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Leaf blower maintenance – how to keep that leaf blower in good condition

A leaf blower is certainly a unit worth investing. But, it is also worth taking care of. Any appliance or machine that helps keep our property looking neat and tidy needs regular maintenance. The same goes for your leaf blower. Moreover, you would want to find a nice place for your leaf blower so as to keep it safely stored. When we start showing appreciation for the things we have, we will find that they last longer and work better. With that in mind, this article is all about leaf blower maintenance and why it’s so important.

Why is a leaf blower so great to have around?

A leaf blower is one of those units that we think we don’t need… Until we actually buy one. That’s where the song from Mariah Carey pops into your head and you find yourself singing to your leaf blower “I can’t liveeee, if living is without youuuu.” We understand this, really. No need to apologize. In fact, we ourselves keep thinking a leaf blower is something we all should have. Why?

Because, first of all, we don’t have to spend hours raking up leaves to small piles and then more hours to get rid of those piles. Using a leaf blower is much faster and, more importantly, easier on our arms.

Second, a leaf blower is great for any type of property, whether it be small or large. Of course, there are different types of leaf blower designed for cleaning areas of different sizes. Some are also versatile, coming with a vacuuming function.

But, we bet ya didn’t know that a leaf blower can also be used to blow snow from driveways and vehicles. Now, this is something you’re going to love!

Regular leaf blower maintenance – why does it matter?

As you can see, a leaf blower is a pretty handy machine to have around. And that’s why you should learn some leaf blower maintenance tips. Keeping a leaf blower in good shape will pay off considering the leaf blower will last you for longer.

Another aspect of leaf blower maintenance is storage. It’s important to keep your leaf blower safe and sound and protected from the elements. Whether you’re wondering what’s the best way to store backpack leaf blower or an electric one, you’ll find the answers here.

Electric leaf blower maintenance

As far as electric leaf blower maintenance is concerned, the good thing is that a leaf blower doesn’t have a high number of parts that could break down. An electric unit, whether cordless or corded, is easier to repair than a gas-powered unit (since it has manual parts that are harder to fix).

What you should have in mind for your blower maintenance checklist is the following:

  • Clean it regularly

More often than not, a leaf blower gets clogged with debris and God-knows-what-else. Therefore, keeping it clean can be vital for the life of your leaf blower. Make sure to take it apart regularly and remove any debris and particles from the fan otherwise you might regret it later on. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to clean a leaf blower.

  • Pay attention to the cable

A corded model features a cord. Duh. And unfortunately, a cord is something that’s easy to overlook. This usually means our cord gets damaged during use or storage (if we are not careful where we store the leaf blower). Check the cord before every use to make sure everything’s running smooth and the unit is safe for use.

  • Look for wear and tear

It’s good to do a detailed checkup of your leaf blower from time to time. You might notice some wear and tear on the unit or that some part needs to be replaced. By doing regular checkup you might be able to prevent greater damage to the unit.

  • Pay attention to the sound

We all know that it’s not a good sign when the machine or device being used starts making a weird noise. In case this happens with your leaf blower, turn it off and unplug it immediately. After the unit has cooled, take it apart to see what’s wrong. Naturally, if you aren’t sure that you know what you’re doing; take the unit to a professional.

How to store electric leaf blower

When storing your electric leaf blower, you’d want to keep these tips into your mind.

  • Don’t store it right after use. Let the unit completely cool
  • Find a safe and dry place for your leaf blower. Or hang it on a hook to free some space
  • Keep it out of your kids’ reach

Also, when storing the unit, a cord should be neat and tidy (and not left lying around on the floor). Of course, this goes for corded electric blowers.

How to maintenance gas-powered leaf blowers

A gas-powered leaf blower is more powerful than its electric counterpart but it’s also trickier to repair or replace some parts. This is due to the mechanical parts. To ensure your gas-powered backpack blower works good as new, you have to check the parts regularly and clean them as well. Here’s what to have in mind for your leaf blower maintenance.

  • Use fresh fuel

The most important thing to remember is to always use fresh fuel for your leaf blower. Otherwise, it may not operate properly.

  • Check the air filter

Another step to keep your gas leaf blower in good condition is to clean the air filter. Since the air filter will attract dust and dirt, be sure to clean it after every use. Also, an air filter should be replaced on a regular basis.

CAUTION: Don’t forget to put the air filter back in the leaf blower because operating the unit without it can cause damage.

  • Spark plug

You’d also want to check a spark plug. If you notice any wear and tear, replace it with a new spark plug.

Storing your leaf blower for winter

If you don’t plan to use your leaf blower to blow snow, then you should prepare it for long-term storage. To do so, you must remove remaining fuel in the gas tank. After that, turn the unit on and let it work for some time – that is, until it stops working. This is the sign that the unit is ready for looong winter sleep.

When it’s time to take out the leaf blower for a new season, it’s important that everything is well-inspected. Refer to the manual for tips on storage and maintenance.


  • How to drain gas from a leaf blower?

Simply unscrew the cap and drain any remaining gas out of the unit. After that, put the cap back on.

  • How to store leaf blower in the garage?

You can either use a hook to store your leaf blower or store in a dry, cool place in your garage.

  • How to clean the air filter?

Wipe off dust and dirt on the filter. Then remove the filter to get to the pre-filter. Remove the pre-filter and wash it with lukewarm water and mild soap. Allow it to air dry. Put the pre-filter back on and then put the regular filter in its place. Lastly, be sure to place a filter cover in place and tighten it.

  • How to change a spark plug on a leaf blower?

Refer to the manual for information on this.

  • What is the best type of leaf blower for me?

You can find more details in our leaf blower reviews.

The bottom line

Be sure to follow these leaf blower maintenance tips to keep your leaf blower operating properly. Good maintenance will prolong your leaf blower’s lifespan!

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