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Liftmaster or Chamberlain – which garage door opener should you buy?

Believe it or not, on average, garage doors open and close up to 1,500 times a year! So it is obvious that you, as a homeowner, want to buy the right garage door opener for your home. If you’ve done your market research, you know which brands are the most popular today. In this article, we’ll look at two leaders. Liftmaster vs Chamberlain – what these companies are, how they are related to each other, how their products differ, and what to choose for your needs.

These two leading brands are the most prominent manufacturers of garage door openers on the market. They both make quality and reliable products. Therefore, at first, it may seem difficult to choose the model that best suits you. But there are still differences. We will talk about them a little later. Let’s start with a little history and what these companies have in common.

Are Chamberlain and Liftmaster the same?

To be honest, the answer to this question is a bit complicated. But don’t worry, we will explain everything in full detail.

In a way, Liftmaster and Chamberlain are the same because they are under the ownership of the same parent company. To clarify, both of these brands are owned by TDG (The Duchossois Group). However, this conglomerate, run by Richard L. Duchossois, has a lot of subsidiaries and daughter companies. Well, one of those is the CGI Group, the umbrella company for both of the brands we are talking about.

CGI Group

If all this corporate hierarchy sounds confusing, here is a clear explanation of the situation.

Who makes Liftmaster garage door openers?

Liftmaster is one of the sub-lines of garage door openers manufactured by the Chamberlain Group. This global enterprise is the leader in the market and their Liftmaster series is designed as a pro solution. In other words, Liftmaster garage door openers are more expensive than the Chamberlains. At the same time, they offer more power and advanced features. As a rule of thumb, Liftmaster openers are suitable for heavier doors or multi-door installations.

Who makes Chamberlain garage door openers?

Likewise, Chamberlain door openers are the primary brand of the CGI enterprise. For years now, this brand has been redefining home access all across America. Nowadays, Chamberlain door openers are available worldwide. Unlike Liftmaster, Chamberlain garage door openers are compact and eye-catching. But, they are less potent when it comes to horsepower. As a result, these openers often come with a lower price tag. Also, Chamberlain openers are easy to install, and many homeowners are able to connect the system on their own.

Differences between Liftmaster and Chamberlain

In a way, we already mentioned some of the differences between the two brands. To sum up, Liftmaster is a pro option, and Chamberlain is your all-round type of garage door opener. Yet, several other things can help us differentiate the devices. Moreover, we can use those features to determine the winner of the Liftmaster vs Chamberlain garage door opener battle.

Rail system

Garage door opener rail system

For instance, the Liftmaster comes with a durable and sturdy T-rail assembly trolley system. On top of that, this technology relies on only 1 part, which is made out of heavy-duty steel. As a result, an average Liftmaster opener can lift heavier doors than a Chamberlain. When it comes to, Chamberlain garage door openers, they come with a 3-piece assembly trolley system. Therefore, Chamberlain models are best suited for lightweight garage doors.

Security features

Chamberlain garage door openers are equipped with Security Rolling Code Technology. Each time you open or close the doors using your smartphone or remote control, the security system generates a new code. Thus, no one can decipher it. The code can be generated over a million times.

The Liftmaster safety feature uses an infrared beam. Upon detecting an intruder or something suspicious, the security system reverses the garage door. If for some reason the infrared beam stops working, the garage door lighting will automatically turn on. In addition, Liftmaster garage doors are equipped with a warning system that signals if the garage door remains open or if it tries to close on its own. The Posilock system ensures that the door is securely locked.


remote control for garage door

The Chamberlain set includes two remotes (mini and wall-mounted), emergency keys (on some models), a keyboard, and obstacle detection beams.

Liftmaster accessories also include two remotes (mini and universal), a control panel, and motion sensors.


When comparing Liftmaster vs Chamberlain, it is worth mentioning the warranty provided by the suppliers. Depending on the model, the Liftmaster has a warranty period of 1 to 3 years, while Chamberlain offers 1-5 years. However, the important difference is that Liftmaster offers a warranty service, while Chamberlain does not.

What do the Liftmaster and Chamberlain products have in common?


Chamberlain and Liftmaster offer both AC and DC powered garage door openers. The main difference between them is that the former are noisier, the latter are quieter. If your garage door is expected to open many times a day, the AC-powered model is the best choice for you.


