few seconds to ensure everything’s fine.

What’s great about ironing on a firm surface is that ironing is faster and neater. Pressing is easy due to the resistance of the surface hence it’s very easy to get crisp lines.

2. Ironing on the bed

For quick touchups and when you don’t need to get clean lines on clothes, you can iron on the bed. Just be sure to place a thick towel or other heat-resistant fabric on top of it. Also, be careful not to leave the iron on the bed as this can obviously be dangerous. Ironing on the bed is faster compared to ironing on a table as it doesn’t require setting items aside and clearing the surface.

3. Toss the clothes in the dryer

So, how to iron without an ironing board? One of the ways is to toss the selected garments in the dryer along with a damp towel (the moisture will speed up the process of wrinkles removing). But before you turn the machine on, check the recommended temperature for that particular fabric. Choose the correct temperature and set it to 10-15 minutes. Once the clothes are ready, hang them on a hanger immediately, don’t fold them.

4. Hang it in the bathroom

If you have a wrinkled t-shirt or cardigan that you need for the night, but don’t have a steam iron or ironing board, use the power of steam. Hang the clothes in the bathroom prior to showering. Don’t forget to close the door. The steam and high temperature will smooth out the wrinkles and your clothes will be ready for wearing. A pretty cool alternative to ironing, huh?

5. A clothes steamer

Investing in the best clothes steamer might be a wise decision for those who do not like the stress of dragging out an ironing board and iron every time. A clothes steamer does wonders on shirts, pleat dresses, but also on pillows, curtains, and other kinds of fabrics in your house. Steam will kill bacteria and allergens in the fabric which makes it a great disinfectant. In addition, it will remove the unpleasant smell from pillows and curtains.

6. Use products made for ironing without a board

Luckily, you were not the only one thinking about how to iron without an ironing board. Nowadays, you can find many products that make ironing as simple as possible. Here we’re going to cover some of them.

  • Ironing blanket

The most popular product is an ironing blanket. This one works like a charm. People find it especially useful for traveling because it doesn’t take up much space and is easy to set up.

It is designed for use with both dry and steam irons, which is another plus. An ironing blanket is large enough so you can use it to iron different clothes, from shirts to towels. You can set it on a table or a floor as it is heat resistant (of course you should check what the maximum temperature it can withstand is). And it features a non-slip base so no worries about that either.

  • Magnetic ironing mat

A magnetic ironing mat is another handy item if you’re looking for ironing board alternatives. It is designed for use on top of the dryer or washing machine, so you can iron the clothes right away. Thanks to magnets, the mat won’t slide or fall which means you won’t have to worry about burning your hands. What makes this product a great alternative is a fact it actually offers a larger surface for ironing than an ironing board. This makes it great for ironing sheets, towels, dresses, and other large garments.

  • Wrinkle remover spray 

On those days when you don’t feel like ironing, you may opt for using a Wrinkle Remover spray. It’s indeed a fantastic product given that you just need to spray onto a wet garment and voila – the wrinkles are the thing of past. Leave the garment to dry for 10 minutes and you’re good to go. If you’d like to try out this method, you might want to read some tips on how to apply wrinkle remover spray the right way.


Here are some frequently asked questions about ironing. Take a look and you might find the answer to the same question you’ve been thinking about.

  • What can I use as a makeshift ironing board?

If you’re up for DIY projects, you can make your own travel ironing board and have it with you wherever you go.

  • Do you need an ironing board cover?

Yes, you should have one of these for your ironing board. Since it improves the efficiency of ironing, it should be changed every now and then. In case you don’t have an ironing board, consider investing in an ironing blanket or mat.

  • Do I need an ironing board?

If you have room for an ironing board, it’s a good idea to invest in it. Alternatives we talked about work great as short-term solutions. There are certain benefits of owning an ironing board such as having a surface specifically designed to make ironing fast and simple. Some people like having all appliances and accessories for ironing which allows them to choose the best ironing method at the given moment.

  • Is ironing on the floor dangerous?

It can be if you are not careful. Make sure to always leave the iron on the heel during ironing. After you’re done, turn off the iron and place it somewhere safe, for example, on tile flooring (once again, place it on the heel). Also, use a thick towel, wool blanket or another heat-resistant fabric when ironing on the floor.

  • Can I use a flat iron for my clothes?

A flat iron is a great choice if you’re looking for different ways on how to iron without an ironing board. It’s perfect for quick touch-ups on a dress, skirt, or shirt thanks to its small and narrow plates.

The bottom line

And there you have it – fresh alternatives to an ironing board. These ideas will help you to overcome challenges of not having an ironing board or iron at the given moment!

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