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Types of coffee makers

If you’ve been considering adding a new coffee maker to your collection, well, it’s good to know what types of coffee makers there are. This will help you decide what type would best suit your needs and preferences. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of different coffee makers according to brewing techniques.

6 types of coffee makers – choose the best for you

Regardless of which type of coffee is your favorite – espresso, cappuccino, latte, or regular coffee, below you’ll find several types of coffee makers.

1. Stovetop percolators


Not so long ago, percolator coffee makers were extremely popular until they were replaced by automatic drip coffee machines. However, those who enjoy brewing their own coffee even though it takes several minutes, love using this type of coffee maker.

A coffee percolator is a pot specifically designed for brewing coffee. There are models made from stainless steel, aluminum, or copper, so this kind of coffee maker is sturdy and durable.

It consists of two parts, one contains water and another coarsely ground coffee beans. As the name implies, this type of coffee maker is used on the stove. Boiling water passes through the channel and drips back into coffee grounds. This process continues until the desired aroma and intensity are achieved. A percolator coffee maker is designed for brewing several cups of coffee, which makes them great for families and avid coffee drinkers.

2. Drip coffee maker

coffee maker

Those who love simplicity prefer a drip coffee maker to a percolator. This type of coffee maker is easy to use, so you cannot ruin your coffee even if you’ve never before used one of these. Moreover, cleaning this unit is easy. This is probably why a drip coffee maker is the most popular brewing method in the USA.

How does a drip coffee maker works? Well, you need to fill the water reservoir and add coffee to the filter. Then hot water is sprayed over ground coffee. This type of coffee machine is also ideal for large batches.

However, keep in mind that the coffee you’ll be using needs to be of good quality if you’re aiming for the perfect texture and flavor.

3. Moka Pot

Moka Pot coffee maker

Moka Pot, also known as the best stovetop espresso-like maker, is a great choice for those who love espresso-based drinks. This one is also much more affordable than an espresso machine. A Moka pot was invented in Italy in 1933. Today is most commonly used in this country although it’s also popular in other parts of Europe. A well-known Bialetti Moka pot will give you authentic espresso, rich in flavor and texture.

Let’s see how a Moka pot works. Obviously, you’re going to need a stove for this one. The water heats up in the bottom chamber of a Moka pot and then the steam is forced through finely-ground coffee, producing a shot of espresso. From here, you can make cappuccino, latte, or whatever else you may come up with.

4. Espresso machine


Among different types of coffee makers, you’ll certainly find an espresso machine. An espresso coffee maker is also invented in Italy, in the 19th century. Although a good espresso machine can be quite expensive, it’s bound to satisfy the needs and desires of coffee fanatics. Some models can also produce various espresso-based drinks, giving you more flavors and textures to enjoy.

There are three types of espresso machines: semi-automatic, automatic, and fully automatic. Which one you choose depends on your budget and the degree to which you want to control coffee brewing.

5. French press

Coffee french press

A French press brews delicious and strong coffee. This one is also on the simple side of coffee brewing, right after a drip coffee maker. Coarse ground coffee is poured over with hot water. Then the coffee is stirred for several minutes.

French press is used in different parts of the world, hence different names. For example, in France it’s called cafetière à piston, in Italy caffettiera a stantuffo, in the UK is known as a cafetière, in the USA and Canada is called a French press or coffee press.

Another interesting thing about this coffee maker is that it can also be used for brewing light tea.

6. Vacuum coffee maker

making coffee

Vacuum coffee makers were made in 1840 in France and today are widely used in Japan.

This type of coffee maker is also known as ‘a vac pot’. A Vacuum brewer is made of glass and produces a great cup of Joe because the essential oils are extracted. However, it takes about 10 minutes to brew coffee in this coffee maker. If you’re patient and find watching the brewing process rather interesting, then this might be the best type of coffee maker for you.

The water in the bottom globe is heated up, and the vapor pushes the water through the tube and filter. After a couple of minutes, the heat is turned off. And coffee in the upper globe comes back down in the lower chamber.

So, what’s the best type of coffee maker?

And there you have it folks – different types of coffee makers according to brewing methods. Many people love asking what the best type of coffee maker is so they know which one to buy.

However, this varies from a person to person. If you drink regular coffee and we say an espresso maker is the best coffee machine, would you buy it? Of course not, that would be crazy. Therefore, when investing in a coffee maker, you would want to buy a coffee maker that you’ll be using every day, and more importantly, you’ll love the coffee that comes out of that coffee maker. Speaking of buying the best coffee maker for you, you should read reviews of different models and take some time to do research and find a model that will be a good value for the money provided.

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