Chain drive

Belt and chain drives are used in the Liftmaster and Chamberlain garage door openers. Belt drives are made of a rubber-like material. Thus, they run smoothly and almost silently. Chain belts are more durable and long-lasting, but also noisier.

Two popular models of each brand

Liftmaster 8164W

Liftmaster 8164W garage door opener

0.5 HP

Wi-Fi technology

Steel chain drive

Safety sensors

Remote control

Chamberlain B970

Chamberlain B970 garage door opener

1.25 HP

Wi-Fi technology

Belt drive

Safety sensors

Remote control

So, which brand of garage door opener is best?

In a way, both of these brands will provide you with the latest technology. After all, the CGI group would not be the world’s largest manufacturer of garage door openers if they didn’t create top-notch devices.

So, the answer to this question is entirely subjective. In other words, it depends on your personal needs and preferences. Depending on your budget and the shape of your garage, you can choose either Liftmaster or Chamberlain.

Yet, there are elements you should take into consideration as well. For instance, we recommend that you pay attention to:

  1. The drive type (chain drive or belt drive)
  2. Motor (AC or DC; Does it have enough horsepower to lift the door?)
  3. Rail system (T-rail or square rail)
  4. Safety features (auto-reverse system, rolling code technology for the remote)
  5. Warranty (does the manufacturer provide servicing of the model?)

If you are looking for a garage door opener, you can also read our review of the best models on the market today.


  • Which garage door opener is cheaper, Liftmaster or Chamberlain?

As a rule of thumb, the Chamberlain models are somewhat more affordable. With that being said, both brands have a diverse offer and their models vary in price. Yet, Chamberlain is more suitable for average residential garage doors. Thus, the price of these openers is lower.

  • Is it easier to install a Chamberlain garage door opener than a Liftmaster?

In most cases, Liftmaster openers are more complex and require more expertise. Therefore, most Chamberlain models are easier to install than a Liftmaster. Of course, it is always a good idea to call for professionals when doing the installation of a new garage door opener.

  • What type of drive do these openers use?

No matter the brand, both Liftmaster and Chamberlain can offer models with different drive types. To be precise, these two manufacturers can offer chain drive or belt drive garage door openers.

  • Which model should I buy for my super-heavy garage door?

In case you have a heavy garage door or even a multi-door system, a Liftmaster garage door opener would be the best choice. Due to their durable and sturdy construction, these openers can sustain more pressure. In other words, they can lift a heavy load over and over again, without bending the rails or killing the motor.

  • Why are garage door openers so important?

In short, garage door openers play a vital role in keeping your garage door functional and convenient. These gadgets open and close the door in a simple way, without much human interference. All you need to do is to press the button on the remote and the door will close or open on its own.

The bottom line

As you can see, the epic Liftmaster vs Chamberlain battle shows no sign of stopping. Even so, the consumers are the ones who will reap the benefits of this competition. On top of that, both of these brands can offer a wide portfolio of models. So, take your time and study the features of every device. After that, you will be more than ready to choose the best garage door opener for your home.

Michael is our staff writer. He has a diploma in journalism and also works in an IT company. His hobbies are gadgets, devices, and new technologies, which in turn are his favorite topics for research and writing articles.


  1. Edward Reply

    Which one is a better choice between a chain or belt drive ? durability wise? What is the best buy in the market today of liftmaster with belt drive with your money’s worth. What model do you recommend. I have a steel 2 car garage.

  2. Jerry Reply

    Great write up Michael thanks! I’ve had LiftMaster for a heavy wood door and loved it! Now, have Chamberlain belt and chain driven. Curious of the differences and you hit ‘em!

  3. Noeung Nguon Reply

    This was a very helpful information to help me making the decision between the 2 branches.
    Thank you so much Michael.
    N. Kim Nguon

  4. Henry N Katz Reply

    If the springs of a door are properly selected, they counterbalance the weight of the door so that anyone can lift even the heaviest of doors. If that is not the case then the wrong springs are being used and need to be replaced.
    So with a properly balanced door the weight is not a factor in selecting an opener.

    Secondly, the motorcycle industry has been using belt drives for decades because they are more durable than chains and significantly quieter.

    The real difference between liftmaster and chamberlain is that liftmaster is sold via dealers who mark them up for additional profit.

    If you compare the top of the line of both brands, other than a one piece vs well designed sectional track, the only difference is paying double for the liftmaster.

    With that kind of a price difference the decision is a no brainer.

    I’ve had both brands on my two garage doors for over 40 years and they both last the same length of time.

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