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How to use a curling wand

Using a curling wand can really be easy if you know the right technique. So, in this article, we teach you how to use a curling wand to get the locks you are longing for. From waves to well-defined locks, a wand can help you get these hairstyles!

If you still don’t have this hair tool, be sure to purchase a branded model that comes with diverse sizes of barrels. A good quality curling wand also comes with a warranty and a glove. You will also need hair clips to make sectioning hair easier. Well, now that you this, it’s time to learn some tips on using a wand iron.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Tips on how to curl hair with wand iron

Below you’ll learn a thing or two on curling wand techniques. These tips will help you do your hair quickly and decrease heat damage.

1. Apply a thermal protector

Whether you use a flat iron for curly hair, hairdryer or a curling wand, there’s one thing you have to do – protect your hair from heat damage. And you’ll do this by applying a thermal protectant. It’s important to lift every layer of your hair to apply the spray evenly.

And be sure that your hair is dry before doing this.

2. Section the hair

Use hair clips to create layers and sections in your hair. Each hair section should be about one to two inches. Start on one side and then continue making curls to the other side as well. If you want to create a more diverse look, you can wrap hair in different directions – one forward and one back. For a more uniform look, wrap the hair in the same direction. Just remember to the left and right side in the opposite directions to get lovely curls.

3. Create locks that work for you

How to use a curling wand for waves? If you want to get a more natural look, you can change barrels and pick different sizes. To get waves, choose bigger barrels. These create less curl. On the other hand, narrow barrels create tighter curls.

4. Choose the temp

The next step would be to select the best temps for your hair. If yours is straight and stubborn, then it will require more heat to create irresistible curls.

5. Use a safety glove

Before starting to curl your hair, put on a safety glove to protect your hand from burning.

6. Curl it!

Take a section of hair (1-2 inches) with one hand and hold the wand with another hand. Don’t touch the head, but rather hold a barrel close to the roots. Wrap your hair around the curling wand and hold it for 5-10 seconds. Pull the curling wand out and hold that section of hair until it cools. This is one of the best tips on using a wand to get curls that will last longer.

7. Apply a hairspray

Do you want some more curling wand tips? After making three to four curls, be sure to apply a hairspray to help the curls stay in place. Invest in hairspray that won’t weigh your hair down.

8. Let it cool before cleaning

Let the curling wand completely cool then clean it. This will remove grease and other products buildup and keep your styling wand performing like new.

9. Store it somewhere dry and safe

If you plan on using a curling wand for years to come, then you must take good care of it. Each time carefully store it in a dry place. Another important tip is to make sure that the cord isn’t twisted because this can lead to your wand stop working.

FAQ – how to use a curling wand

  • Can I use a flat iron to curl fine hair?

Sure. You can find the best model for fine hair in our review. However, a wand works better for curls, because it’s specifically designed for curling. It will give you locks that look gorgeous and last longer. A curling wand can be used to create different kinds of locks and waves whereas a flat iron doesn’t give you that many options.

  • How to use a curling wand on short hair?

Short hair can really look amazing when curly. Check out this YouTube tutorial to find some new ways to curl your hair with a wand.

  • How to use a curling wand on long hair?

Long hair is certainly more demanding when it comes to styling. This is why you should take advantage of YouTube hair tutorials, such as this one, and learn how to style long hair.

  • Why should I be using a curling wand over a curling iron?

Well, both curling tools offer certain advantages and disadvantages. But here are some reasons for curling hair with a wand:

  • It’s much easier – hence great for beginners
  • It’s much faster – perfect for getting your hair done for work
  • A wand usually comes with barrels that differ in size, allowing you to add dimension to your hairstyle
  • It heats up in a few seconds
  • It doesn’t require any special skill to use it correctly.


  • What can I do to protect my hair from damage?

To make your hair strong and hydrated, try using hair masks and high-quality shampoo and regenerator combo. Also, it’s important to buy a high-quality comb that will not cause breakage to your hair. Avoid washing your hair more than three times per week because this will rob it of natural oils.

The bottom line

We hope our tips on how to use a curling wand encouraged you to give a curling wand a try and not be afraid of ruining your hair. Just remember to use it on dry hair and to apply a thermal protection spray before making those curls.

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